Thanks for tuning in to my YouTube channel pickleball pick apart in this video a very interesting match between two very young teams what you will see is that each team uses a totally different strategy to try to win the match so check it out and find out which strategy might work best for you let's go first let me introduce you to the.

Players and talk a little bit about this game this game will be played to 15 it was played at the Aurora PPA Indoor national championships in Lakeville Minnesota it is at the 5.0 level uh the complete Game can be found on the lucky bounce YouTube channel so thanks to them for posting it here are the players this is Porter and this is Ivy I'm pretty.

Sure that these two players are teenagers over here you have Jennifer and this guy's name is I believe the way to pronounce it is enik I'm not really sure so I'm just going to call him okay so once again Porter Ivy Jennifer and a these players are older than these two players I think these players are in their 20s so let's go.

All right the very first thing you learn is that Porter puts spin on the ball before he hits it if you saw that shot when it hit it kicked way to her left hand she was able to get it back she got a decent return here comes the third shot drive from Porter and the returning player a was ready for.

It and it is now side out all right so a tried a third shot drop it did not work it did not fall in the kitchen Porter was able to get it out of the air and uh get that point there is Jennifer with the third shot dropped very nice job digging back and forth and just an unforest error on uh ivy.

Nice play point a little dink match and Ivy just hit it a little bit too high and out hello everybody third shot drop into the kitchen by Jennifer nice shot and hidden to the net by a if he doesn't make that mistake that's probably a winner another third shot Drive.

Beautiful shot by uh Porter very nice job let me just point out something real quick this is Jennifer I did make another video of a match that she played in and in that match there is an excellent player who just took over the entire match if you'd like to check it out you can click the link right above and it will take you right to it.

Okay did you see how much that ball kicked right when it hit it kicked right into a he was able to get it back because he just put a tremendous amount of Spin and as most of you know in 2023 that will be an illegal serve so Porter will no longer be able to have that ball hit the ground and kick right or left he's very good at doing it both.

Ways but again that will be illegal in about three weeks so he's gonna have to find out or he's gonna have to figure out some other way to serve besides that way because it will be illegal another little dinking game got into a firefight and that point was won by.

Porter and Ivy third shot drive again and he hit it out third shot drive he hit it out again as two Mistakes by Porter and what I wanted to point out in this video and I want you to pay very close attention to it for almost the entire match every third shot that Porter and Ivy hit are third.

Shot drives almost every third shot that Jennifer and a hit are going to be third shot drops so one team is almost exclusively hitting third shot drives the other team almost exclusively third shot drops you know it's two totally different shots I think to be effective both teams should have both of those shots in their.

Arsenal so let's just see what happens and how this all plays out but keep that in mind while you're watching this nice job very nice job by Jennifer she does a great job with that shot she just missed that one what is he gonna do looks like he might actually hit a drive here nope he drops it instead into the kitchen very nice.

And Ivy could not get it back did you see how much that ball just bounced to his uh left let's go ahead and look at that in slow motion and that's why that shot is being banned in 2023. that one kicked way to Jennifer's left and she hit it out there it is again hey got it back that.

Time another third shot drive and Porter hits it out again he changed it up right there and hit a third shot drop quick Hands by a to get that at that time a tried a third shot drive he had hit third shot drops previously to that and that one hit the net as you can see this team right here is.

Stacking and what happened on that point is when the team stacked so Ivy hits it here she tries to get into the position she's still moving when the ball is hit to her and she cannot get it back so she did not get quick enough from behind the service line to Behind The non-volley Zone on this side of the court she just was not quick enough and her feet were.

Still moving when that ball got to her and she hid it out so she's either gonna have to be quicker or the ball is going to have to be hit further back or higher and to give her more time to get over to the non-volley zone and she just screamed because she hit the ball in uh kind of reminiscent of Monica Salas.

That's a little bit um I'm not sure what to say about that but she's young she'll learn now the third shot Drive quick hands very quick hands you kind of got into a chicken wing there and was still able to get it back third shot Drive Again Jennifer gets it.

Back so he continues to hit a third shot drive and here's what's happening with it he's either hitting it out or Jennifer or a are getting it back in the court he tried it right there and it was into the net so my question is can he consistently and effectively hit a third shot drop he may not try another one because the one he tried you know.

The one he tried did work but he's only tried one so far Jennifer just hit that one too high in the air it was hit High let's go back and take a look and see why that happened she had to uh defend right there her paddle was low her paddle was going in an upward motion causing the ball to go.

High and that's the end of that just like Porter continues to hit a third shot drive a continues to hit a third shot drop very well played Point she tried to change it up a little bit and just hit it out let's see if Jennifer obviously she's.

Going to hit a third shot drive right here let's see if she hits it to Jennifer I mean it's Ivy let's see if she hits it to Jennifer or a in Jennifer and she hit it out that is probably the fourth third shot drive this team has hit beyond the the service line let me take.

A quick timeout and tell you about me my name is Rory when I first started playing pickleball I really dove in head first I did a lot of studying I took lessons and I searched the internet and I found videos on YouTube of people playing pickleball I watched the matches I found out what they were doing right what they were doing wrong and I used.

All of that to become the best pickleball player I could possibly be so I decided to make this YouTube channel about pickleball where I feature a match and I tell you what I think the players did right and what they may not have done right I hope you find it informative and helpful and if you do I hope you take the time to like this.

Video subscribe to my channel and click the notification Bell so you'll be notified when I post a new video now back to the action foreign nice job so why did that happen why was that third shot drive more effective and here's the reason look how shallow.

This return is this shallow is not even mid court it's just over the non-volley Zone which allows Ivy to move up and just really hit it hard right at Jennifer who cannot handle it a very poor return on A's part just not deep enough I'm not sure what that was.

It looked like he hit the serve on the run from outside the court nice get another nice get that ball is in oh that would have been out can Jennifer get back up to the non-volley zone no and a hits into the net it kind of freaks out about it very nice point.

A point that I know that he would like to have back so I guess one team has six and that is uh Ivy and Porter they're switching size or this game is actually being played to 15 so maybe they have eight points I'm not really sure of the score There She Goes Again if I'm this other team I'm getting a.

Little upset that she's screaming when she hits a winner I realize she's young but I don't know I'd have to maybe start screaming back third shot drive he tried hits the top of the tape and that ball is out third shot drive hit it out again you're.

Going to consistently consistently hit third shot drives make sure you get them in I know that's something obvious to say but there's a third shot drop quick hands right there and I'm not sure if that one in or out her head is kind of hung so I'm thinking.

It went out Jennifer is really good at hitting that third shot drop again that's what they're doing the other team is hitting third shot drive so they are playing totally different on the third shot there it is again and that ball is in if you notice that third shot Drive what it went over the.

Net it Dove and it had some Top Spin on it so uh nice job by him wind up hit it oh that ball might have been out maybe not oh excellent shot hit it to where they were not great shot by Porter I'm thinking at this point in the match Ivy and Porter are ahead wind up third shot drive it's the same.

Thing every every time not even hardly attempting to hit a third shot drop another third shot Drive I know I've said it a lot but that's what I see from younger players you know um they just hit the ball across in that as hard as they possibly can there's not a lot of finesse sure they have quick reactions and they have quick.

Reflexes uh but again they just hit the ball as hard as they possibly can there's not a lot of finesse to their game at least not this team can they dink it back and forth yes they can but that is not the game they're trying to play they're just trying to hit it and get the point over within about four or five shots.

Well that was interesting uh from behind the line Jennifer hit a third shot drive and not did very nicely with it defending nice gets by her nice nice again oh oh is that in or out guess it was in maybe not let's see who serves here.

That was out great job by Jennifer getting those balls back yeah that one's gone yeah just uh could not get that third shot drop in so from this angle right here this will give you a very good look at um Porter's illegal serve at least a serve that will be illegal coming up in.

The next few weeks he has it in his hand of course he's going to spin it and watch what happens that ball kicked way to the right and he misses that touch shot so as you can see Porter can hit the ball really hard does it look like he has a lot of touch no it does not another very hard shot hit that could.

Not be returned and Ivy hits the ball as hard as she can as well two young players with not a lot of touch not a lot of shark game not a lot of dinking again they're trying to get the point over within about four or five hits so here it comes again oh he did it that time and he got up.

Oh my goodness and that ball is out great reaction time you just hit it too far out that's the advantage of Being Young good hand eye coordination good reflexes that's a fantastic shot right there just fantastic and he hits another one out I would say that Ivy and Porter have probably hit Maybe.

10 balls out now just hitting it too hard but that's their game nice job by Jennifer to continue to get that ball back too high no he was able to reset a great job by a and not so great there again he tried another third shot drop.

And just could not hit it so this is what I think about Porter he's got a lot of good really quick reactions his issue is he doesn't have a lot of finesse and that serve that he is hitting has made him the play he is the problem is he will not be able to hit that serve anymore so he's going to have to do something he's going to have to figure.

Out how to hit a third shot drop on a more consistent basis if he wants to continue to play at this level and that was not a good third shot drop either what a shot nice job just hit way up in the air and um you know Ivy was trying to defend that.

And just got it over the net but not in a good way changed it up with the third shot drive a nice job by a so as I continue to watch them play this is the second time I have watched Jennifer play you know she's a very good player she has the skill to get the ball into the kitchen from behind the service line she can.

Also hit a third shot drive if she wanted to she gets balls back that are hit at her feet from way back in the court overall a very very good player so I really think that uh Porter could probably stand up there in the middle of the court all day long and hit balls back that were hit too that were hit shoulder height you'd think that they.

Would Target Ivy more but uh Porter is kind of getting into her territory and getting the balls out of her side of the Court just like that right there yeah he can stand up there all day and do that and that is the game right there Porter and Ivy did win I have no idea what the.

Score was but if this is a tournament they are going to move on congratulations to them so there you have it and as you can see there's more than one way to strategically play Pickleball I think just about anyone can hit a third shot drive but in order to hit an effective third shot drop it takes practice and it.

Takes skill I also think to be successful a player has to have both a third shot drive and a third shot drop in their Arsenal and they have to know when to use those shots overall I think this was a very exciting close match to be honest with you I think the team that lost had better pickleball skills the team that won hit the ball really hard.

And had really quick reactions what you need to take from this video is that both a third shot drive and a third shot drop can be very effective if you hit those shots at the right time so go out and practice them that's all I have for you today I hope you learned something from watching this video if you did I hope you take the time to like it.

Subscribe to my AI channeling click the notification Bell so you'll be notified when I post a new video that's all I have for you today thanks for watching and see you on the courts
In this video I take a look at a mixed doubles match in which each team employs a totally different strategy. Check it out and see if one strategy better fits your game. You can watch this video and learn how to play most effectively so you can be the best pickleball player you can possibly be.

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