Thank you fromage oh why is your duck biting Mike's shoestring what up Gina she's got the dad bod rocket in the back what's going on no dated today.

You know what it is you know what day is it do you remember 21st is the 21st yeah it's the only line I know that's this I don't know the rest of the song I don't think anyone else knows that's fine that's fine there's some huh but we.

Don't want to get um so guys attack is about to start fairly soon we have the Fantastic Gina darling here uh hello I am Austin Creed and there's a game that came out recently wait hold on he's Austin Creed who [__] [__] up on SmackDown on Friday we were there okay me Fiona Gerard he cheered for us he did into the ropes and.

Back the other ropes slid under him and then ropes and then slapped him in the face this is Austin Creed WWE Superstar okay yeah do it right yeah do it right you gotta do it like the way he deserves it and the highlights were all over the Internet even if you weren't following wrestling you saw the highlights all.

Over Twitter it was amazing how does he move like that's so Nimble so fast so sneaky it was incredible and then he got on the ropes he pointed at us he knew exactly where we were sitting and he went Jimmy and every time someone tried to hit him me and Fiona were like don't you touch him don't you don't change your mind.

They had to hold his back we had to get security to hold us back okay we were about it we're about that life it's very serious it's very serious I learned all the cheers new day Rocks new day rocks and then Kofi Kingston yes everyone beats on their stomachs that's what we need awesome.

Um for those of you who uh are like what's happening right now so this is normally when you guys are getting that 15 minutes before attack and it's just kind of chilling you guys coming in and chatting but I said can we can we do something a little different before attack today because something happened Gina.

As you saw as you saw I come out when I'm wrestling and I've got a trombone oh yes yes yes my girlfriend Cheska two turbo yes we're going through the Street Fighter game she has been destroyed a few times and we had a funeral we laid her to rest at one point um but because of my love for trombones I played when I was a kid I've been.

Playing as a grown man and now this game is going back and forth a game came out called trombone Champion what yeah trombone champ no and it's fantastic oh people are poking stuff I always forget that they have access to this computer oh yeah they're moving stuff so I was like hold on I'm trying to play um but trombone champ is a game where.

You are playing trombone and it's it's made for you yeah yeah this is this is my game this is my game um so I'm gonna jump into it but they're still moving the computer around am I am I good to do stuff can I play the game okay they haven't yeah do it whatever okay here we go so trombone champ boom so I'm gonna show you so we'll do the.

Warm-up first right so you you move the mouse up and down for the slide okay okay here we go here we go very excited this is just the warm-up so you stop stop that's so cute if you see me switching.

Where I'm looking the monitor button is blacking out it's good it's really good I'm gonna give you the headphones you're gonna play next you can press whatever Keys anything on the keyboard or you can click the mouse I see what that's so cute see what they need.

Is the Final Fantasy yeah oh my God okay so um if you guys haven't heard yet today we're getting real physical we're gonna fight for the throne we're gonna be playing tournament that's why we're all on Earth.

here big screen take everything Fifi's here here take everything what are you I'm ready dude I learned how to play.

Yesterday are you trying to win right now oh you got an S what only play to win we only play to win this is how we win are you guys what are you guys playing tracks look it's called trombone what Trump Champions so what songs see it's gonna black out sometimes so go.

Here so the difficulty is the Stars obviously okay so you can go up and down whatever you're looking for everyone here are you winning son um first of all first of all guess who's banging up right now come back here.

Kevin you little are you saying I couldn't find a baby I wish you guys could hear this right now oh is it brown yeah but it's uh this is Beethoven's concept you picked the like the hardest so when I saw this I of course I sent it to you and I immediately thought of you but what if we rig it what if we rig the game.

That's terrible and we match the pitch to this because we can hack that that's what I want I want it in VR so yes yes okay Gina's in her own little world yeah she's a full tournament pickleball pickles pickleball pickleball you're gonna miss me pickleball is going down oh God on Attack of the show it's a.

Farts oh they can't hear it can they not hear it so glad you can't hear it can you guys oh the voice over the trombone there's no no trombone audio there's no trombone audio okay now no audio somebody pressed buttons somebody pressed buttons we're gonna fix this we're gonna fix this.

No wait there we go no we gotta put them yeah yeah it wasn't wrong okay hold on we gotta retry this because this sounds hilarious okay here we go sorry I'll reduce again do you guys hear it now we're good now they're sound can you hear us too or.

Just the trombone everybody's good it smells like Fords there we go we can hear everything nice this is what it feels like to play Trombone guys this is awful I would be a terrible Trump on player Oh you'd be fine see it's nasty you're getting nasty.

Perfectos and nasties in the trombone World sometimes we get that nice glissando we'll call it nasty this is the recital that your parents go see and they're embarrassed of you and you're like in fourth grade and they just walk out somebody said I might be wrong but I hear farts all over.

Everything slide does move so the slide moves uh out as you go down so this guy would earn a solid eight dollars in front of the Chinese stick there you go give it up what you get what'd you get grade wise let's see okay.

See that's how I made it through high school close there yo this is hard that's how that's all the buttons you guys have to push all the time when you're playing trombone there's no oh there's no buttons it's just the slide oh but I thought oh no there's a truck oh my God.

The trumpet so there's a you so you get your your toots your toots are your your money in this game and at one point so you go open packs of cards right and so here I gotta show you I gotta show you so here we go we're gonna go back we gotta choose a hard song You're a long time player you gotta choose a little heart.

That was I can get I I'll I'll dig into one yeah a little harder one I had Beethoven and that was rough so we're gonna collect and we go to collect so we got card packs right so where is it here the trumpet the cowards trombone the cowards trombone I'm not calling it anything else from now on oh my God the trumpet.

Gets it okay so let's see I was a choir kid so what was your favorite song to sing um I don't remember which songs Mr dick [__] time [__] time we called him [__] yeah he was a dick yeah he was like this chubby older white man that looked like he was about to explode at any moment because he was.

Always right yeah and so he was our teacher so I blocked it out but I was in choir I was uh I was soprano yeah yeah um so I wanna okay I want to see you play something what do you what did you choose we're going we're going Star Spangled Banner okay God bless America all right here we go.

Here we go oh no this is I gotta I gotta warm up into it I threw myself into the Lion's Den with Beethoven that was a huge.

Mistake Beethoven was really hard it really is you can do this one it's so funny when you mess up the keys and it just starts just salutes in the chat you know oh yeah salutes look at the flag and all its Glory oh I hope everyone at home is standing.

Up doing this right now yeah y'all better be statement the whole time okay oh you guys Patriots or not oh I forgot I had a salute emote oh yeah I love it that's amazing somebody said can you unlock the Fergie version of The Star-Spangled Banner stop it please.

There's only kindness in these walls okay which one you want to get in uh no you're doing this again okay this is this is the one no no higher Stars I want you the other one was the other one was how many Star Spangled was three this one's five or six I did like an eight dude okay but can I can I run this one first yeah this is the best one I'll.

Ballet in the back this is the best one okay all right guys we gotta we have to go do a show so I'll play you guys in you guys cut to the show whenever you want I'm just gonna play us in with a little bit of it.

Killing it let's go attacking the shows coming up Kevin Pereira Jean the darling we'll net I can't talk why do this gas mg all doing ballet stuff no sugar was Plumbing too hard oh you gotta Plum that Sugar girl we gotta go do attack I was shaking that Sugar plumasi stop it we gotta go do attack I can't look we got.

It ladies and gentlemen we gotta we gotta go do attack we gotta go can they can they cut to attack pickleball tournament let's go all right we'll see you guys bye thank you foreign.

thank you no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no I'm around.

thank you where do I stand on a matter of the succession of the show or your standing is quite strong your grace King Creed hath hosts the same number of shows and yet your relation to the cool combo makes you direct descent into the.

Pickle that was promised but what of Lord Billy of Nash Lord Nash and his dealings with lady hey Donna hath distracted him from our Affairs excellent and since women cannot be a king or whichever they choose wow seriously I Kevin.

What's going on we're just practicing the pickle knocks Kevin okay all right ah yes yes yes yes oh I'm too old for that hello there Boys Girls welcome to attack.

Of the show I'm Kevin forever live from the G4 studios here in Los Angeles today is the day I have been waiting for since the ink dried on the DocuSign that's not how they work we've been teasing it all month long but it is time for Attack of the pickleball.

no gimmicks no filler a full hour of intense live action pickleball this is Kevin today we turning to decide the new Lord of attack thanks are we still doing the medieval drama.

And there's only one qualified by Blood to oversee this Festival what the prince who was pickle the prince okay we uh we went all out huh and where's my proud Royal Blood and Royal looks and then the classic tradition of our people yeah today's Champion will be declared.

Moon I believe yep that I just wanna get that that was a mystery that had the makings of like a chant but everybody gassed out but for the just the one and done for us.

Okay a lot energy so basically after Around the Net we're playing pickleball so I guess we're kind of going around the net twice I was laughing at my people oh oh laughing laughing okay oh it's clearly the diaper was the right choice.

We're picking that up picking that up all right squeaks how's the view count what I've got about like 10 people watching okay all right we did it we saved the show we did it we're talking write that sorry uh you guys can pickle Yourself by.

Following G4 TV on all the socials you can sub to our YouTube you can send us mail to the address right here goodness but first assuming we have permission from the pickle with a little crown.

You do Around the Net s oh my God okay okay thank you yeah okay feeling good I'm excited about pickleball today yeah man I'm Jazz just I didn't know the.

Feeling would be so different in the arms of a real man you know um I do have hair on my chest I wasn't incredible oh my God I could get lost in there sorry what sounds like a you have the black lung that's a good one just sounds like a sad little Street cat.

Clearing its throat over there yeah what was that barely that's a good one joking around with him like Dad making jokes like that he's my best friend of course yeah okay come on come on you buddy Today's Show is for us kids I'm sorry followed by any questions or comments not any I'm gonna be honest we're gonna.

Filter a lot of them for what I've seen I don't think but most of the questions some will fire them in there come on let's try it I'm not gonna say it all right oh I had him I had a couple sample questions that someone might want to submit but I left uh what's on your mind Kevin oh let loose anything going on in the world is.

Streaming media anybody got any fun things to talk about no just some videos let's watch some videos nothing comes to my mind not really it's almost Halloween time what are you gonna be unemployed I I am going to be a spooky skeleton what about you Austin show your bones.

Off a little bit that's right or not no uh maybe maybe Doc Ock okay you know a little bit get some get some tentacles digging into the jack-o-lanterns getting all the candies getting digging into something favorite holiday of the year and Halloween starts early in fact it's already started at some amusement parks.

The horror is in the air three toes okay okay see he's good yeah he wants to spit his money well until you hit a second drop during the first drop the souvenir photos arms in the air and covering up yeah.

Sometimes the deadliest drop happens right before the actual drop yeah no it's a lot yes it's a lot uh but you know what oh right there's this this whole thing eight nine because this is proven viewership uh exclamation point followed by a number that's how you let us know what you think of the video and I'd like that one yes and what are we.

Doing with the videos at the end of the year everybody what are we doing well knows speaking of watching things let's take a sneak peek at Garfield's new only fans foreign ready to go.

Ready to go I don't ready for the same reason they never shaved Jason momoa's Beard but but that does put some truth on the fact that if you shave it it does look bigger yeah got some try it it might work it doesn't oh yes.

I don't even own a cat I thought you did not anymore oh no oh no not anymore guys yeah they need their fur to survive rip Greggy what's up to Greg hey we love you Greg yeah shout out to Greg listen before we move on to the next one I do um.

Sorry I I need to clear the air a little bit uh okay as some of you remember uh last week we were supposed to have uh Kofi and Biggie uh on the show and I know it was a huge letdown I know that the network the brand because it's personified now uh they want to apologize and uh and I guess we all do.

As well because we promised a Big Show and it didn't it didn't get to happen yeah I was I was very excited to have my friends meet my friends the people that I love from different areas of my life come together into just one big friend pile you know super degenerate Voltron yeah well castle and I really want to make it.

Up to you in the entire audience screen so that's why we have a bit of a surprise planned so wait are they are they here nope they're not no no they're not uh I guess we should clarify they are not not here no not at all even better we made a new group that's basically just as good yeah it's called oh the shiny daytime.

Boy what do you think uh I think there's a little bit more milk okay pour it on baby I don't know maybe a little bit more sugar okay okay.

How much this is so until I say win okay more sugar okay I don't know maybe a couple more eggs let me grab them for you got them in the fridge sure do right over there buddy oh.

Okay here we go and the dance are actually making the entire meal that's what the show would do so he's cracking the eggs get him in there buddy yeah all these eggs are gonna beat themselves shy me boys can you give me that pan buddy where do you keep the pants right in the cabinet my friend.

What a shiny boy he is huh okay oh look you're gonna need us a ladle uh sorry buddy it looks like something's sticking to the Bowl check the drawer okay keep going okay I'm sorry I'm sorry can we cut the music can we cut the music oh I just got that I we're about to put in the oven.

We just free we just preheated the oven and I got the whole tray I I just it's it's it's a lot how long is this which hacked there's like a full intermission too yeah yeah we're still in the beginning of act one oh um did you see the Rhino the Rhino we.

Got rhino horns these well they're on the top like like a unicorn horn a rhino horn would be more like on the nose right or on the forehead like at least like something we also got cereal fully licensed it's Frosted Mini butts and it's a unique idea we got our own cereal ah yeah can I ask a question about about the cereal can I.

Ask really quick yeah sure sure buddy I'm like can you can you give me this camera or hand molded are these buttholes that would be a shame if the camera were to zoom in they're Frosted Mini butts and um yeah those are actually it dissolves from the inside out if you just.

Okay well this is and you get um some that are prolapsed too oh the special treats sweetie white roses those are like the marshmallows okay yeah so anyway this was um this is really guys this is great this is this is nice this is super flattering and any daytime boy is that yes you look good this is great we look good.

We're all shiny daytime boys huh yeah that's right sdt saying you know it's me Kofi and e as the new day and we kind of built that whole thing in in WWE kind of kind of owns it and so my guild of defensive you know whole weirdly similar three-man group thing copyright infringer I just don't you know I don't want you guys you.

Know I didn't see it before but now I see what you're saying yeah I I totally totally get you put it down we're picking it up now we're catching the vibe so you're saying that you want us to challenge the new day to come back on our show so that cassim and I we can compete for the right to have you and our Three Man Group that's right.

Exactly puff up a little bit I am crying I am trying but I don't have the lung computer huge dude the challenge is officially out hey yeah Kofi to Kofi Biggie Biggie oh you think you got the guts why don't you come back on our show and fight Us for free that's right because we know.

Hey boys you know we wondered how long it could sustained I think we blew by it in uh great bit though thank God buddy I miss you okay uh can I can I actually can I can I take these the 100 yeah you should yeah.

There's we put that on TV yeah I mean been a long couple of months you know I'm weak yeah I'm ready I'm ready to eat I think we've smoothed everything over right yeah why don't you hit us with a classic shiny daytime boys intro to the.

Next vid buddy go ahead come on try it on hit it go for it all right can can I get the music to do it nope can you can I get the music to play it for the fourth is that does that work yeah we can do it hold on somebody has to run physically across the room to patch a cable now yeah okay now here's an ASMR stream with more.

Than Whispers oh no if you don't know how whippets work friends that's basically what that was I.

Told you we're doing the show for ourselves today and I'm sorry internal yeah is that a pen No you couldn't have given me one it was going to be our first today to give me one okay well I was really excited about that Ted.

Yeah I'm excited but you know how the saying goes you gotta smash a few skulls to make an omelette they bring Grandma's recipe foreign what the hell was that say boss how are things going at the old workplace.

Okay sensitive subject all right sensitive ear drops we are playing pickleball today by the way and before we hit the court and I we're genuinely playing I mean the court is out there it's asphalt but that's okay Street pickleball my favorite kind of fault one of the best.

It's my favorite kind of ass uh I feel like everyone still isn't appropriately excited for the intensity of pickleball this is not a bit that this video this is a real video I just want you to see what pickleball can look like this was trending I think yesterday and I said can we get it in we got it in this is a sneak peek at what is possible.

In pickleball this is real I mean there's no you'll see first two shots have to bounce we're gonna learn all about that all right you want to get up to that line right there the kitchen line and it's a little delicate game but then Rockets Rockets yeah peanut getting serious cried on the line what is happening pickleball is happening yeah.

Yeah that's a good volley thinking sincere rally yeah the dinking the little shots they calmed it down but then it's gonna be snot Rockets once again yeah that's pickleball she walked off on the tube yeah she knew.

Boom I'll watch it on the replay that's the equivalent of like hitting the shot and just walking down the court yeah and just walking away right yeah Sports yeah hey look at that now that don't play games with my heart chat do not play games I'll take it I'll take it there was genuine concern as to whether or not pickleball would sustain for more.

Than three minutes I don't know we're gonna find out today I finally got just enough rope um we're gonna be outside we're playing some pickleball it's gonna happen is everybody excited yeah can you faint it for me at least okay we're ready okay ready to sweat.

let's go but yeah I'm also excited for pickleball Kevin if you can't tell uh but I'm actually excited for something else pretty big too okay.

What is that cream really [__] about this this shiny daytime boy okay but I mean kind of close maybe okay ladies and gentlemen will and I have an announcement oh we've been rumoring this for a long time congratulations you guys no no different announcement oh okay difference I've been trying to play it.

Cool all show but uh when the new day was here last week I pitched them on a huge toy idea I have and incredible news they went for it we did we did we shook on it got the contract set we're good to go wow that's awesome hey congrats and you gotta work fast in the toy Biz so we already got a commercial shot oh all right.

Foreign action figures don't capture the intensity of a real wrestling man shut up you sorry I said Don't Stop quit playing with the weak ass action figures and get yourself a fully opposable action human what and where is that you are it idiot oh God what what is this why can't I move fully opposable action.

Human can move in any direction oh God no we're not you're just a toy now anything you say it's just a funny slide I'm a second adult child why am I starting to like it smash it into any wall embrace the sweet.

Total power oh yes Free Will is alive then make it read philosophers [__] with blue oh but this is the indication of free willingness is the only Freedom why make me read this philosophy and then force your fully opposable action human to exist within the contradiction.

Wow I understand now a perfect route where you can beat I thought I understood nope and commercial's over but what did I learn fully opposable action even now available in Peter and Benjamin Franklin fundamentals of philosophy sold.

Separately yeah let's go let's we gotta get it out of here oh that's oops all prolapse oh groceries oh eat them up I noticed there was one gaussian blur on the logo on the pants did anybody notice any other blurs in that oh uh yeah Kevin on his dick and ball oh thank you I.

Would say [__] and balls okay and why not get out after the break we're playing pickleball and I'm sure everyone has been training rather seriously makes an incredibly High Lord Pereira are you gonna do that.

grab that fertilizer my friends because we're playing the scenes of the next mobile game you should try bro hold up on this week's Noble mobile brought to you by Snapdragon Elite Gaming a lot of people tell us Farmers that we shouldn't make a habit of befriending.

Our livestock and I tend to agree but that doesn't stop me from having them all for all hola and battling each and every one Hollow for movies soft it's a fast-paced platform fighter that's as challenging as it is but comparable to games like Badland brawl or even multiverses first select your mode me I'm a.

Free-for-all kind of guy you can battle 1v1 or 2v2 as well each character comes with weapons signature attacks and specific stats from there it's an all-out classic brawl full of grounded attacks aerial attacks Dodges throws it's so much more and cross-platform play means I can use a code to battle my pals the pigs chickens and cows my prize.

Pig prosciutto is a bit of a spammer you're trying not to taunt him too much even though he deserves it and training mode can also be rewarding I love trying out a new combo or two oh speaking of combos I'd be two-piece combo my top head in the hen house pretty good this week she thinks I was crazy to spend all the extra cash to.

Unlock all the characters at once but that's totally optional I just know what I want sure the controls might take a second to get used to but otherwise brawlhalla looks and feels great in snapdragon's game quick touch gives you the edge you need by reducing latency by up to 20 for smooth gameplay and near instantaneous.

For spots rates no matter how you like to play we're all Hollis free and pure fun that's why it makes it this week's Noble mobile next animal that loses to me on brawlhalla is tonight's dinner don't tell them that hi how's it going I had time to pee before this and I didn't so now I'm just.

Gonna do this I have to pee dance the entire time and I sincerely hope Chad is super cool and doesn't type anything about water and waterfalls the entire time because I'm gonna feel uh like I'm gonna die uh how's it going everyone I'm so glad I know I should I Jitter fall fantastic I regret hydrating uh but here I am with all of.

You very excited to watch pickleball I'm still not entirely sure oh it's a lot of waterfalls it's a lot of waterfalls and a lot of stay hydrated in the word splash you are all evil people um yeah very excited to learn what pickleball is for the first time I've only been begging Kevin this entire time to teach me how oh good there's water.

Emojis there's water emojis and they're using all of them uh Kevin gave me a new nickname today that I hope doesn't stick which is piss waffle uh which definitely works well with uh this whole thing that I have going on the whole trying not to dance thing it's mostly because somebody walked in and said something kind of smelled like pee pee and waffles and I.

Was the waffle element of it got a new perfume that smells like waffles oh God I looked down and it was just more water and faucet uh emojis fantastic uh I keep trying to look for a real thing and it's only pickleball and water emojis and then more people calling me piss waffle what's uh all right here's a real one what should.

People watch on shutter well in addition to behind the monsters where you can find yourself truly talking about Hellraiser and Chucky and oh my God I have to use the bathroom uh there's a couple great movies if you liked Mandy Beyond the Black rainbow is a fantastic one start watching the Hellraiser movies because the new ones coming out on Hulu.

Soon and the first two are fantastic I'm a big fan of Hellraiser and anything gory and super who just typed the urine for a long day pun at me you cruel word Smith you um let's see what else is fantastic that's on shutter right now um definitely give Candyman a re-watch.

If you haven't done that one for a minute Candyman uh let's see Mama made okay Kendall made me watch Mamma Mia for full screen attack tomorrow and I don't know what's happening I all right I know that one of them could potentially be her dad but three dudes who potentially fathered a.

Child are way too excited to potentially be this girl's illegitimate father I don't trust any second of it Pearl was great they're in they were in love is the argument that she's giving me I also watched Xanadu for full screen attack tomorrow because that's what our movie pick was and um I think I disassociated.

For 90 minutes but I had a great time uh there was aliens and music oh uh somebody said that glorious on shutter was great and that's me saying that it's great it's an Eldritch Horror starring JK Simmons in a bathroom stall it's about a glory hole and a demon another one to check out uh uh bathroom water Mamma Mia is near the water uh.

Exclamation mark Q what's the worst scary movie I've ever seen uh it's a movie called Heart Stopper um at several points corpses are found in different ways and they were initially found so like if somebody was burned they were eventually beheaded uh oh talk about Barbarian I loved barbarian barbarian was a great time.

It's written by one of The Whitest Kids you know guys don't watch a trailer don't watch anything going into it go into it completely blind someone just called me pee pee lady that's probably correct uh yeah go into Barbarian knowing absolutely nothing it's a great time Pearl is another great one that just came out.

Um honestly it's a good time to be a horror fan right now lots of original ideas instead of like extensions of Ip it's actual like new and Innovative interesting stories coming out um I looked down and I saw more water emojis um when is full screen attack coming to podcast soon thank you to whoever just.

Gave me my nickname of his waffle again soon uh this week we're talking musicals that make you feel better I originally wanted to talk Cats Don't Dance but I changed my mind we're actually going to watch a movie that I love called Phantom of The Paradise um it's the only reason that Daft Punk exists in the iteration that they do and.

Uh I've finally been given the go ahead to go use the restroom I'm about to go peel I see biscuit I love you all we are doing it everyone hello hi we are outside in the not at all sweltering son of beautiful Burbank California right yes it's in fact time for some pickleball.

Okay that is let's begin the house okay yeah that was a lot that we didn't need okay thank you uh prince who was pickled right that's hey uh this is okay I'm being formed today's event is sponsored by Devion bagged water.

Debian is the only sack of water guaranteed to be bagged locally that's Devion bag water it's legally not considered top thank you thank you Debian all right now that that's sealed to it great thank you and and Creed today you are I guess uh AC assistant coach to the coach Kevin Perez okay well thank you oh wow and.

That is and that is very loud by the way for everyone so a little a little less I want to make sure they hear it in the Hills oh we are Mike yeah okay so it's really again just a little bit less whistle it's going to go a long way but okay he's stronger than me so I can't do much about it I am um okay also we I guess we actually have an explainer we.

Have a package to explain the rules of pickleball oh okay you want to toss to it yeah go watch this okay boom it's me it's me the official mascot of pickleball which no matter what Kevin Pereira says he is about pickles great news for me because I am one finger ball was started in the 60s by three drunk.

Dads who were too drunk to make a normal sized call since then it's blossomed into the world's fastest growing pretend sport sport Sports wow so much room in here but pickleball is much more than small tennis or big ping pong it's also got a bunch of extra room is because everyone loves rules first two eleven points wins but you.

Have to win by two points to really rabbit in the other team's face you serve Cross Court like in tennis but you have to serve underhand and there's a two bounce rule for the first volley avoid one I'm going to and now you don't need no more points and good news there are more rules now congratulations Beret simple no.

Quinn are done this part of the court is called the kitchen because pickles and you are not allowed to volley while standing in this part of the court to prevent the game from getting too exciting and of course the most important rule is a guy in a pickle costume must be within 20 feet of the court at all times ready to provide the.

Losing team with mandatory shots of vinegar here we go down the pickle hatch I'm the Prince it was pickled and there are probably other rules but I can hardly feel you losing interest so don't worry about it and remember pickleball is about pickles now get out there and pretend to be an athlete Steve Lassie my friends yep.

that benefited nobody I'm sorry there were some real rules in there right first two shots have to bounce and he's got to be within 20 feet of the court that was one of the okay sure yeah we do have the duck okay so we this is a regulation game because the prince of pickle is in fact over there.

Thank you Prince no problem he's anointed it uh the no volley zone or non-volley zone is what people refer to as the kitchen lovingly you can't be in there you can't hit a ball unless it is bounced in there and if you swat one out of the air and your momentum takes you in there you lose the point so we're gonna do just a couple.

Little vlastic classic drills just some little warm-ups to get a set because we do want to play some games today but you gotta I guess dribble before you shoot yeah or you got to practice how you preach you gotta practice about practice the inches are everywhere we are going to do a couple little drills we're going to start off with that because you got.

To be able to serve gotta be able to return and then it should be the dinking game right so we're just gonna drill that out so let's get uh everybody who's playing these look like the same size kitchens too oh God anybody ever playing on the right side okay if you're playing over there if you could just line up over there we're gonna do me a favor.

Look at these kitchens yeah this is not something here does it seem a little off if you can't stand the heat it does so you're not the kitchen it does seem like there's more kitchen over here hey you know what our monthly mortgage is more what you're right all right we're gonna have to adjust for some win here.

So will that for you to hold that's for you to hold so that's fine that's good I got it thank you assistant you see hey Creed got you let's do a little serve return drill here so you want to serve diagonally it's got to bounce go ahead you want to serve as deep as you can try again try again try again no on the serve yep all right and when you serve.

You can drop the ball hit it out of the air you can bounce it but you can't actually throw it down and it has to be underhand beneath your navel those are the pickle rules I don't make them up the Princeton all right hit it at the level of your grundle close try that again okay let's get it on this side here.

Atta boy that's nice that was slow shallow but that's good that's okay another shot it's just a third drill good serve will and shallow's okay sometimes head on up it's the first thing turn that back oh that's nice little server turn drill better return I like that you can even get some words before discouragement for Gina Gina make.

Sure you hit the ball got it okay there you go and nice we'll allow it that looks in that looks in try again try again man at the waist that's a great place to bet yeah okay good good hot pot squat no okay okay nice okay try again last one the wind the.

Wind is picking up yes ma'am here we go great job great job Fiona yep I would love to know what that is Chad y'all better be clapping claps in the chat B oh this is dangerous it is okay deep surf pretty good try that again a good tip is to sort of aim for this.

Like okay okay okay 80 go 80 out of the way right in the middle that's pretty good that's good try that again one more piano is the best student so far so far yes you heard me I hate to agree with Creed when he's in this mode but he is right so far yes ma'am beautiful CLG.

thank you I'm airing it out it's too easy Hashim I'm gonna go like what I see you can let it bounce if you want me you just can't throw it down what if I don't want to bounce then hit it out of the air as long as okay oh my God okay you put some sauce on it I'm gonna put some.

Sauce on it that's too hard I like that that was smooth that was smooth you see you're getting lessons you don't even realize that's what we call an ace that's nice see it again buddy awesome okay let's go see watching learn to cast wolf no okay no that's cool oh yeah oh yeah I got two balls coming at you.

Here we go oh yeah the wind oh all right gonna get here we go here we go all right game time service I peace little volley action okay he doesn't even want to drill the serve and that's fine I respect that he's got it one more drill then it's game time okay let's come on up to the net everybody ish will you want to come up first or sure right.

This is the dinky game so after the serve and return what's a dink what's a dink a dink is a little baby shot when you're up here at the old kitchen because remember if the ball hasn't bounced I can't hit it out of the air okay and move into this area a glare off Creed skin yeah I mean there is a glint coming off you boy is the.

Least of the problems okay all right I like to be wet blinding all right let's so uh let's have everybody over there on that side we're gonna do one at a time but after three successful dinks yeah cycle out okay uh what you want to do is when you're dinking you kind of want to I mean you can either Arch it high but have it land and move this close to the.

Net or you want to hit it low and towards the kitchen line and the reason you're doing that is you're taking your opponent's ability to thwack it out of the air at you all right so here we go everybody pay attention there you go beautiful there he goes that was really really high for me nice nice the nauseous Billy let's cut it down.

Next up next up get in there you gotta say nothing knee pads ready go ahead there you go there you go okay good yeah and now yep just say once again once no no he was ready want to point out oh sure Kevin what kosher I wasn't kosher I hammered but I need your support.

Here listen up oh God Heaven is in charge coach KP if he said stop you stop he's right hey thank you okay and again oily thank you once it bounces you can get in that kitchen so if someone hits it over here and it bounces here you can hop on in there don't be afraid to get in there once it bounces you can go in the.

Kitchen you can go in the kitchen I mean you can be in the kitchen even before it bounces but if you hit it before it bounces you're out I understand remember it's hot in the kitchen cast very hot in the kitchen oh you keep hitting those they're going to get punished that is why we why am I.

Raising my voice for you thank you maybe I want to come up to this you want to get punished put the ball higher in the air I think we can't be as hot as you insane punish because it's something we all want he's into it we all taught this it's unfortunate yeah just a few inches you might just and this is part of.

Pickleball if you don't like where the net is set you just change it just move just move it okay beauty of not being an official sport is you can change the court at any moment it actually is an official sport with official that's nice not a big deal it's not a joke and I guess you could just move the net all.

Right let's do one more round a day and then we'll get into a game okay one more round punish it if it's too high I want you can go ahead and punish it dink around it in your plan yeah I don't like it there you go oh yes and you can't step in the kitchen I like the effort though I like the effort so I want if I pop it up too high punish it.

And the good good thing is to kind of always come back to right right in front of the kitchen line Gina go ahead will Nest got that animal instinct God is hilarious there it is very clumsy I need the eyes just to make sure she doesn't get injured oh nice kill it but I like the effort I like the effort.

As well jumping through the air okay okay okay take it easy Martina Navratilova let's go let's go wow okay here we go nice here we go there you go pee oh oh he's playing multiple people he's playing against multiple people still.

Killing it that's why he's a coach all right let's play a game yeah yeah yeah why not I think you're ready oh okay sit this one out watch your opponent's size okay please don't jump give me a racket oh thank you we're gonna play uh this side will be serving first now normally I'm gonna I'm gonna call score and let.

You know it goes this is the most confusing part absolutely you and your partner get to serve usually if you're serving first you only get one serve on that side it's a weird pickleball thing so normally you would say zero your score yeah zero the opponent score and your service number but because you're serving first you're gonna be two.

Instead of one this will make sense I promise or you guys can close the browser that's okay so zero zero two you can put because Will's up first now that does well Prince of pickle the first two shots have to bounce as you know of course but because he's serving the Creed you can get on up to the kitchen.

All right balls in because after it comes back to you you can whack it out of the air of course I know this all right but you want to really get up to that kitchen oh yeah of course you know that okay I'm doing it zero zero two good served that's in good return now it's on okay all right okay oh yeah eyes I'm sorry got it not a not a point but.

That's okay is uh actually behind you so now Karina is serving to will Gina come on up to the kitchen can you move up remember you can poach you can whack it now zero zero and he is a one okay let's go a little short but we'll play it oh back at himself.

It'll take more balls than that to take me out oh he's used to it my pride on the chin my apologies okay so no it's your your serve now principal Michael and Creed you want to be back when your partner because the first two shots have to bounce all right you're Prince serving to Gina Will's up it's zero zero and a.

Two because he's the second server I need to put this up possible would you grab his deal please no I need this oh no oh no that was bad and she went oops she went full that was like little kids learn to play what just happened then it doesn't count all right side out side.

Out and by the way we're just gonna play this practice game to like two here you go still zero zero and will is a one all right first server zero zero one conserve solid return it's on now oh with the lob oh yes no that's a point pickle so now you guys switch this so good if it's if it's in the air are you.

Good you want to let this happen they're they're what we call imploding yeah so you just want to let them get salty could we get the ball another ball throw up someone yeah there you go serves in one zero and he's a one Prince you got it my peripheral vision is quite bad yes it's in get out to the kitchen get out.

To the kitchen oh no oh my God okay so a couple things just happened there a couple things just happened there that was a kitchen violation paid contact but that's why that's why I shirked it because I knew it would be a violation so the prince yes could get this see it's high level over 80 of the points in pickleball are won by the team.

That is first established so we got it at the kitchen so you really want to get up there as quickly as you can and move with your partner you've got a point there so that's zero you're serving on the other side I'm still serving that's right because you're getting points okay here we go we'll make up at this game Sorry the racial I'm I can't hear you my.

Obviously 2-0 and a one still good oh good return oh watch that kitchen oh all right that's it that's a pickling that's zero Prince and Creed gather your thoughts let's get uh let's get awesome and feeling the court for their practice game.

Exactly we know what we're doing exactly yes see this is how this is how you cultivate people yeah for more video games because he's the first team serving he's gonna be a two that's the confusion where do I want to stand I think at least number 12. I'd say it's more orange but okay here yeah yeah ish and.

Then uh Prince of pickle wants to be up at the kitchen oh yes I know so we can poach of course learnable moments I'm letting you thank you for doing these teachable moments there we go yeah thank you setting you up to explain things are we on a commercial yeah is this are we no this is content this here we go it's our.

War music okay here he goes okay good sir it's in oh that might be two oh that was good enough okay enough okay that was Deepu out here that went deep yeah that was success zero zeros here we go zero zero and a one very well.

I'd say this is uh I smell horse it smells horse I smell horse it's a little horse Castle you could be up in the kitchen if you want okay up in the kitchen Prince of pickles and a two we've lost enough Royals this week yeah okay that's in oh that's it oh side out it's too easy.

Send it zero zero still but casim is a one who it is yep yeah Prince you're at the kitchen I'm at the kitchen receiving and that's a kid no fee you want to be back because remember I'm at the beach have to bounce all right lock it right at you that's out that's out and Fiona yes sir okay she's playing it she's playing it nice.

Nice he hit it he hit it it was out he tried yeah it is that uh what do we do now uh Fiona gets one served now yeah and then uh then we'll break for commercial and then we'll uh sell the studio and we're playing then we're playing zero zero you're a two do I serve here yes gotta be inside of this line and behind that yellow line and.

It's got a bounce you want to be back because if they hit it at you yes okay okay can I try again yeah one more and then we'll go to break so strong look at a weird tan line yes ma'am and now the pickling is on oh come on sauce too much sauce sandwich.

Exactly to serve you as sorry Steph so when we come back we'll have the actual match between qasim and Fiona and Gina and will all of the pride all of the prizes all of the pickle happening when we come back from Brave brought to you by deviant bagged water it's too easy.

All right ladies and gentlemen an incredibly exhilarating round of matches that I threw very intentionally let's check with our uh anyone with our competitors to see how they feel about their upcoming competitions uh oh Lord Neff yeah how's your confidence going into your matches well you know you got to go out there and get 110 every time.

You know you gotta be that's what he practice for us we get ready for and you know you got to give it 110 and you bring your best stuff and you know you hold the other team does too and you want to do a good job and they want to do a good job but you know whoever wants it more that's usually he's going to take the pickle that's a great point do.

You feel like the game is about winning I know you go out there you want to give it 110 you want to put you know put your best stuff for him towards the other team and you know whoever gives a better offer is uh gonna probably come away with that win and you know you do it for the fans and you do it for the hometown Lord enough with based words dare I say.

Indeed you know you wanna you wanna give your best stuff out there just keep going no oh I lost oh shoot I walked I I pulled away too soon he had more let's check in with Lord Nova and see how she's doing yes I moved so quickly I move so quickly Miss Nova Lord Nova how do you feel about your chances in the upcoming.

Matches oh um I think it's pretty good I feel like I have a good uh partner at qasimji he hasn't practiced at all but he's kind of that guy who's just like really good at everything like all of a sudden so um let's check in with more people let's go to the camera man hey toasty I love that.

Sir you feel good about I don't know filming this yes I do yes yes all right um have you ever played bigger ball yourself no of course not all right um any uh words of wisdom for all the boys out there um yeah follow your dreams and never play Pickleball unless you're 45 years old like Kevin Pereira wow harsh words I.

Hope that doesn't upset Kevin and make him do anything drastic OG any thoughts on the upcoming matches here's what a lot of people think right now is Billy nice just got all the advantage when it comes to physical activity we'll have people know get a little swing span oh my God he's like a bird I can cover with this absolutely.

Not only is it serve me on the pickleball court serves me in the bedroom too thank you wow spicy words from Lord G wingspan in the bedroom wing span on the court let's check in with um me how do you feel about the upcoming matches uh the prince who's pickled no for me I feel like I'm gonna do a great job I'm gonna watch them I'm probably.

Going to maybe occasionally make a little noise it'll be in the background the whole time just sort of filling air sort of my specialty as I wonder about the Luminous room that we're in which is of course the outdoors yes let's go check in with this dumpster really quick and see how the dumpster's doing I'm going to go interview this dumpster one.

Of my good friends with dumpster see if anyone's in there climbing into dumpster get back into the action yeah Kevin sits in the pickle throne it's time for my husband because okay are we doing the graphic do the graphic it is time oh ah jeez wow he said it's.

Time I did so and I thought I set it at a volume that didn't require the follow-up but again I gotta get the attention buddy I appreciate the energy and the effort but again I like this side when I said a little less I meant of the whistle not at the uh on song okay all right thank you thank you I.

Know that you look great it's not that's not the issue okay um who wants to serve first should we rock paper scissor or just give it RPS team captain who's the captain okay fee get up here rock paper or and or scissors this is not part of pickleball but it's part of this stream right now when do we show our.

Handy the south side of the Court serves first but who cares keep on Paper Scissors Shoot and on shoot that's when we'll see it okay create officiate please yeah ready rolling scissors okay say shoot ready yep Rock Paper Scissors Shoot winner she told them speed do you want to serve first uh no okay she's Gina you're serving first okay.

This is the official game friends chat you can wager on who's going to win I don't know how betting works on Twitch anymore I don't think it does work anymore great they did do you guys do anything fun of course our whole lives it's too easy it's too easy okay.

All right here we go Gina's up first remember she's the first server so we're gonna call her actually the second server because that's what happens in pickleball it's weird zero zero and a two Gina serve it up Dad Bob let's go very windy you can be up at the net okay and that was a wind fault so we allowed Gina to serve again all again that's an.

Official pickle okay there you go that's a mulligan that almost that's a Molly that's a molecule into the kitchen you can yeah okay but okay and Gina no no no Fiona you're up all right come on I'm scared okay zero zero and a one there we go gorgeous B okay good should be back Castle I should be back because it's service there we go that's it that's.

Valid okay right to partner so you want to hit it to the opponents I was missing that okay that's the point guys which side sounds one zero and Fiona's still a one okay you can be up in the kitchen do I serve don't yes ma'am go ahead and go ahead it's a sport I love and we are bastardizing it it's terrifying but we're also there you go it was out it.

Called out it called out he did that's him would it hit the ground first he called out this is an important part of the game arguing with you yes yes okay zero zero Customs a two he's the second server for his team Customs the nine there you go gotcha oh that's it we got a pickle wow the most intense volley so far congratulations okay uh.

You'll be second served so Gina you're up okay and will you should be back because remember first two have to bounce if they hit it at you you take it out of here yes it is Gina it's zero zero and a one it will go there we go dad bud that's will it's your surf I don't know ah damn it just in case.

It's okay is that good served do I serve from this side or that side that side zero zero and a two line jokes it means nothing to me we'll call it in that's a tank that's a good drink and the game is a split okay okay oh that's a side out cassin you're sir did we do okay you did great yeah yeah I'm.

Proud of you son zero zero and a one service does anyone have a point no not yet okay nor does this stream this is the fastest growing sport no one has a point yet yeah no okay we didn't say fastest Green do you want to be back with your partner okay that's the point our first point yes first official.

Switcher no you're still sir one zero and a one you got a lot to do you gotta host and keep track of this I love it one zero one all right Kevin I mean I really wanted to I kind of wanted this I got it yeah on paper there you go oh that's a good thing goodness kill it nice oh.

Good hustle where's the camera Fiona was coming up and you served that yeah right there uh do you switch sides yeah so switch sides 2-0 and cast them still a one does he have a ball again ball can I get a ball gotcha can a brother get a ball he's switching it up she's switching it okay two zero and a one yeah and Chad you let.

Us know what you want us to play to and don't say one because we're past that now so also now well we're at two that would be maybe three two I mean half time and a quarter we can play to four let's do four okay there we go good shot okay it's on that pickles I was out good punish though but a.

Little bit long okay so switching sides 3-0 still there sir sorry my assistant coach is this team serve here you get a couple of these here we go for good luck all right here we go all right three oh and a one that's a pleasure nice sir it's on here we go oh great.

There we go yeah 3-0 and a two am I here no you where you were just now okay which is there okay Rio and a two thank you sir no no no that's a point that's not how.

It works you'll switch sides volley volley 4-0 second check and four is it two Gina you got to stay in it you can come up to the kitchen oh be ready to kill it all buns are in the basket let's go that's a side out okay this is your chance and this will be the only chance.

Your side gets judging by this game okay here we go so what are we playing you want to be back we're uh we'll play this side and figure it out so zero four Gina's a one this is an interesting position that you're both at the net I like that that's weird okay that's weird okay I like it because she's gonna hit you oh she's gonna hit it at me yeah.

Zero four one okay and that's it that's a long time okay I don't have a life okay I'm told we have to read a card oh my god oh yes a sponsorship do we have to please this is legally required.

Entirely thank you but I'm legally required to let you know that these next games are sponsored by sweat wipes these are an environmentally conscious voice paper repurposed from human and human-like sweat sweat wipes they're exactly what they sound like oh very good very good they.

Work that didn't work this was that was worth the pause I declare it we're going to commercial we're going to commercial okay score well it's true it's wonderful but Billy nush I got myself all right we're gonna go to commercial because that's how this stream Works chat you decide do you want us to finish this game out and then get.

To the singles or should we get to the singles right away you guys argue about it during the commercial we'll be right back at the tag of the show pick a little blah blah blah more cell s.

Oh my God we got so caught up in the action we completely lost track of this of the fact that was technically a television show that has to take commercials let's um let's go to uh uh let's go to our coordinator Beth and just bother her while she tries to do a job um how frustrating is it that I'm.

Interviewing you currently uh it's only five out of ten very good how long can I do it before I literally mess up your job um actually probably for a while because the ads aren't clear oh fantastic who knows if we're even on the air let's go to our covert compliance officer Roger and get his opinion on the game Roger.

You're now on screen Talent how do you feel about what you've witnessed so far it's amazing the competition we have here at G4 who knew that competitiveness Gina darning had and passing G I'm shocked but not sure that was exceptional but who knew Castle had inside him I'm shocked I'm shocked everyone's shocked at qasim's fairly.

Decent slightly better than average possibly totally average performance not the first review like that he's gotten let's check in right now with our uh with an all-purpose uh Tech man Martin what do you think of the matches you've observed so far it's been incredible it's it I I was not expecting this athletic performance out of our host yes.

I'm loving it I'm loving everyone into it Billy Nash gnashing the pickleball wow incredible positivity Mountain we expect that same level of positivity constantly in chat and from YouTube and from anyone who may ever make a video about us ever Lord darling I haven't checked in with you yet oh God I'm stuck under this how do you feel about your.

Performance thus far I gave it 110 I did my best that is the first sport I've done since I was four years old and it's terrifying pickle uh fantastic what was the spot you played when you were four hide the cup in the blanket all right I feel like I should cut the interview off there in case we go anywhere that will get us I've never.

What is should I ask what's I think do you have an uncle I actually I do I had to fight with him for the secession of the Pickled throne so all right um hide the yeah you know we'll just move briskly onward to uh let's go to Lord Elena Elena Lord Elena of the of the feedback uh how do you uh have your.

Observation of the game's gone so far um I feel like everyone doesn't know what's going on and that is how I like it I do expect a similar sentiment in chat um any uh news stories that you're looking out for coming up in the future um pickleball is the new number one sport it is the new Olympic is it.

Already an Olympic sport if not as of today it is all right there you have it huge news eclipsing anything else going on in the world right now pickleball now in Olympic sport let's Wander over here to our friend who just has sort of been stoically standing by as a Perpetual ball boy my man how does it feel to be the balliest of boys back here doing the.

Work that keeps this game functioning you know in this job you really get used to handling a lot of balls they might go way over there they might go way over there but you know I'm a wall I'm a wall for balls the wall ball himself give it up for him g4's resident wall of balls.

Okay apparently we're ready to come back does that mean we'll come back you know but last time I didn't have time to get in my interview with the dumpster so I'm going to start heading that way and we'll see if I can finally get a word from the man that I'm confident lives in there or maybe this is where Greg lives now I'm going to go this way we're going.

To determine once and for all yeah we're just I guess we're doing the graphic is that why you're yes we don't have to do the graphics we would really I would think it would be just good to play and he's got a shirt let's play the graph of sweetness the graphic I think we're at it okay.

Here we go great excuse the outside ball here there's an outside ball that's an inside you know that's gonna give you a bad spin all right uh chat you apparently spam that you want this match to be finished of course last we left you it was Will and Gina with one will was up second serve.

Cass and fee have four way to six you want to play the six yeah we're playing to six and then we'll get to singles all right will you're servant again it is one four and a two feet you can be able to catch you if you want Creed all right ready all right let's do it yeah go ahead serves good balancer good return nice.

Notch is over here we go oh big long from B that's a good shot oh that's good that's out all right we're playing to six though Great Rally Great Rally I love it get over here the pickle is Briny good one okay B you're back good hustle castle and it's 4-1 Customs a one four one one what's the 4-1-1.

I don't know anymore I literally don't know okay that's did that number still work why is Siri go away uh cast some serve you guys will switch sides did Siri take out 4-1-1 yeah I think she is yeah that's still a thing so five one Euro one here we go good sir good.

Returns yes assistant coach you want to go the Continental grip thumb up yeah all right game on I think you said something about the paddle okay it is five one she's a two yep B go for it five one two oh [__] I did put the line up this is it your surf okay oh no actually bill you were on this side okay yes sir.

It's William served okay one five he's a one first game could come back right here good return oh he had to he had to go deep for that oh it was out oh watch the kitchen my friends you were smashing right next to the fridge in the fridge you were in the.

Kitchen yeah let me know next time because I have no idea how to play I tried it okay two to five billions of one two five one Gina be back there we go okay oh I cannot get it you can stand back a little bit uh-oh three five Billy not feeling it Jam style he's on fire for.

The break man oh I'm glad we ruined our momentum okay all right Gina Gina your served three five units of two let's call a timeout right when they're peeking okay look for their dilated eyes okay hold on wait okay no that was a bad serve but that's okay.

Three five two and that's no that's it side out Fiona you're up ah damn it five minutes up on that side five three Fiona Euro one what are we playing together playing the six playing the six just a reminder service that was a kitschy violation because your momentum carried you into the.

Kitchen okay go in there so okay I'm starting to get the idea that can't go in here if the ball bounces you're safe gotta bounce five three and a two here we go inside wrong side isn't it your server no it's it's custom serve and you're on that he's on that side because if they got a point they would switch okay here we go five three and a two.

Here we go that's him so when those happen when those happen try to actually rotate your body around this game right are we that's six okay we're calling it there that's six okay the handshake okay sportsmanship that was close singles we do have one more important.

Sponsorship I'm afraid sponsorship coming up we do need you to read that are you sure I have to read this yes it's important that we take a good minute to do this here we go okay our next round of matches are brought to you by pants insurance the only insurance that covers.

Specifically your pants but not the legs that are inside of them nope that's pants insurance it's only for your pants you got some pants Insurance because yours are coming apart guys you might need some pictures thank you okay chat what do you want to see I actually can't see chat but maybe someone can chat what they're saying do.

You want to see Fiona versus Gina do we want to see Cass versus will because we can get some 1v1s or we can get a rematch of the 2v2 because it was close you guys were heating up you're getting the hang of it you're moving as partners what what would you like to do will you want a 1v1 against cast kitchen violence I want a.

1v1 Kevin Pereira whoa too long you don't want to embarrass him it's on but he called you out wow okay let's do it that was scary ladies and gentlemen we've been waiting for you're about to watch a master at what an option.

Oh that's line okay here we go oh that's out line out find out I'm so hyped I don't know here we go you know who wins this the people do really serve billion got this Billy that's in here we go there we got a game volley.

Fastest growing sport about three 250. his knees are 350. you know drop okay the same okay here we go we're in punish not punished oh my God one boy Hey Kevin for KP why would he want Kevin we'll get it why would he want this you're gonna have to lose the dumbest decision I'm streaming I want my ego shattered live okay okay.

Okay ladies and gentlemen okay we're seeing Kevin Pereira in his element I actually do want to see the 1v1 between will and Castle because the whole conceit was you're playing for the show but true uh well oh there we go technically we can stop for the show it's part of it guarantee you kp's been in the situation.

Before 2-01 and will I'm just gonna it's gonna come your way oh he's toying with you oh tell him come on Billy let's show him let's show them what we learned to shake let him have it oh let him have it so now it's uh I guess it's one to two I.

Know I usually cheer for you okay I'm sorry what's time out here we've got him oh my pictures doing some work Billy you take your time just leave them you take your time bills weighs 20 pounds okay it's a one to two I guess uh yep go ahead billion oh oh that was out okay okay maybe zipping.

Back up maybe maybe I'm gonna be honest I know you thinking about the pants take your time oh there we go deep oh yeah it's a line touch oh it was on the line listen if that's how you want to win by those BS calls that's fine I'm gonna do the fast shortly.

On the line here we go big performance right there what you all don't realize okay huh you're spine he's hurting a little I'm three quarters Ragdoll I did 23 and me Kevin look at this Sigma man oh here we go oh what.

He's gonna let him have it again what do you mean what's that would you do I can't what do you mean can't what I like this what happened what happened it can't be like this what do you mean you okay buddy I can't he's been playing Lefty what is it you can't.

Actually can't breathe I'm really pretty with it it's been a long time I'm almost 40. oh do you want some water no I think I I think I think he wins unless unless anybody else could step it in my place I just I physically can't I don't have it in me cassim is this disintegrate so he can't pass him that's just me and I gotta step in cast.

Him that's oh wow that's adding sweat to my sweat this wasn't a part of the room thank you for the sweat wipe all right good luck I serve for the pickle Throne one two I believe don't think you do I do okay well thank.

You ish all the time but I believe in you this time all right thanks okay that's what I do my best don't mess it up your ass did you need that the pressure's on how did I get here one two I was like a water okay here we go nice oh good pickling good pickling no oh that's okay I guess it'd be now two two we'll serve.

Oh sorry continue if we're continuing the score from the last game okay here we go it's in yes we got a game watch the kitchen great oh nice nice you get stronger every time you put this it's uh it's there you go here you go three yeah.

All right it's 3-2 billion serve I guess we're playing to six here we go nicer here we go there you go nice cast stay out of the kitchen there you go you got strength you got strength strength you're warming up do you want a.

Pickle no I don't I don't want that all right four seconds don't know Austin don't oh it's okay it's a little warm it's fine five two five two here we go we might be playing till 11. I don't know I think Creed's doing it I mean it's going quick.

I thought you don't even Billy I don't know Creed loses the shorts oh no oh no he's crying he's crap oh no he's okay down it's all it can only be you don't think it should be anyone else I feel like it should be anybody else it's a pickle pickle I think you should do it Lord Creed I've okay okay very slippery and stuff.

It can only be that this is high drama this is high stakes this is Anime none of this was planned oh yeah that's the way it works all right oh creature what if I just choose to stare are you smoking a pickle do you want me to take a look what was the point of that oh high drama wow.

To unlock the powers of the pickle it's zero zero we're playing to four maybe to six for the throne it seems like the rules are real loose no this is actual pickle this is exactly the way it's done four or six and remember he who takes the throne is the new host of the show.

I'm gonna take is this why everyone's tanking 100 no no real injury my metal plate I'm getting radio waves zero zero Creed serving do you need any of this no no no cream to serve for the throne disgusting go ahead good sir okay we're calling that in he played it calling that in.

That's pretty far out it's tag team pickle oh wait okay one zero serving to recall you're over there now one zero playing to four great serving Cass pretend you want the throne please oh that took us that's an ace that's two zero the power well this court is is the gravity was.

Off right there come on all right stop doing this 3-0 oh wait no one two two zero sorry two zero seven to cast okay here you go come on that's in pickles on pickles I don't know where I'm allowed to stand just don't get in the kitchen unless it bounces oh side out okay one to two cats.

Serving on the on his right hand side of the Court it'll be okay your other right hand Austin's gonna this would be the right hand yeah your right hand go ahead no it's uh zero two got some serving playing to four here we go ready or do you want to do that for a little while I'm good I'm staying limber.

Good return oh oh really nice really nice hot it's a taunt net let's go okay creature on that let's go you're on your right hand side it's topped hey Chet who's score in this serve me because only I can score because I'm serving he can't score right yeah.

Two zero greatest serving playing to four ever we'll call that legal oh yes listen to this guy oh coming in he's coming in whoa whoa he's back he's back he's back okay my God it's like the future and the incredibly distant past something.

Actually popped I'm not kidding oh no frame out the 911 Turbo S in the background please don't put that in the streets my Throne baby frame it out my Throne oh is that in no oh I saw chalk I saw chalk it touches if it touches any part of the chalk touch the very edge it did Corner okay so it's in it was in in you can't.

See you're being blinded by your own glistening skin that's true that is true cats you're right you see that son nope that signifies nope it's a new day oh yeah oh yeah I can't believe he's done this deals okay you don't come into his house dick and I gotta hit the ball because it's my plane I gotta stir that's how.

You're gonna injure yourself is doing that Nancy boy stuff that's a man you're walking around like a real Quimby out there backwards take those off we're gonna go it's a strong return although out oh it was out you played it I was out right yeah but no one said it all right said it was.

Out here we go feel free to walk right through it again yeah sparkling it's sparkly that's an indoor pickle short short short gotta clear the kitchen on a serve does anyone know the school yeah thank you thank you what are we at now one to what um.

Anybody paying attention right oh that's him oh I'm not gonna lie I slept on that I thought I thought I had that your good good return sleep on my balls Kim okay Camp don't sleep on my ball I slept right not put my Porsche 911 Turbo S on.

This stream it out service reserving one I believe oh my God me mean dang okay okay I see you Kevin you have one and he has three is that correct yeah what I think so William Nosh you gotta do it sweetheart I've lost the touch I've lost the touch what am I gonna do those hips are great no Spirit of 76.

Solidarity out the window nice that's on the counter oh he's in the cupboard Kev oh he got up on the counter let's get the KitchenAid mixer we got a game ladies and gentlemen flowers like this yeah someday we'll make it to five I literally can't wait for the shiny.

Daytime boys so I mean like you know Gina when are you jumping in here there we go Fiona oh I'm terrified of Billy nosh a I need to face your fears okay you can do this okay thank you three to four oh let's say three to four why not let's keep it close.

Come on oh my God come on oh that'd have been nice you want to give it but no that was sound point in itself I like this just keep it away from me hey Chad do you guys like this sweet tweet us because we can't see Chad yeah we'll get it after oh oh oh oh that's uh game I guess that's is that.

Game does that mean we all host game I guess so congratulations what time is it the time's up bacteria what are we doing what do we want to do should we just cool down out here I don't know not all right Philly get in the chair flat six actually guys actually it's bolted down but he should just carbon ceramic get it.

Out of the frame it's bolted get it out of the fridge I don't want to be done actually wait I have an official announcement yes in the occasion where people multiple people play the same game the winner goes to the one who took the biggest bite out of the pickle which in this case I'm afraid is Lord Green Oh my congratulations.

See that's what happens when you do eat vegetables oh yes like a judge should uh give him the sentence can I get one more ball do we have an extra ball thank you let me just hold these for a second right here for social crane.

My knees we are about to bestow upon you the greatest honor that the fastest growing sport is a real sport in America Denver stole upon a human and that is say it with me everyone oh yeah.

You may now join the scepter yeah thank you yeah yeah dude he's picking it so shiny any um any words yeah do you want to like make a statement or uh I want to say that today was a glorious day yeah yeah it's a day for pickles yes a day.

For balls it's tied very tight you won't pull very further it's tied very tight for this purpose go ahead but it's not let us not okay and while I am so happy that I am now your king I have about in The Throne I am more excited that we have such a glorious kingdom yes we are all this kingdoms all of you as well mostly them whichever.

Camera there's both cameras going back to 4 14 and 10. both of us to you and to you to you to you yo yes yes I see you with the many numbers at the end of your name I see you with the mister in front of yours thank you for watching yes and from everyone here pickleball forever.

is that you will watch a break because the show is ending and when we come back the cool down begin I'll grab it yeah okay what an incredible turn of events I believe many thought that Lord not should take it but I made the extremely.

Well considered and careful decision to just basically say that Creed one totally unplanned totally impromptu what do you say we check in with the remaining members of the kingdom and see how they feel about this momentous day and the crowning of a new king after the loss of the previous also it's going to probably be a little loud they might.

Literally be deconstructing this around uh that he just won who wants to talk to me who isn't busy everybody looks pretty busy Let's uh check with Kevin Kevin how do you feel about losing the Throne of the show and uh it's almost as if that's how it was supposed to be incredible how fate and Fortune workout okay you know.

And I I really gave it my all and uh you know I guess the other team wanted it more yeah and uh we should have just played better these sports interview is always the worst it's like why'd you lose well and they were better right yeah I guess uh I guess Jesus didn't want me to have it yeah no thanks God like no one ever says that all right but.

Because of the bit again now Creed's a new host of the show I'm no longer the host I really was struggling with hey someone else has to win this um but everybody very good yes very good at the pickleball especially some who've never played before it was phenomenal well thank you for your service to the kingdom Lord Pereira just let it be.

Written let it be said that I went easy on these little fools you know everybody saw it we kind of all saw it I mean it was really like we know you can go ahead little puppies you can buy it and tug on my ear and that's fine but uh know what the [__] I'm doing on the court you'll edit that out I know deep I know what the [__] I'm.

Doing on my court this is my court I'm not even you know you never gave up the mic I can never Rogan always because the fighters always been like hey my after party's at town and I want to take it but you gotta keep on yeah my after party's at Town we're gonna be partying see at the Venetian thanks to Renegade training and affliction shirts I got a.

Lot of wolves on my [__] yes DMT yeah elk me DMT broken DMT dimethylene mummy time I'm not quick with acronyms all right well an incredible round of matches uh I'm sure troubling news to some of you or maybe momentous exciting news to some of you uh a bit more news for me uh the.

Lifespan of a pickle is actually only about three days and I'm on my second so this is a two-thirds through my life I will actually be expiring permanently yet another character incapable of returning on Attack of the show but I suppose while I still can I may as well try to finally get this in I would like to find out what's in that dumpster.

I'm heading there not because I live there but because there's someone important in there I would like to interview and so we're now going to head to the dumpster yes the place the favorite place on Attack of the show some say we're headed there ourselves the dumpster yes we go off to the dumpster my favorite place to interview.

Yes just a casual walk walking away to the dumpster where I don't live I don't live in it I just want to check what's in there I'm not checking on my belongings because I live in the dumpster let's just see oh goody it looks fine I won't do something weird like climb in the dumpster I'm just going to casually open.

It like so don't mind me it smells just fine I might just check what's inside let's just take a little look I probably shouldn't take the mic oh.

Welcome back now uh honestly we're probably all pretty burned out from being out in the sun for an hour so maybe we skip the epic fail does that work for everybody oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no like my career.

No what about her 37 smoke them if you got him what go when she's going she's going oh come on Jenny no I watched hanging on today swim to shore swimwear like she's holding on to the edges get up not in me it's a lot you okay Kevin oh I'm trying to fix my pants look at it my mom's.

Gonna be so disappointed with me so I used to have pants like this but multiples and I'd switch the legs and zip on different colors Oh I thought I was so good I'm gonna do that on picture day for the shiny daytime boys we should do that we should now that you're a shiny daytime boy we could all do that yeah sorry new day sorry.

Biggie anyway we have some chat questions I dare you to say every single chapter Dylan and chat unfilter them and say everything oh yeah you've never well have you ever well you did that once or twice you know the fire I double dog dare you Dylan and chat says uh Hey Kevin is this your last show.

Yes uh any other questions yeah exactly wait hold on we just breezed by that last yeah while Dylan and Chad had asked it he did exclamation point q and said is this your last show the answer is yeah I mean for now yeah for a while is there anything else in there wait hold on let's talk about this I thought we should talk about this I'm trying to fix.

My pants yeah yeah one thing at a time stop messing around with your nylon pants for just a second they're a poly cotton blend okay they're very breathable she just said something pretty like a big statement yeah yeah do you want to get into that that I'm trying to fix my pants no no also you're gonna leave those off because we're.

Gonna play Pickleball once we're done here we are actually going to play a full game outside yeah your knee oh I know look this is when you get almost 40 uh your knees become Silly Putty and they'll take on an imprint of whatever you put yeah I had the same so if you go for asphalt you get it it's a lot uh but it's fun for like getting.

Newspaper imprints and reading the Funny Pages off of your own skin okay wait hold on that's for the elders in the audience that no it's uh hold on enough about your knees the thing you said before the pants thing yeah epic fail hey you're already wet after that one just get out of the canoe villains Dylan in chat yeah asked.

If this was my last show yeah this is it yeah for a while for a while yeah oh wow yeah oh for a while thank you for the thank you all for the support I appreciate it uh a little bit guys don't worry he'll come back uh yeah I actually don't want like it doesn't have to be the biggest of deals but I.

Appreciate that um this has been in motion for a long while this is I know there's been some wacky events in the ether as of late but months and months and months back uh this time this out time was sort of decided and so the show's going dark for two weeks and then it's coming back I want to be here.

Sorry yeah yeah um what plan work yeah this is what Castle wanted and uh and he asked for this back in February yeah but now that it's happening I don't feel good about it how good did you feel parking in my space this morning that was I felt pretty good yeah exactly.

Get a lot closer castle and I Catherine and I did something really cute without realizing I'm prompted we were like Kevin's last show we both parked right next to his car they flanked me so we can escort that's right yes we have to make sure you leave the documents behind it is an automotive by full towering thank you.

Both uh I didn't want it to be like a thing because it doesn't mean no you mean the main the most important host that like that started this shows look at how chill I look right now it's kind of hard to have this discussion with me looking so chill do we have a skateboard I can throw over my shoulder fellow kids maybe a backpack yeah look fly no but if.

You want to make some really good point like you you are attack you know so it's built this I I I thank you I was I was thank you my agent thank you sincerely when I when I went right there I know how to do this uh when when it first started even back at the remember the beach house oh all the time Texas yeah it was trauma.

Bonding uh but a great way to team build we vomited together trust pyramids and sadness but even back then and even on the first attack the one where I talked about nfts people love that uh during that one I said very like really clearly and I know I joked about a lot of stuff because that's kind of how I.

Diffuse things and process things but I said like my my not here for the long time here to really kind of set things up try to build a team try to establish something uh and I would drop the banner but I think mission accomplished because I am so beyond excited to see what Insanity everybody else here comes up with in front of the camera behind the.

Camera like you guys have some Runway you got two weeks dark to figure that out that's more than enough time to crack that nut foreign just as it just as we planned but I'm genuinely genuinely so psyched and I feel like we got to make some Insanity uh I think we just.

Made something we can't show on TV out there uh and it's been a great ride and I'm not like going into the sun I'm actually kind of retiring to kind of car kind of yeah there will be a lot of sun where I am going yes but you're essentially taking a break from making content periods or being on camera and that is news to me but yes.

So I guess that's what I'm doing I thought that's what I thought that was uh that's how I find my friends want me to take a little time out uh no I am I am I'm just taking a minute to do I have uh some other Pursuits that I've been gunning on for a few years and some hobbies that I want to do so I'm taking a second to do me but I will be.

Available can I can I plug can I plug my own plug everything the Queen the cream dot team is it Discord that I'm at Austin Applause absolutely that is the appropriate amount of excitement for that Discord wow um I hang out over there from time to.

Time and uh I'm gonna be doing some stuff on the internet you can get it onto your internet machines and uh my only fans I'm Really Gonna pump it oh hell yeah what's what's it what's it focused on is it it's mostly foot stuff yeah uh for 20 coins I'll Crush pretty much anything 20.

Coins 20 coins do you think you live in either Three Gems 20 coins or five Sparkle bows um say something uh sincere now yeah and we'll all say something sincere about just the situation Just Around the Horn you know yeah I was very very proud of everybody today at the pickle courts I love that uh I appreciate y'all doing.

What you did I wouldn't say taking it seriously but I appreciate you doing what you did Gina you watched a YouTube video it's more than I could have asked of any of them I know that I really hope that they got it on camera so at the first like real volley Kevin was like a proud father oh yeah just.

Like genuine excitement I got Juiced yeah I got Juiced that was a lot of fun for me for this for a long a long time some would say too long some would say too long and now it's it's been I think since we started this you've been wanting to play Pickleball and um well happy we could do it thanks and I do want to say uh in a sincere moment.

Um which is hard but I want to thank you for being um our Lighthouse our Beacon leading us people that uh come from all sorts of different parts of the internet and coming together and um showing is kind of how it's done no one does it like KP no one will ever do it like KP and we are.

We were so grateful to have a front row view of how um uh to host a show going forward uh we will all I think be better you know for having had this close-up of a seat so thank you so much and we love you oh thank you man uh didn't think I would say that while your knees were like I mean I really I.

Tried to fix the pants but we wanted to go here so here we are we would be dressed appropriately for this that's sincerely tough for me to accept because this has been the entire this whole journey has been very wild someday I will write a pamphlet uh or a twit longer but probably that's what it has been a a hell of a journey and what I.

Never would have expected was that this friendship these groups these things would form and connect behind the camera in front of the camera and Beyond like I'm I'm so grateful for this time here um can I have my sincere moment um is it gonna be better that qasim really set the bar it's it's good I don't know if it'll be better okay you.

Don't also don't have to compete no it's a competition it is a sincere competition I think one of the most surreal moments of my life and I have it on my phone was uh going from watching you as a younger man and uh then the day of the first show watching you kind of warm up I just watched like Kevin Pereira come become Kevin Pereira and I.

Think it's it's it's hard to express how amazing you are as a host um uh until you see that gear shift and you no matter what you're going through no matter what your mental was you are the consummate show man and you're at as cassim said I I think I'll be better for the rest of my life having gotten a chance to work with you yeah.

yes thank you Gina and I again everybody most of your words I think you know Cass and will really buttoned it up so nicely um but obviously I want to give Fiona a chance to speak yeah I think you should have the final Series yeah I was just gonna say like I learned.

thanks guys yeah what's up good night yeah Creed please behind every good man there is Gina you're the one set of footprints around.

Here carry us oh okay uh I I knew this day was coming but I wasn't ready for it but thank you for everything and um I remember just like well I watched you when I was a kid and I verbatim said I hope I can be up there one day and on the same day when I saw you warming up I cried you're like I should have wished bigger but.

Um thank you for everything that you've done for us I am a better person now that I've had you in my life and um thanks for giving me a dream and helping me accomplish this dream I kind of kind of feel like I'm dying you know like we can always be so lucky wow yeah okay what do you know that I.

Don't I mean it's not well okay yeah I know we saw the nurse my dressing room door there was a nurse that wasn't giving me an IV I was very ill like two or three shows ago and you showed up that's the typos well but yeah but but you you kicked open the door you go oh sorry half closed the door open it.

Back up to burp loudly into the room true story yeah this is true they put a handful of lays into his mouth and just open mouth chewed while staring yeah while a medical procedure was an actual nurse and then I came in and Fiona comes in starts rifling through my bag like a gremlin looking for an iPhone charger and I say this is true I'm so sorry to.

The nurse I was like they're an interesting bunch and she says that's okay I work with him mentally handicapped extra story a medical professional hey but we it's your job to take the plane.

As it's nose diving this is what's what's weird so like we've had this conversation before in the past because like Gina said like we knew um is coming up but uh uh like I told you before I just thought we had more time you know um because specifically on that day that you were warming up I think it hit with.

All of us like this is real like when we got signed to G4 and they're like okay you know you're gonna be a host and everything and then it turns into oh you're gonna be an attack and it's like Kevin's hosting attack it's really cool to see you do what you do because no one I've never met somebody.

Who can do the things that you can do while you're in front of a camera there's there's a difference between between hosting a show and just reading the prompter thanks everybody here we go and actually being in the moment and being able to take everyone's ideas and everyone's differences and everyone's.

Likes and dislikes and put them all together and make something something interesting like lay it like lay a track down that this train can run on and go off the rails and you can bring it back and I don't know I just thought we had more time to to learn from you and we've learned so much already but.

There's still so much that you have to teach and so that's that's the uh yeah I don't know that's that's the the the hard part is like we we want you here because because we love you you're a great friend but like you're you're a teacher man and you're a really good one and just being able to watch you work is.

It's amazing and so uh so we're all really sad that you're leaving but thank you we're gonna miss you and it sucks balls yeah okay yeah all right yeah I mean like thanks for trusting us yeah yeah look I'm not um let's actually like let's be honest though like you've been you've been doing this since you were like my like how old.

Do you think my career would be further along I know I get it I mean not even that Kevin like I developed habits soft drugs hard drugs and you know sometimes you're here I do you did it for like 20 plus years I'm already knocked out yeah I'm not gonna be that far away and if if I can have one request it'd be that just.

Keep my name on the security list so that I could kind of come back sometime gonna be fun do not let this person in uh no the other one the other one where the gate arm opens and I can come on in and maybe like hang out yeah I'll say that there was one Reddit thread which is good this is gonna sound like.

Self-deprecating but the the best thread I've seen in a long while and the one that I genuinely was hoping to see since I started even in the beach house and really once we got on this set and started doing this uh the the gist in the title was like I I'm paraphrasing but it was like I really miss Kevin when he's gone.

And that was sorry about that yeah I downvoted when I saw Kasem yeah um but then I went in further and I saw and it was it was a very very like heartwarming Thread about enjoying me on the show and what I do and how you know I did it the first time and kind of do it again and that was very very sweet that was very very kind but what I really loved was.

The sentiment that like when I'm here because I've been gone for shows here and there by Design that it's sort of like oh it's great when Kevin's there because he's hanging out with everybody else's Vibe like the show had its own Vibe while I was gone that was the goal that was always the goal from day one and when I saw that.

That was like so heartwarming I mean I cried a lot in a bathtub but it was very ultimately heartwarming to see that yeah I'll FaceTime you I saw you uh so great to see that that this thing has its own energy the way that it should and I'm genuinely so psyched to see what everybody does uh while I'm gone from afar in a trailer and then maybe if we.

Keep my name on the security list I can come on back and hang out and play some pickle and genuinely go at it William surprised me and I wanna I want an actual I want a full-on pickle balls to the wall match is that gonna be the the first video on your only fans yes it is we're playing afterwards but.

It's gonna go live on my ends and just stream the whole thing yeah okay I think we should get like a real doubles mixed doubles game going on after this before so absolutely and who's gonna sue us if the chalk is there tomorrow yeah there's no one left to sue the lawyers are gone even though even.

Though you'll be back and you'll have your name on security clearance can we get one more can style standing oh wow Alex challenge.

there we go thank you guys we appreciate everybody that's our show thank you to cast crew and everybody for watching and Kevin we're gonna do our best to not sink the ship not my problem doing a great job everybody I love you kisses hugs and belly rubs goodbye.

I botched it no I I botched it what no you gotta promote the feedback and the vibe check and the full screen I'm gonna go this show like Kevin said we're taking two weeks out that was already planned we'll be back but we're still gonna be bringing you Vibe check the feedback and all our other streams.

Including and or Candor custom and Vanessa's weekly breakdown of the new Star Wars Android show starting this Friday so follow us on socials and sub to the YouTube and send mail to the address right here kisses hugs and belly rubs.

yeah it was pretty good thank you um okay okay thank you.

foreign foreign thank you foreign.

Behold! It’s the pickleball tournament to end all pickleball tournaments! The AOTS team hits the court (aka Our Parking Lot) to determine who will be the rightful heir to the Pickle Throne. Featuring: Kevin Pereira, WWE Superstar Xavier Woods aka Austin Creed, Gina Darling, Fiona Nova, Kassem G., and Will Neff!

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