This is nationals 2022 and we've got three five level 70 plus this is game two of the match I think it just got underway a moment ago so it's they wait here at the score from the ref ER one Jill it just hit the return and they're up there was a dug.

On the Miss there that's a good Miss as that ball went well out foreign because the lady here on the near Court called it out which it was well out but I one of those that Jill and Doug may not exactly have seen so two zero two.

Side out there zero two one good shot from Doug good drive so one two one oh good grab by Jill oh and Doug couldn't quite come over to cover but good good hustle and grab by Jill so one two two good serve on the backhand side from.

Doug oh great shot great ATP there great shot that was so wide gonna get it back over and move for the ATP and it was perfect landed behind the lady on this side and she had almost no chance of grabbing a great shot so two two tied it up there.

Another good serve from Doug nice and hard deep oh good shot three two two serve into the net there so slide out two three one good shot from Jill nice soft two three two point there three three two.

A fantastic facility here at Indian wells for Nationals 332 nice seating on both sides of the Courts all the courts have nice fencing to separate them so the ball isn't rolling all around good LOB ster oh good try just wide.

Good lob by the guy on this side I'm not sure what their names are but four three two so Jill and Doug's one game number one another another good lob there and they're lobbing right into the Sun so it's a very difficult for the opponent to grab that Jill and Doug are staring straight into the sun.

The opponents are taking advantage of that uh so Jill and Doug won game one of the best of three I believe it was 11-4 this is game two game two five three two and there's another lob yeah good good lobs good good grab there by Doug.

It's smart to go for those lobs when you're staring into the sun like this it's about the middle of the day so the sun is straight above three five one that serve as long three five two four five two.

Point there very very good lob very deep six five two coming out of a timeout 752 a great great shot there from Jill just clearing the net oh that one laying it out five seven one thank you very good lobs there that last one was looked like it was on the back line to.

Me but great grand by Jill good point five seven two six seven two seven seven two side out there so 771 now 47 871.

971 timeout now really great serve there from Doug on that last point so ten seven one and this is uh if uh Doug and Jill win this they will have won the match so this will be their second match win of the day.

So this is for the match win right here oh and into the net so they got a second chance ten seven two and there's the match Doug and Jill uh 11-7