In the booming sport of pickle ball Rodney the rocket grubs was a genuine celebrity hey pickle ball Nation this is rocket coming to you he held clinics across the USA he was even named the sports ultimate Ambassador by USA pickle ball there were actually people that recommended him to be in the pickle ball Hall of Fame today however these women.

Are calling him the ultimate conat shame on you Rodney for what you’ve done enjoyed playing pickle ball at The Villages in Florida the nation’s largest retirement community but they all say they were swindled by grubs I invested 25,000 I invested 25,000 I also invested 25,000 Jennifer Butler says she was taken for about.

$100,000 I lent him money four times Grub’s pickle ball company called pickle ball rocks sold equipment like Nets and paddles he reportedly got 13 36 people to invest their savings into the company and he raised Untold millions of dollars from people many of them elderly who wanted to get in on the pickle ball craze that approach really worked for me.

Because I want to spread the pickle ball love just like all of us do did he give all of you that song and dance that hey there’s only a limited amount of spots here yes absolutely they claimed they were promised in 18% return there are some people that he actually has their entire life savings they invested with him and their entire.

Life is ruined Jackie Voss says all she got out of her investment was a t-shirt that grubs gave her husband I told my husband I said well enjoy that $25,000 t-shirt because that’s exactly what that shirt cost us oh I haven’t lost my stroke grubs has not been charged with any crime or Securities violations but he did just receive a cease and assist.

Order from the Indiana Secretary of State alleging that he committed Securities fraud by selling unregistered investment opportunities
In the booming sport of pickleball, Rodney Grubbs was a genuine celebrity. However, some Florida pickleball players are calling him the ultimate con man. Grubbs’ pickleball company sold equipment, like paddles. He reportedly got 136 investors to invest their savings into the company. Some claim they were promised an 18% return. Jackie Vohs says all she got from her investment was a T-shirt that Grubbs gave her husband. Grubbs has not been charged with any crime or security violations.