Sam query as you said has said listen up folks I'm going pro I'm done with tennis I'm going all right Sam you want to go pro here we go here's your test here's your first test and Jack sock loves pickleball more than just about anyone on Earth he's played 104 Rec hours this week here in Vegas for days from query misses a very large.

Target in front of him thank you it's heading there and then all sorts of unfortunate things happened after that foreign look at the court awareness here is query season ATP coming and is right there they're handling it just fine.

6-6 Sam query serving oh shake and bake the trajectory being really flat in a heavy ball versus a nice lofted drop very effective and that's the Precision of Ben John's there but a very nice get Jack sock was all over the court today slid for a ball went all the way to his skin.

Kid was bleeding that's how much he's given to this game in this event left Winger here of the Las Vegas Knights what a great look there from Jack sock kisses this around there and is on the line what a ball and Sam query hits a winner off a Ben.

John's Ernie folks comfortably oh just foreign Jack sock one of the best doubles tennis players in the world if not the best oh and he wanted that six four two and that is a phenomenal move by the goat of pickleball watch him anticipate.

This and get all the way around that is they're loving it right now like I said I think they just need to go back to simple pickleball let's get up to the kitchen line make these boys play in some dink rallies Ben Johnson Matt Wright just like we had Jesse Urban and Annalee Waters but they.

Don't play together often so that chemistry is not there and it's hard to create right away Ben John seven a piece seven seven two seven all on the scoreboard seven all on queries back foreign if I was that tall I would earn you every Point too but he's reading it.

Really well and going at the right time and he's not getting caught there by Matt Wright and he's got an athletic guy to his side who will fill in so it's a very smart play second serve up at eight oh my goodness damn query doing a Victory lap and we just saw the end of the chest bump there but my goodness.

And now it is game point for Jackson Sam query oh no and the pressure's got to oh win by two okay and the inmates are running the asylum on the court and we've got uh we're gonna win by two look at that shot.

And that goes deep unbelievable point at 10 10. Jack stock last night who wanted to win by two and it ended up working out in his favor it's hey we're gonna win by two now and we're we're happy to call it that way they've had a game point at 10-8 they weren't able to cash second serve but the oh.

That's a great Slide by query but just to go ahead and put it down at the feet would have been a winning shot so now it is a game point for Johns and right point and sock gets tagged and after staring down a game point against at 10-8 Ben Johnson Matt Wright rally and win with that tag right there so again second game best two out of three to.

Eleven he just went right down to the ground with it versus finishing out right in front of him over his shoulder yeah we're inside the 12 Days of Christmas that's all good and that's all good right there too success on the pickleball court side out.

There and that just goes deep usually it's 10 Lords of Leaping there was one John's a leaping there second serve making their his opponents really have to guess so back there bubbly but uh Matt Wright played it oh my.

Second Circle oh after that wild get s point Jack saw gives the big thumbs up on that one he does have a nice backhand flick there but when you have veterans like Ben Johns and Matt right on the other side they're going to start to read that finish the.

Ball right away that's the no-go Zone second serve the full angle from query there stock a little frustrated with that Miss volley what a point and it goes the way of sock and query Okay so you just get a rafter stare there Mr.

Sock fight fall right toe oh I got it right here's a look back at the right toe just he was quickly told oh yes I can that's why we're here another one off the tape where they're like I can't overrule that no challenge no challenges no challenges.

291 stated across the net there after the missed third and a beautiful tennis style shake and bake is exhibition number one of the night and Sam finds the ATP using all six foot six of that wingspan in real life just right make sure he's ready for that next fall.

Just got caught there on his hip oh third shot lob and it is in from sock another shot to get to 10. oh and what disguise on that ball from Ben Johns he's been dropping that to the corner and then brought it into the middle and sock is so far into the cookie jar the lid is on top and here.

Comes match point side out okay so third match point right here for John's and right foreign and that will do it very impressive entertaining battle the tennis players showed out tonight but it is the pickleball Pros who take this match
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How do professional tennis players stack up against professional pickleball players?

Jack Sock is one of the best tennis doubles players on the planet and is actually an avid pickleball player. Sam Querrey has recently retired from professional tennis and has set his sights on the pro pickleball scene. They face off against 2 of the best pickleball players in Ben Johns and Matt Wright.