The sport of pickleball is one of the fastest growing in the nation right here in Central PA players are picking up their rackets to test their skills on the court for a New Year's tournament our Maria Cade takes us there these athletes are playing no ordinary game they're playing pickleball one of the fastest growing Sports in the.

Country if you don't know what the game entails it is small tennis large ping pong to play the game all you need is a solid racket a ball with holes and a cord a little bit smaller than a tennis court and the craze is here in Central PA Ada players picked up their rackets at the 2023 dinking in the New Year tournament making their way to the.

Nittany Valley Sports Center from State College and Beyond players from New York and New Jersey that have joined us as well as as far as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania an annual event this year players range from 18 years old to 73. I was a platform tennis player could only play three times a week you could play this just about.

Every day for about four or six hours and not see any not have any trouble many come not only for the activity but also the community it allows people a whole social network of play and that's what seems to be so attractive to that to this sport the socialization piece getting to know people in other areas seeing different styles next year the.

Tournament is going to be expanding to a number that will double the amount of players that we saw here today reporting in State College I'm Maria Cade for wtha news
Pickleball players from around the country gather for State College tournament