There's a battle brewing in san diego a group of pickleball players staging a takeover at a local tennis club they say in order to make a point kosi's dan plant was at the peninsula tennis club in ob to see how this all down court freedom of speech get went get out of here.

With all of the issues that divide us in today's world there's a new one that you might have heard about it's pickleball versus tennis sounds funny but in san diego it's getting ugly you guys know that you have to sign in and tell your feet and it's for tennis only yeah we understand that we uh they met with the city they.

Said no one has a permit to this place this is the scene at the peninsula tennis courts in ocean beach when a group of pickleball players essentially took over the tennis courts claiming they have a right to play like anyone else not only did we have a right to do it but we really wanted to educate the public and even to tennis players they.

Were bewildered when they found out their club did not have a valid existing permit to use the space and all we're really asking for is a fair chance to compete for those permits the permits he's talking about are called special use permits and yes the city of san diego has been lagging behind for years on renewals after the.

Takeover however the city issued a temporary permit to peninsula but on that day no permit was in effect and the takeover made its point this is a tough public discussion but it's something that really needs to happen this has been going on for the last five years this city is behind virtually.

Every other city we have zero permanent pickleball courts in the city of san diego while this battle is actually with the city the tennis community is clearly disturbed by the hostile takeover tactics in this case the cops were called to keep the peace and previously a letter written by the pickleball people said if you give us peninsula.

We'll leave the rest of the tennis community alone i don't know about you but that sounds like somebody from the godfather you know coming out i can hear the music now you know saying that kind of thing and that and that's just that's not even a veiled threat that's a threat in fact a lot of people felt a little threatened that day a kid's tennis camp.

Had to stop to deal with the takeover and the tactics are leaving people with a bad taste about pickleball it's like me saying okay well i can go to torrey pines right now you know if they don't have a special use permit in place if i found that loophole and go start playing soccer on your greens or flag football or whatever would anybody do that well.

These guys might since pickleball is growing so fast and no public courts are available but keep in mind tennis is also growing lately and the numbers aren't even close tennis in terms of a national presence is bigger than all the other racquet sports combined still the number of people that play and if you think that.

These games are compatible well they're really not starting with the noise i mean i play both sports when i'm playing pickleball nothing bothers me because it's so noisy when i'm playing tennis yeah it's not even a comparison but how much louder pickleball is compared to tennis so the takeover happened they left.

Peacefully and the club now has a temporary permit to operate but that leaves one big question will the city step up to meet the demand for pickleball there's a really simple solution to this as well andy fields the director of parks and recreation could simply call us and a couple of the tennis leaders into a room.

Sit down if he's willing to be a fair arbiter hear both sides and i think we could all come to a conclusion to a compromise within a couple of hours best case scenario is everybody follows the city process and goes through what everybody else did to build their facilities it it doesn't happen overnight i know that.

So i finally got a response from the city's parks and recreation department and essentially what they say is that they are aggressively looking for places to put an actual pickleball facility and actually this location might be one of them not the tennis courts but outside the tennis courts where of course they have green space and they can build a.

Separate facility but this weekend very interesting timing on this there is a national juniors tournament happening right across the street at the barnes tennis center and when the junior tournaments and big tournaments like this come into town they utilize all of these courts so without all these courts and access to all these courts big huge.

Tournaments like this wouldn't be able to come to san diego they would go somewhere else so it's not a matter of whether the courts are empty sometimes in full sometimes they are utilized to the best of their ability and pickleball wants their own situation the city of san diego says they are looking into it we'll continue to follow this we're at.

The peninsula tennis club where the takeover happened dan plant kusi news