Hello and welcome to well I guess our my first full-length video on this channel we're in poinsettia Park in California I'm on the left in the pink shorts Tom's on the right and the blue shorts we're gonna play some you know doubles pickleball here and have some fun and we're relaxing and we kind of get.

Into it with a guy on the court not really he just gets mad very angry so before we get into all that I mean this is my first video ever I'm starting a channel I did off Tom Lobby again like always you're gonna notice that theme when we play together but uh I'm starting a channel like subscribe let me know in the comments what I should do.

Better what I can do that I'm missing you know just any advice great feedback I mean even if it's negative I'll I'll take anything I can get this is all for fun for me oh yeah so with a tennis background I obviously am more comfortable with the drive and you're about to see uh why.

I mean Tom right here this fall goes to the net easy dink he's probably thinking you know wow you suck I can't stress how much like we're playing this game just for fun and how the video doesn't show how frustrated the guy on the other side the right on the right side of the court is kidding just mad and he's Whispering.

Under his breath lucky shot at us over and over foreign pickleball like the Court's so small so when you make a bad call it's just so magnified because almost everyone can see it and you just get the facial expressions on their face and you know oh that guy did know an accident or oh.

This dude knows what he did but it's part of sports you gotta shake it off and move on in this moment this is the moment where you just want to break your paddle over your knee or on the ground and then you realize that this overpriced hunk of junk is like 220 bucks foreign.

I know when Tom watches this this is what he's gonna be laughing if you see me walking back up to the point and sometimes in between points you'll see me like crack my neck to the side it almost looks like I have Tourette's or something when he first met me at the park oh.

Sorry to break up that story there but yeah when he first met me at the park I was just cracked my neck side to side I still do that been doing that for a long time uh I hurt my neck when I was I guess like basically fresh uh yeah no senior year of high school and I cracked my neck a lot and you know I get big knots in there and vertebrae out of.

Place so you'll see me looking like an idiot yeah there's a third judge drop and another and a third third shot drop unsuccessful what am I doing luckily the guy knows something that bailed me out with a terrible dank but yeah that's a third shark drop expert right.

There foreign that much but I mean we knew it and then now what am I thinking here let's just yeah this is why Tom needs a new partner so yeah this is like probably my second time ever watching a video of me playing pickleball I've definitely watched.

Myself play tennis before like for coaching and instruction but it I mean it opens your eyes you're like man the pros are so good and you start to see all these mistakes you make and you're like I can't believe I missed that much in the game and yeah so I think it's good for coaching it's good for humility it's good for you know seeing where.

You're on your back foot like that on the dink Tom like get balance buddy oh that's a one Tom has this stupid thing it's like he watched the terminal list with Chris Pratt and then he tried to apply to his whole life but he'd been doing this before that show came out which is an amazing show by the way top notch he.

Always says you're on his list I mean that means he needs to it was at this moment his anger meter well it just started to rise he started spiking the ball back making sure we had to go get it in between points and there's just a little bit of underhanded you know lucky just weird mumblings under his breath and you know he just is his his ears.

Started to steam a little bit so yeah at this moment he would be on Tom's list which is imaginary but apparently like 50 000 people that played pickleball already on it at this point and he's like go fetch all right let's randomly break down this next Point um I.

Just you know struggling to stack here because I don't know where the heck I'm supposed to be half the time and yeah I mean Tom was that supposed to be a lot brother like or were you trying to get the ball hit at me I gotta give him props here it was a it was a good drive I should have been sitting on a forehand I was sitting on a.

Backhand grip I guess and yeah good drive maybe you know you'd think he'd calm down a little bit you know and there's another line call right there I mean I think it was out but everything closed or even on the line it was definitely getting called out all right I mean like underhand serve basically.

Tom plays it well good volley and a missed drop you know in general you can keep your opponent back because they just don't come in you don't even have to hit a hard ball just roll it at their feet make his partner you know the shorter Gentleman on the other side was really nice so when he hit the ball far away.

From us may as fast like it was nice he was apologizing you know every time he communicated with us he had good manners and you know it's just normal it's just normal we just met in the park but you know let's have a friendly game on here I try to get him on a little slice serve I wasn't hitting it and I wasn't.

Putting enough spin on it but I do like to hit that serve in the backhand corner with depth on a righty you can get it to stay low usually you can get a short return and that's what all we're looking for is then it sets up an easier third shot drop well I'm gonna stop pausing and starting my chat and kind of go more to a.

Commentary mode right now um getting to the midpoint of this match um our opponent was getting a little bit frustrated on the other side sadly you know with the tripod view you really don't see that much emotion from him but uh there's a lot of comments under his breath and you know we're having this friendly game and I know me and Tom were.

Actually um I know this channel talks about Maui pickleball but I'm actually on vacation in this video in California we went over there for uh a Palm Desert tournament we gotta stay with my uncle and his beautiful house and just like you know hang at the pool hot tub and then go to these beautiful parks and just.

Experience these great facilities that you know California has to offer um and you know we're we're enjoying ourselves and I guess you could say I think it's funny because uh well there's just a little bit of controversy at the end of this match but uh yeah it needless to say me and Tom you know we played in a tournament and it didn't go.

As well as we planned but we had a lot of fun you know just a lot of fun and you know and I just want to break down some of this like a little volley battle here and then me bricking in the net of course and that kind of became a theme of the tournament you know I just gotta I gotta work on my hand speed and.

Especially on that backhand side rolling those volleys Tom here with a drive that's just like unheard of for him I don't think he knows how to drive the ball he'd be the first to say that um there and then he missed that forehand volley so Tom if you're watching this stop missing forehand volleys it's it's embarrassing you're.

Better than that here's where I thought that guy was just trying to tag Tom to get back at it because I hit a good Cross Court Dink and that dude just railed the ball at him um I don't know I need to give this guy a name maybe it's just anger head but yeah I thought Tom was gonna earn.

You that but I guess it just wasn't there that's that's one of his best shots at that backhand Ernie um early even the first point of the game he actually earning that it's like a medium height lob and they just looked at each other and looked kind of like who plays that so angry had on the other side you know he just kind of walks with a mean.

Demeanor his partner his name is actually Axel we got to talk to him uh I guess after a couple more games and he's just such a nice guy actually um I sent him the video of the games and you know just I I really liked Axel I thought he was a genuine person he was a good player good hands um but unfortunately in this game we.

Just started picking on his partner here like you notice most of that one was a little wide I know Tom was pretty bummed but you know we were getting calls close to the line there and you know uh I guess what I could say sorry I'm a little congested is like yeah you know Axel was being kind but this other guy just man he was killing.

The vibe and so there's a good drop by Tom I intercepted but hit a bad ball and that kind of spiraled out to me getting over and just smacked on me but uh yeah guys I I'm new to this this is the first video I've ever edited so I mean like subscribe if you enjoy this video I'm gonna try and upgrade my content the quality I know is gonna get.

Better I'm gonna try and post more gameplay some drills some coaching stuff just anything pickleball I mean I'm a pickleball addict now I love it um it's a fastest growing sport in the world um oh we missed that I mean I think there it was another chance he just wanted to.

Hit me so the previous game we played them not shown the very first point of the match Tom nailed this dude with an overhead and I just think he hated us after that which if you asked me as part of the game it's fun so here's where everything shifted we have this point right here you know we have a.

Ball hits the net Court he bends down right here and I mean I don't show it right there but yeah he whispered you bleeping bleeping b word to me and I remember thinking like he didn't just say it to me like.

Like oh louder would hurt it he whispered and made eye contact and like just don't call a grown man up b word and then of course I had a netcore winner which is unfortunate right after it and you know he's chirping saying that's the only good shot you have so no next point ding got him that's number two that was.

Intentional Tom's laughing I usually wouldn't play that way but the man just called me a yeah so yeah and I'm Not Innocent in all this after he called me that I went back to Tom was like underwear I said did you hear what he just said and Tom's like No And so when I hit the netcore winner and he said all your shots are lucky you.

Know y'all are trash I definitely might have told him to shut up in a more colorful way which is uncharacteristic for me on a court but yeah at this point like it was just like these are random strangers we never met and for him to call me the b word to me that's like just something you never do.

To another grown man unless it's joking and like your best friends and you talk that way to each other but yeah I mean I just I just don't get it like but continue the fun at this point Moment Like My anger's gone like I just want to beat them and kick them off the court so they have to wait to play and you know Tom and me are.

Communicating well at this point we're starting to play like more in a Groove I would say you know I felt like we knew you know we're taking control of this game like we can dominate the weaker player on the other side he obviously was getting frustrated and that that is any any athlete knows when.

Your opponent is getting frustrated it's it's fun to pick on them a little bit just keep hitting the ball at them I kind of poke the bear there's a good drop by Tom you know that drive there to end the game probably going out but he hasn't proven he can get out of the way so oh and I this is where I explained to.

Tom how he tapped my paddle and then he tried to spear me on his paddle afterwards the little petty