So app had an event this past weekend in Hilton Head South Carolina women's double event and in this back draw we had a match between Lauren stratman and Jill Braverman taking on Jade kawamoto and Sarah ansbury this is on app's second camera so not the best quality but still very grateful that they show these games that aren't on Center Court.

These players are planning to get into the bronze medal match and potentially the gold medal match so there's prize money at stake here the first to 15 and the score right now is 14-12 stratman and Braverman are in the lead stratman is serving and they have an opportunity to put this game away if they can get a point on this serve opening up.

You know your feet such a tough call another Match Point here for Braverman stratman oh boy I am leaving yep what is happening right now so this is.

Something I've never seen happen before let's break it down stratman Braverman team able to get into neutral ground quickly up at the kitchen and then we get some dinking then Braverman hits a heavy two-handed backhand ding that forces Anne's Bray on her heels ansbury hits a defensive dink a little too high raverman able to speed it up but.

Kawamoto does such a good job with anticipation and resetting this ball then she gets a dink that rules off the net all stratman can do here is hit a dink with a high cross court because she's fully extended cow mode with another great instinctual shot Waits until the ball is almost on the ground and hits the ATP but Braverman sees it.

Coming from Miles Away blocks it and Anne's brain meanwhile is in the kitchen here and I have no clue why maybe she thought kawamoto wasn't going ATP and thought she was gonna go dig back Cross Court but anyways back court positioning and Braverman is able to hit a defensive ATP shot that's a lot but with a lot of pace on it Andrew is like oh crap and.

Immediately starts running Braverman drops her paddle thinking she hit a clean winner hands are in the air but somehow ansbury gets a paddle on this with a backwards wrist flick and the ball somehow goes over onto the other side of the court and you can hear stratman Sing to Braverman and Braverman gets her paddle back in time but.

Kawamoto and ansbury start playing some great defense and then Braverman unfortunately hits a volley into the net and The Crowd Goes Wild the announcers are completely baffled at what they just saw what is happening right now Raven and stratman do end up winning 16-14 in this match and go on to take Bronze in this.

Tournament but you can't help but think Braverman would be kicking herself right now if this pre-celebration had costed them thousands of dollars but luckily they were still able to pull out the victory
Loser bracket Women’s Doubles Match between Lauren Stratman/Jill Braverman vs Jade Kawamoto/Sarah Ansboury. Winner of this match gets to play in the bronze medal match(Prize Money $$$).


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