Uh look it's football Friday night and it's a hockey night in the city of Columbus it's also a pickleball night what this weekend is Major League pickleball comes to the Cap City the teams competing for the largest ever purse in the league one hundred thousand dollars Christine varconi joins us with tournament details.

And for those unfamiliar uh a mini lesson on this rapidly growing sport yes absolutely I got a mini lesson I got a mini injury from said many lessons you're good though you were covered she bounce back okay yeah yeah all right well the first round of the tournament got underway this morning it is still underway right now at pickle and chill.

On West Henderson Road it's a three-day event that pits 48 players on 12 Major League pickleball teams the finals will be broadcast live Sunday night on National Television paddle down out in front any idea where the name pickle came from like why why pickleball you know you know I read I think maybe one of those gentlemen who.

Founded the game had a dog named Pickle from its whole origins in the Pacific Northwest in the 1960s to the fastest growing game in America according to Ford that's a great dink there David Cass owner of the facility where the weekends tournament is being held doesn't see that momentum slowing down 100 guaranteed they'll be NCAA teams.

High school teams Junior High teams women's men's recreational teams for sure sooner than later I think Columbus this is ahead of the curve one of the first 12 cities in the country to have a major league pickleball team the bus Cass is also their owner and now big names Brady James getting in on a piece of the pie or pickle when I first.

Started playing five six years ago I would tell people like oh I've been playing a little bit of pickleball and they would kind of ignore it or be like I've never heard of it and now I'm getting like messages every day like did you see Tom Brady bought a team did you see LeBron James doing that like isn't this your sport isn't this your league.

The fast-paced game is a combination of tennis where the bus team member Wesley Burroughs got his start in racket Sports ready badminton good and ping pong that has gripped the nation it's really come on the last like year or two it's like every week There's a new article about it and it's just so much positive momentum for it momentum not just for.

The pros men women kids all levels all ages genders Etc so it's um there's there's really very low barrier to entry so all you literally need for twenty dollars you can get a racket and a ball and go play all right guys so the bus did drop their first match this morning I'm told against the team that's owned by Drew.

Brees however I'm getting live updates that's why I have my phone right now they just won the men won yeah exactly uh everything you need to know about pickleball if you didn't just learn it is on nbc4i.com chasing the pickle prize yeah 100 large I'll pick up a racket I was gonna say that might be worth it I think.

So you need a Band-Aid that's right pickle injuries are worth it for the pickles the pickle products Dave it's no disc golf it's a big deal get out of here come on okay that's easy
Pickleball pros in Columbus

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