Thanks for tuning in to my YouTube channel pickleball pick apart in this video a match that features an outstanding player who just takes over the game if your partner did this is it something you would be comfortable with or would you be upset because you were being left out of the action check out the video and decide for yourself.

Let's first look at the teams you have this team right here they look to be in their 30s against the team that is a little younger I believe in their 20s this is I think Jose and Jennifer another Jennifer and Chris so let me go ahead and press the start button and I'll get started they're talking strategy I don't know if they have.

Played before I'm assuming they have nice deep serve nice deep return okay he tried a third shot Drive she was able to get it it hit the top of the tape and bounced over the net and he was just not able to get that ball that hit the top of the tape this time he hits a.

Lob that worked very well a third shot lob instead of a third shot drop or drive I'm not really into lobs I play Outdoors a lot and the wind can really affect it at times and I normally hit it out got into a fire fight there and he was not able to get that backhand back I'm noticing something here that I'm.

Going to point out if it continues to happen and it did overall nice play got into a little bit of a dinking contest a ball was hit just a little bit High and the guy in blue took advantage of it all right and it does happen again.

All right he hit another third shot drive and uh she just was not able to handle that that ball it just barely went out trying a he did it again this guy right here in the blue is a very very good player he's so far has hit two fantastic lobs he's also hit.

Some third shot drives and he's doing something else that I'm going to point out I want to make sure that I'm seeing what I'm seeing so hang on let's see what happens you try to backhand lob that time and it just did not work so on lobs he is two out of three okay so let's take a look here.

She is hitting the serve very deep and this woman hit the return very deep as well that these are excellent players these are at least 4.0 players the guy in the blue may be 4.5 I'm not really sure but uh he's taking a lot of shots this woman has not really hit too many uh shots so far as he's taking the majority of them.

That was just a fantastic angled shot again this guy right here is very very good and I think that ball was hit out if you notice this guy right here on one of the returns he actually switched hands I do play against some players who switch hands I don't do it some players do and they do it effectively.

You did it again and that ball was out this team right here of course is stacking okay so I'm gonna stop the video right here and point out something that he is doing this team is trying to hit the ball to this woman but this guy right.

Here is moving over and he's taking almost every third shot he has done it every time when you get into a situation like that it all depends on who you are playing with this woman seems to be okay with it I can tell you that the mixed doubles partner that I play with if I were to do this she would call me a ball hog and she would be very very upset.

About it so you have to make sure that the partner you were playing with has the same goal in mind that you do that is if you're if one partner is in it to win it the other partner must be in it to win it as well they must be on the same page if one partner is in it to win it and the other one is there just for socialization and to have a good time.

And have fun that probably probably going to get mad now in a wreck game I don't know if you should do this or not maybe the player should hit equally and have both so they can both enjoy the game and have a lot of fun obviously this team is in it to win it as this guy is taking the majority of the shots that are all over the court he is just a.

Fantastic player and he definitely wants to win maybe they have some type of rivalry going on here I just don't know this is my first time seeing this video but that is what I am seeing is this guy is moving over and taking almost every third shot that is in her Court he probably will all that he probably will do that as well when he is at the.

Non-volley Zone we'll just have to wait and see so when you're playing decide how you want to play kind of before you get started so your partner does not get mad at you foreign you tried another third shot drive and just could not get it over the net oh he did see where he is right here he.

Is totally in her Court he is taking the forehand he is not allowing her to use her backhand and she just moves out of the way and uh he's able to get the ball back oh she took it that time and that ball was hit out here he is again taking the forehand.

The guy's shirt has the word tennis on it and you can kind of tell look at his forehand how his hand is back he's waiting for the whip on the ball this ball is going to be nailed there it is and that was pretty much a shake and bake right there she didn't do the bake he did the bake he did the shake by hitting a third shot Drive drove up to.

The net hit the fifth shot very hard and it did hit her paddle it went out and they won that point and they're going to change sides right now normally is that is done when the score gets to six so I'm assuming the score right now is six to nothing the same thing continues to happen over and over again.

This side serves they try to return it to her he steps in hits a third shot drive that's just popped up way too high so that was the shake here comes the bake this ball is going to be slammed somewhere in mid-court and this team is going to win The Point again look where he is he's totally taking the shot away.

From her right now let's take a short time out first of all my name is Rory when I first started playing pickleball I studied I took lessons and I watched hours and hours of videos on YouTube of pickleball matches I watched what the players were doing right I watched what they were doing wrong and I learned from.

Doing so and I hope you're learning something from watching this video as well if you are I hope you take the time to like it subscribe to my channel and click the notification Bell so you'll be notified when I post a new video so let's start back up again so at this point I can pretty much tell you he is 4-0 maybe even four or five I.

Have no idea what level player she is as she's not getting to hit mini balls at all I would think that this team right here this girl is really good this guy is uh about the same level as she is so I'm going to say three five maybe four oh probably 4-0 but again this guy is the best player on the court he is just.

Taking uh every shot again you can call him a ball hog if you want to but he is playing to win an excellent backhand by the guy in blue I mean I just can't say enough about how good that guy is so the team that is losing right now they're trying their best to hit it to the female player the male player is.

Just not allowing that to happen okay he tried a third shot drop right there instead of the third shot drive it did not work out for him as she was able to put it away in this corner and I think they finally made a point as she was not able to get it back they actually hit it to her and he did not step in and take the shot.

oh then that he's a little bit disappointed about that foreign out sometimes that does happen I truly believe a deep return is the best way to go occasionally you will hit it out but I think the advantages of hitting a deep.

Return really outweigh the disadvantages of doing it that was a really nice point of the woman with the black shirt on right here in the White Cap she is an excellent player at least 4.0 if you go back and look at that point I.

Don't think the female player on this team hit the ball one time he took every shot and ended up winning the point that time it didn't work out for him because he kind of gotten her away she was going to take that shot but then at the last second she thought he was going to so she made a very feeble attempt to.

Hit it and now they're kind of laughing about it it's got to happen from time to time when you have a player who was in the other players part of the court and taking every shot they're going to run into each other every once in a while foreign tastic shot if you saw what happened the guy in the blue was way over here taking.

Every shot and when the female player took the shot she just hit it too high that was probably the best point of the match the female player here did end up hitting it out each other again a shot that was hit too high in the air they gave this player the opportunity to.

Win the point once again hit too high in the air both of his players at the non-volley Zone they are playing an excellent game foreign hit out again like I was mentioning if this player in blue did not step in and take every shot I think or almost every.

Shot I think this team would have had a chance he is however taking every shot he can and it's just not working out for this team here thank you a third shot drive that was hit out that is the end of the game I'm not sure what the score was but I'm thinking it was.

Probably something like 11 to 3 maybe maybe this team right here scored three points I'm not positive that they did but I played this video for you because I wanted you to take notice that the player in blue took probably eighty percent of the shots he was in his partner's Corp time and time again and if you're playing with a partner that.

You're not that familiar with talk to them and ask them how they want to play before the game starts and let them know that you are going to be going into their court and taking some shots because if you don't there's a good possibility your partner is going to call you a ball hog they're going to get upset that they're not able to hit the.

Ball and that you're taking every shot so you want to make it a nice friendly game this game was a very competitive game they were trying as hard as they possibly could I know it is a recreational game I totally understand the better player taking most of the shots in a tournament that happens in the professional ranks all the time.

Where with a mixed doubles match you will see the male player take a lot of the shots especially at the non-volley Zone this player in blue did it his partner did not seem to have a problem with it but some players do so again figure it out so someone is not offended or upset and ends up calling you a ball hog I'm really interested to know how.

You feel about it so if you take the time and leave a comment below and let me know I would appreciate it and I hope you learned something from watching this video if you did I hope you take the time to like it subscribe to my channel and click the notification Bell so you'll be notified when I post a new video so that's it for this edition of.

Pickleball pick apart we're picking apart a pickleball pairing off provides perfect efficiency for principled pickleball play that's all I've got for you thanks for watching see you on the courts
In this video I take a look at a mixed doubles match in which a male player takes over control of the game. If this happened in your mixed doubles math would you like it or be upset about it? You can watch this video and learn how to play most effectively so you can be the best pickleball player you can possibly be.

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