Thanks for tuning in to my YouTube channel pickleball pick apart in this video I feature a young talented player who has played his way to the 5.0 level through his incredibly crazy spin serve his name is Porter Barr and he is 15 years old unfortunately for Porter as most pickleball players know in 2023 the Spencer will be illegal how is this rule.

Change going to affect Porter's game well I have watched him play a number of matches on YouTube and I continue to see the same thing over and over again so I selected a game in which he recently played so you can see for yourself exactly how incredibly effective his spin serve is and you will also see other parts of his game that he is going.

To have to work on if he wants to continue to compete at the 5.0 level so let's check it out first let's take a look at the Players right here in the gray you have Porter Bar his partner is Monica paleocelli she is an excellent player and they are messed up against the very very good team of Chris Patrick and Lita pagamate I think that's how her.

Last name is pronounced if I got it wrong I apologize regardless she has an incredibly quick hands and is a fantastic Defender so uh let me push the button and we'll take a look nope.

This is just a fantastic point and the ball is out on an unfortunate unforced error by uh that is his first unforced error another really really nice point there is the Spencer and and Chris was able to get it back.

There's another unforced error by Porter nice sir just couldn't get it back and another unforced error that ball was long just a little long that time an unforced error by Lena nice job resetting the point and that was out.

There there's another unforced error by Porter yeah there's that Spencer that Chris could not get back so at this point the score is four to one and only one point has been scored on the spin serve the three other points that Porter and Monica has scored have been on shots like that.

There was not much spin on that serve right there so he changed it up a little bit another ball that's out that is unforced error number five on a quarter and it's side out another unforced error number six so after being down one to four Chris and Lena have come back to tie it at.

Four a piece there's another one that's number seven well now it's time 441 a while ago it was 4-3 nice Point going on here and nice job by Porter to hit it directly at Chris Shahi could not get back nice job beautiful just a fantastic shot you know.

I mentioned that Monica is a really good player and as you can see she is for all yeah she just totally missed that search it kicked and it went to her left and she didn't even put the paddle on the ball all right neither did he so right now the score is six to four and Porter and.

Monica have scored half of their points off of Porter's spin sir let me take a quick timeout from the game to tell you that Porter has his own YouTube channel about six months ago he made a YouTube video explaining his thoughts on what he thinks about the serve being banned in 2023 if you'd like to check out that video you simply click the link right.

Above and it will take you right to it for now here are some excerpts from that video his thoughts on the Banning of the serve may not be what you think they might be so check it out hey there how's it going I'm Porter so you all might know me as the kid who's got the crazy Spencer but I have what I think is a kind of interesting opinion on it I.

Actually I think it should be that and I have some reasons why and it's I what I think is kind of an interesting take on the situation so I mean number one I don't think it's good for the sport people are getting so frustrated over people are getting so upset that they're yelling at a 15 year old kid in a bronze medal match in a tournament that doesn't.

Have any money involved in pickleball and I think if it's gotten to that stage there's no point keeping it because quite honestly that really sucked and if people are doing that because of a serve they should get rid of the serve because even though pickleball's gotten to where it's such a competitive environment it's becoming a real Pro Sport it's still a.

Sport it's still a game people are still meant to have fun and if they're getting that upset about it it should go I don't like making people get so upset and maybe that's just me but I don't think it's worth it in the long run for pickleball let me say that Porter seems to be a very level-headed kid obviously he spent a lot of time he.

Put in a lot of effort to perfect his spin serve he realizes why the serve is being banned and the good thing is he's not crying about it so good for him now let's get back to the game she got it back that time you're trying to reset it just can't do it as of yet and he hit it out and that's another.

Unforced error by Porter Here We Go Again unforced era Number Nine by Porter foreign there's another one so so far that's 10 unforced eras and the game is not even close to being half over great yet just fantastic this is a great point.

Oh couldn't make it over oh around the post great this is fantastic oh wow unbelievable what a point by all four players obviously the best point of the match just fantastic play uh just getting some balls back you.

Didn't think they would be able to so A Plus on that point well she got her paddle on at that time but still another Ace by Porter that's four for him and there's Ace number five so they have eight points five via the ace and the score is eight to six so what.

You're looking at is Porter has served five Aces but he also has ten unforced errors and there's another one you can clearly see how effective that serve is and another unforced error well they were able to get it back a number of times until they weren't able to.

Unbelievable Monica is just a fantastic player that makes a dozen unforced eras on Porter oh I hate when that happens presented by pickleball Central mixed skill age doubles 3.5.

Knight bronze goes to Nice Shot by Porter of course when you're standing at the non-volley zone and the shot is hit into the Slime Zone it's mostly most of the time pretty easy to put away congratulations on your medals please come to the podium with your paddles for pictures.

Attention players this is a second call Second courtesy call for Charlotte and Johnson Court 18. Charlotte Chen Johnson oh my goodness great shot by Chris right to Porter's body great Point by Chris he's pretty fired up about it I think the score right now is 11-9 this game is to 15.

This point in the match Porter is doing well with the sirs as he has six Aces however he has 12 unforced errors which is twice as many as Aces that he has you can tell by looking at him he's just a little discouraged here his head is down uh his hands are in his pocket and he's just thinking you know what I've got to play better than this.

I know he's not playing as well as he would like to actually it's 10 10 2 right now I think I might have said the score wrong what a great Point their hands are just so quick their eye hand coordination fantastic again both Chris and Lena are excellent players.

That backhand two-handed backhand just hit into the net oh dang it is the top of the tape and goes over again and that ball is out I don't think I can call that an unforced error because uh that was just a nice play by the other team.

That's an unforced era so that's 13 now and that ball is long oh just a little long nice job by Chris and Lena letting that ball go out and unforced error by Chris that time so the score is 10 12.

And another Ace another Ace so at this point Porter and Monica have 12 points eight via an aced serve and there's another unforced error this is a really close game 12 all now if you notice the other team is picking on Porter I mean they hit it to him almost every time on that point I.

Think they hit it to Monaco once uh they have noticed the mistakes that Porter is making and they are kind of uh picking on him and that bot did just did not go over 1312 Chris and Lena have taken the lead and that ball is out you know sometimes you just have to wait around until your opponent makes a mistake.

Because a lot of these points are being scored on unforced errors like that one right there that is number 15. oh great shot by Elena hit it at his feet just could not do anything with it foreign that makes it 14 12. and if you look at his body right now.

And how he's feeling he's not feeling too good about it this is the winning right here it's 14 12. they just need one more point in an unforced error by Chris could not get it back that's Ace number nine I thought he had made only eight but he made not now let's take a look at what he's doing.

Right here let me uh see let me just back that up and uh take a look at how he's holding the ball and what he's doing he's he's hot he's putting the paddle in front of a ball so the opposing team cannot see which way he is going to serve it um he's hiding it because they now do not know if it's going to bounce left or.

Right and there's a pivotal point in the game it is 14 to 13. and another unforced error number 16. that's number 17. and that ball is out so Khan is going to have to serve some Aces right here oh instead he hits it into the net for unforced era number 18.

So he has nine Aces but he has twice as many unforced errors oh and there's the game Chris and Lena Win It by the score of 15 to 13. it turned out to be a very very close game and Porter and Monica were able to hang in because Porter served nine Aces so there you have it Chris and Lena went.

In a very close game by the score of 15 to 13. two-thirds of the points scored by Porter and Monica that's nine points out of 13 were scored via Porter's serve if those points were not won on Porter's serve worst case scenario they lose 15 to 4. but of course they would have won some of those serves so let's say they would have won five of them that would.

Have made the final score 15-9 so all in all looking at Porter's game nine Aces 18 unforced errors let me point out Porter's partner Monica only made four unforced errors so Porter made more than four times as many unforced eras as his partner the other team made a total of 15 unforced errors again I have watched a number of Porters games.

And I continue to see the same thing Reliance on his spin serve to win points and some shortcomings in the other parts of his game so once the spin serve is banned where does that leave Porter's gain well it leaves it with a lot of work to do if he wants to continue to be successful at the 5.0 level to be honest in the long run I think the spin serve.

Has been detrimental to his development as a pickleball player the spin serve has been used as a crutch to hide flaws in his game whenever he needs points he can kind of turn on that spin serve and make some points I think Porter is a really good kid and an excellent player I have no doubt he will go far in pickleball and I truly wish him the best.

And I'd also like to know what you think about the Spencer being banned in 2023 so please take some time and leave a comment in the comment section below and if you'd like it go ahead and hate on me if you think I am picking on a 15 year old I can take it but the truth is the video does not lie that's all for today I hope you enjoyed watching this video.

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In this video I introduce you to 15 year old pickleball player, Porter Barr. He has an incredible spin serve that has allowed him to compete at the 5.0 level. However, the serve will soon be banned. So, what does that mean for Porter’s game? I feature a match Porter recently played in where his serve allowed him and his partner to stay in the match. Check it out.