Coming off the first major league pickleball event in 2023 the PPA held their second event of the Year conveniently enough both events took place in Arizona we had some new Partnerships in this tournament due in part to Tyson mcguffin's injury which you could see from last week he was not moving well at all near the end of the.

Major league pickleball event this led to Zane navratil and James ignata which becoming Partners in men's doubles and Catherine parento partnering with Zane in mixed doubles both Partnerships resulted in a few wins But ultimately fell short and lost in the backdraw when the women's doubleside the real question is who is Anna Lee Waters going to.

Partner with going forward the first PPA tournament Annalee partnered with Anna bright at the Masters and was able to smash through the bracket with ease and take home gold now for this tournament Waters and parento partnered up and we got similar results to last week parento and Waters only dropped one game this entire weekend and made most of it look.

Easy they cruised to the gold medal match on Sunday and faced off against Leia Jansen and Elise Jones who put up a fight also wanted to highlight this memorable point from the match ball lands on the Baseline they're back to the kitchen.

Elise Jones falls to the ground with a full dive the point of the tournament she is known for the effort she will give unbelievable she had 30 chances to put it away parental in front of her then Dives and gets the ball off the dribbler right there they went on to winning gold in just four games they also faced off against Anna bright and.

Vivian David in the semifinals round which many thought was going to be relatively competitive but parento and Waters won 11-3 and 11-4 enemy Waters even pulled out a new strategy in this match which was implementing lobs something I've rarely ever seen from her and not only did she attempt multiple lobs this game but also had a hundred.

Percent success rate on her lobs already the best female player now adds a new shot into her Arsenal it will be interesting to see who she Partners up with for most of the Year having had pretty much the same Success With both Anna bright and Catherine prento these last few tournaments it's something to monitor as the 2023 season goes on and.

Heck maybe she just alternates between the two every other tournament I guess we will just have to wait and see how it all plays out before we get into the next part of the video I wanted to give a quick shout out to 11 pickleball who is sponsoring this video the premiere pickable apparel brand in the sport check out their website for Quality.

Court wear and streetwear apparel and you can use the code fifth at checkout for 10 off any purchase also go give them a follow on their Instagram links will be in the description down below okay now back to the video another tournament and pretty much chalk all this weekend Ben Johns and Anna Lee both get Triple Crowns with both players.

Dominating this entire weekend you wonder if anyone will be able to knock these two off in any of the events throughout this year but as of right now you should expect these two to win every single tournament and here are some highlights of the most exciting points from this tournament their feet if you can start finding attack locations that.

Make them stretch often they aren't taking that step with it and then they can get a little overextended we're gonna get the defense and it lands in bounds there's Loom thought about it couldn't get to it leaves Dawson alone foreign.

Yes how about this Dave it's fantastic back on the side of Newman and bright foreign in other news this week we had this very.

Odd match point between Ryan Sherry and PESA tioni in this singles match es and Sherry's complaining here saying earlier in the point that tioni carried one of his shots okay that wasn't Carrie that was a carry point game match yourself man that's.

Oh come on BS Ryan Sherry give him some grief but at the same time with a smile on his face and only Ryan Sherry fashion thing there was a hold on the paddle of PESA teony Sherry stops playing in the middle of the point to call out a carry by his opponent this seemed like a pretty obvious carry call and the ref on the.

Left here probably didn't have a good view of when tioni made contact with the ball but the one on the right did so she defers to the ref on the right who agrees it was a carry they are in view here so he can't see where their head and eyes are looking a Carrie is a player deliberately carrying or catching the ball on the paddle while performing.

The server during a rally this definitely seems like tioni carried the ball on his paddle during this point but I guess the question is whether the opposing player has the ability to stop playing if he or she thinks the referee missed a call I'm not sure what the ruling on that is so if anyone has any Clarity on this please leave a comment.

Down below and then tioni comments on an Instagram post saying it was a carry I couldn't get my paddle on it so I scooped it LOL Ryan made the right call and Sherry also commented by the way tiony and I are friends and have had some fun matches and always seem to have random controversies but all out of the two guys competing nothing but love even.

If In the Heat of the Moment I had some Choice words him and I laughed about it next time we saw each other in other news the kitchen announced that there is a pickleball reality TV show currently in the works its goal is to find the eight best amateur pickleball players in the world and it features two teams Sam query and West Burrows will be the.

Coaches it'll be MLP format winning team will get a minor league pickleball contract he'll be shot in Los Angeles and its celebrity involvement 100K cash prize to the winning team auditions will take place in Florida Texas and California in March and I think this has incredible potential to be highly entertaining and also help popularize.

The professional side of the sport execution is extremely key here bouncing between shooting players who have the skill level and potential to possibly compete with the current professionals but also getting some interesting personalities and involved who might not be as good there was a similar concept that occurred in the UFC promotion which.

They launched a reality TV show called The Ultimate Fighter in 2005 the UFC was on the verge of bankruptcy but the success of the reality TV show saved the company it had a similar concept that this pickleball show plans to implement getting amateur Fighters competing against each other and documenting all the behind the scenes drama and winner.

Gets a contract with the promotion this type of reality TV show allows fans to create a more personal bond with players which should ultimately lead to wanting more people to view professional pickleball assuming some of these players make it that far in the last bit of news we have from this week is from the Dank and USA pickleball who posted.

This infographic which basically indicates pickleball's growth in almost all aspects of the game and probably the most jarring was 525 new paddles approved this past year it felt like the market had a huge influx of new paddles but I didn't think it was this big the market for paddles still seems to be desirable as more companies are getting.

Into the mix but it also seems to be close to reaching a point of saturation it's going to be interesting to see in five years the paddle companies that are still standing and if the market consolidates at all so that's going to be it for this week guys thanks for watching and thanks for listening remember to subscribe down below and.

Also give this video a like I will see you all in the next one
PPA Desert Ridge results and storylines. Pickleball Reality Show in the works. USAP posts statistics and growth of the game.


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