So you'll notice something a bit different about this tournament in which the PPA decided to try out a chair for the official which the best my knowledge is the first time a pro pickleball tournament has implemented this feature the officials normally stand on the side of the court next to the net but on this day they were using this chair watching.

The single matches this entire day it seemed like the officials were more trigger happy when making calls I wanted the numbers to back this up but normally the officials are somewhat reserved or hesitant to make a call regarding whether a ball is in or out but from this elevated position it seemed they have more confidence in making calls the.

Officials only ended up using the elevated chair on this singles day due to a variety of factors according to Don Stanley who was the head referee he mentioned officials complaining about it being too tall not having any foot rest the official is disengaged from the match and can't move to see all the angles he also said all refs have forced.

Viewing angles especially determining the non-volley zone so this somewhat surprised me because it did seem like this chair would give a better perspective but apparently it did not now getting back to this match we have Annalee Waters at the top of the screen the unanimous best women's singles and doubles player going up against a much.

Lower seated opponent Mary brasha analy Waters with a duper singles rating of 6.36 which is by far and away the highest for any female singles pickleball player and then Mary brascha coming in with a duper rating of 5.57 and the match starts out exactly like their duper disparity indicates Annalee Waters dominating from the start in game.

One taking a very quick 5-0 lead after some incredible shots in anticipation from Anna Lee and that pays off as Brusha may not have seen her come until the last second and too late well I think Annalee is extremely fast with foot speed I also think her anticipation is by far some of the best I mean she we're here live so it was easy to see.

But she took a step before even uh Mary had hit the ball I'm not a receiver brasha has to stop the cementum so she calls a timeout down Big Time against the best player in the world so after this timeout we get a side out from brasha and a very well executed point she's now serving down 5-0 and hits a forehand to the right side of the court.

And Italy calls it wide Russia immediately looking up at the official and asks him and he says it's in and overturns the call oh okay so Michael kukas we've had a lot of overalls this one I think barely hits the edge of the line I think certainly could have gone either way but official decides to overturn and you'll see.

Players ask the official about any close call this entire tournament and the officials willingness to overturn calls has never been higher the score is now one to six brush is serving and we get a very nice rally and solid approach to the net by prasha brashik just getting much more confident in her shots and serves.

Nice job by barasha there score is now 6-3 annalize serving and has a Great Rally here where she fakes out her opponent and goes back Cross Court when she notices brush's momentum is going down the line it's a perfect ball on the Run just out of the reach of brasha so now down eight to three brasha able.

To get a side out on this nice forehand roll the lateral movement in the sport so get your split steps on everybody that is Beautiful by Mary barasha Italy has to call timeout after brasha gets two points trimming down the lead 8-5 foreign water's just a little bit out of sorts.

Here was up six nothing it's now 8-5 coming right out of the timeout and both women hitting some deep shots but brasha just hits a beautiful winner right here just laying it in a little deeper there another oh boy that's just too good analy is able to get on a bit of a run here his score is now 10-6 after taking a lead when brasha puts a ball deep and.

Then she has to call a timeout foreign really respects her past because that was really a good third Ball by her and she chose to stay in so I think they're choosing to keep analy back a little bit more now that Mary has proven that she can come that she can hit passes from both wings so brasha comes out of the.

Timeout gets a quick side out and then starts going on a run changes up the speed of her serve and Anna Lee sends it into the net next Point anally it's a deep and heavy forehand at the back corner and brasha has a perfect Drive drop combo that anally can't do much with and brasha finishes it with a winner.

All right very very very good almost all I made devite like I'm not receivers a momentum shift happening again so brasha ends up getting the next two points and tying this game up at 10. practicing her with her a bit and if she were in my corner quarter I would definitely take notice well everyone better take notice it's 10.

All 11 isn't going to be enough a game Point's been saved a six nothing deficit deficit has been erased she's serving and hits a serve that just touched the line and then hits a perfect backhand winner down the line and it's brasha with a beautiful backhand down the line and out of absolute nowhere Mary brasha has.

A game point here in game number one score is now 11-10 brasha brasha has a game point opportunity here and could steal this first game she's serving and it'll be just hitting a perfect body to the far side of the Court just out of the reach of brasha now analy has her serve back and she ends up hitting a ball just deep crucial air in a critical.

Time Russia has another game point opportunity prasha serving anally hits a deep return to her forehand and brasha forehand role across the court and it is called out and oh my just wide Mary Brash is smiling and she's even look up here she's always got such a.

Great attitude she's like darn it like brush immediately thought she hit a game winner she starts walking off like she just won and then you see a reaction when Annalee calls it out and she is stunned immediately looks at the ref the official from his bird's eye view points and says it was out brasha turns her head and has a face full of shock I.

Can't believe that just happened Italy goes on to win this match 13-11 and dominates game 2 11-1 you can only think was that ball in and if so could that have changed the outcome of the match the net here blocks the view of exactly where the ball lands the ball seems like it could have hit the line based on this video evidence but you'd think the.

Vantage point of the official is almost perfect from this angle Mary brasha will be thinking about this point weeks from now
PPA Championship: Womens Single’s Quarterfinals Match between Anna Leigh Waters and Mary Brascia.


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