Paddle gate 2.0 is still fully underway and I don't think anyone expected this issue to die anytime soon the elimination has been the buzzword that everyone has taken issues with more recently and again we see this word being thrown around at this most recent PPA event in Red Rocks we had not one not two but three instances of players.

Calling out other players for using an illegal paddle players are drawing more attention to these issues and the frustration is ever increasing but do these players accusations hold any truth or are they just frustrated they are losing to a perfectly legal and Superior paddle I'm gonna lay out the timeline of events and go over some of the different.

Aspects of this Saga this issue started earlier in this week during singles on Wednesday Elise Jones facing Salome DaVita in the quarterfinal round DaVita has been a controversial player with some questionable line calls in the past and is now facing some controversy in a different direction her paddle DaVita was hitting some heavy heavy shots in.

This match Elise was on her heels most of the time and here are some examples of what I mean oh oh yeah you can tell Elise is frustrated in this match and this is evident during a point in game two when she's down nine.

To five and loses this point DaVita gets a pretty dominating Victory and after the match Elise request for devite's paddle to get checked devite also returns to favor towards Elise and requests Elise paddle be checked as well this is interesting because currently there is only on-site testing for grit.

Any paddle that needs to be checked for delamination has to be sent to a lab for off-site testing so theoretically a player could use a paddle that that's delaminated throughout this weekend and then have a test outside legal limits after the conclusion of the tournament they'd suffer Financial repercussions and also lose their PPA points that were.

Earned according to David say the paddle was not tested because grit levels weren't of concern to anyone and the PPA didn't have on-site delamination testing she was allowed to continue to use it throughout this weekend and had a prime time matchup against everyone's favorite Orleans favorite matchup depending on how much drama you enjoy and that was.

Against Leia Jansen these two have had some controversial moments in the past and appear not to like each other on the court Jansen and Elise Jones are also Partners in women's doubles this year I'm sure some things were talked about before this match started because Jansen was not happy at all right out of the gate it ended up being a delayed start.

With extra long judges being called in due to some tight line calls made in the past devite actually having her back towards the court and staring at the screen presumably trying to block out all the shenanigans that were going on and Jansen was making it well known throughout the course of this match that she believed that David say was using.

Some type of illegal paddle boys side out but from watching this match David say was smoking the ball pinning Jensen back on her heels just like she did with Elise Jones game one ended at Jansen kept it close losing 11-7 no paddle tap.

But this isn't unordinary for her as she is pretty vocal about trying to normalize paddle tapping only after a match and not after every game game two is underway and Jansen seems even more flustered with even more outbursts and is getting dominated this game what an angle from David say s Tennis background really nice overhead.

Going backwards foreign says no that's not necessary there is no crack it's questioning the ball and Leia saying I want to see it because both players have to agree no that's not a crack yeah no sorry it's not a crack I get to.

Keep the ball that's what happened last time don't you remember that was not a crack she loses the second game 11-1 and she immediately requests davita's paddle to be tested after this match but again it has to be sent to a lab if they want it tested for deflection or delamination issues then Jensen immediately goes onto.

Twitter after this game is over and tweets this Pros know that when their paddle is delaminated it plays like a rocket ship and it sounds different if you knowingly use one sorry you're guilty of cheating eventually there needs to be forfeits and suspensions of this it's a mockery and then also tweeting right now in my opinion.

Cheating is reaping major benefits with paddles and Peds back when Zane navratil develops a skill that he worked on diligently for months the organization shut it down this is just becoming a laughable joke a lot of people have been criticizing jansen's Behavior remember these are just accusations of now but the most interesting aspect to all this.

Is both of these players convictions Jansen is really sticking her reputation out there making these accusations and added with all of the Antics on the court if the paddle does get tested and the tests from the lab comes back clean this would be a very very bad look for Jansen there were other Pros who were also backing up jansen's comments.

Underneath the Tweet which leads me to believe there's some truth as to jansen's statements as for devite she's in arguably the same position as Jansen players know if they're using a delaminated paddle so going out there knowingly with an illegal paddle would be insane you know your opponents would complain and you'd have to get it tested.

And from the video she seems more than willing to hand it over to the PPA although she does know that if it is delaminated they wouldn't be able to check today anyways there was an email sent out by David say explaining the situation from her perspective and she mentions two things one being that she adds a significant amount of weight to.

Her paddles and specifically this one because of the design it's a vatic pro which is a thermo-formed paddle and has been one of the companies that's been recently scrutinized for delamination issues she claims that she's had a paddle in the past that's delaminated relatively quickly so she knows what that feels like and that her paddle that.

She's using now is definitely not delaminated it would be completely insane to me to think that she would use a delimited paddle right now with how hot the top has become and the controversial reputation she has developed up to this point ultimately the lab tests should vindicate one of these players stories this does raise a.

Question of chain of custody issues as DaVita is allowed to play with the paddle throughout the weekend and the possibility of sending in a different paddle after her Saturday championship match that wasn't the same paddle that was used on Wednesday is a possibility not sure what the protocol is here to make sure players would send in the.

Paddle they used on that day so if anyone has any information on this please leave a comment down below and there's also the issue or the possibility of the paddle being within legal limits when played with on Wednesday and then the paddle becomes illegal after using it the following days there's so many variables here and.

Possibilities But ultimately this lab test will determine whether this paddle is legal or illegal after Saturday's match with how much conviction both of these players have the results to this test will be interesting to say the least and you thought this was the only paddle issue from this weekend well you were wrong Travis rettenmeier posted a.

Video on his Instagram describing the issue he had in a singles match against Tyson McGuffin I'm not going to show the whole video but I'll hit some of the main points hey also um I've been getting a lot of requests asking about what happened today comments in relation to my match with Tyson.

Um I want to preface this with I have a ton of respect for Tyson I think he's a awesome dude straight up guy but there was obviously an issue today with this paddle after three or four points I referenced to him that it sounded odd to me Tyson and I played the same paddle so I actually shouted out to him like Hey man that doesn't sound like.

An 002 um I'm a Selkirk sponsored player they've been great to me but it was obvious whatever he was playing with was a paddle that I had never seen had never played with but I know the sound of a delaminated paddle and it was very clear that that was delaminated so I requested from the referee that I.

Wanted to have the paddle tested to which they stated you can do that after the match so Tyson plays insane in the first game first eight points like laser winners huge serves that were basically I had no defense for and I thought it was a little suspect and I think he was aware as well you know like he's played enough.

To know something was up with that paddle but when his paddle starts to delaminate it it gets hotter and hotter as time progresses it gets livelier and livelier so I think he really liked the way it was feeling and then when it continued to get a little bit more lively he couldn't control it anymore and decided to switch out but he.

Certainly didn't switch out based on me stating hey man that's not a legal paddle that's not a fair paddle so ultimately they um the PPA which is the real issue here I went to them after because I felt like you know the outcome might not have been changed you know Tyson might have beat.

Me anyway played a great third game with a totally legit paddle uh but I do think that the outcome was altered slightly and I I do feel cheated to some extent but what the real concern is is that this is a problem in pickleball you have to maintain a protocol and maintain the Integrity of the sport to where people are not incentivized to cheat if you can.

Play with anything and slap the same coding or paint on it and use any paddle and and not be reprimanded for it whether that's a fine or a default or something along those lines then what incentive what incentivizes me to play fairly and going back through this match there was a noticeable difference in the sound from.

Tyson's first game of this match compared to the second game 5-1 Dyson hits the ball relatively hard as well but in this first game he was hitting absolute lasers 4-1 for McGuffin oh oh it's another Tyson actually responding in the comments of.

Retinmeyer's post dating I used the new paddle game one and realized it was extra hot I put it down early in game two and went back to Old Faithful I played significantly better with my non-defective paddle hence winning game three and playing well in the semis I've been with Selkirk for seven years and never had an issue with the paddle I've.

Had paddles randomly tested on various occasions both my 002 and Power air and have never had an issue I have a lot of respect for Travis and he knows as well as others I would never intentionally use an illegal paddle I'm all for standardized paddle testing and believe delaminated paddles should be illegal I've lost to a few myself this is the.

First time ever I've heard of a Selkirk delaminating as they aren't known to do that but I guess Anything is Possible the paddle situation continues to get worse as expected it's a real predicament right now if not cracked down upon as these paddles are making a difference for players and if you're the middle of a pack player it can increase.

Your win rate to a significant extent there has been no comment from the PPA as of right now but I'm sure both the pp EA and Major League pickleball are working to fix these paddle issues it won't be an overnight fix but the investment definitely has to be made and some serious repercussions for those that use an illegal paddle so that's.

About where we're at right now what do you guys think of this situation do you think davita's paddle is up to Legal standards was jansen's Behavior out of line was Tyson using a delaminated paddle as well anyways leave a comment below giving me your overall thoughts about this mess remember to give this video a like and hit the Subscribe.

Button if you haven't already hope this story piqued your interest and you enjoyed this one anyways thanks for watching
Delamination has been a hot topic of discussion as of late and many players have been voicing their concerns. I detail the timeline of events that have recently occurred and go through in detail what I found.

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