This is 3570 plus mixed at Nationals 2022 we got Candace and Tom on the near side here and Doug and Jill on the far side and here we go this is patch three four Jill and Doug but they had a Buy in the first match so technically I think this.

Is round four of the bracket so this is best of three this is the winners bracket and loses bracket it's one game to 15 but both of these teams are still in the winners bracket they're both undefeated on the day so it's best of three games of 11. and there is three zero two just out there very close.

And there's some confusion over whether that was called out okay calling that out four zero two and that drive into the net so now zero four one Jill and Doug get the ball jail serving call that serve out so zero four two.

Thank you great lob great lob from jail the sun is almost directly overhead so lobbying is a very good idea especially on this near team Jill and Doug have the advantage the Sun Slightly behind them so it's a perfect opportunity to LOB 142. and that one.

Flew long so side out 4-1-1 good Dinks very good dinks there five one one and some confusion there in the Middle where both Candace and Tom went for the ball flew out so.

512. oh very good sir very deep and then a good drive to follow it up six one two three two trying to go for just a little bit too much there and he couldn't quite get it over one six one.

A great drop from Jill over there on the far Edge Candace couldn't quite reach it two six one good eye 361 ooh really close on that drop from Jill Candace had a good return Joe couldn't quite get it over on the drop.

Three six two uh that'll make it four six two they called it out four six two don't take one nice reset from Jill and that one's just wide coming out of a timeout five six two.

Volleyball might have been Landing out hard to tell she went for the big forehand there couldn't quite get it over 662. oh that was very very close looked like it caught the outside of the edge outside edge of the line they called it out.

thank you oh seven six one oh fantastic lob that's perfect neither of uh neither canister Tom had a chance to get to that second call to court number.

15. I need the players oh nice drive Owen nice drive by keanus Court 15 this is your second call oh so nine six two my God ten six two so this is game one of the best of three both of these teams as I mentioned before are undefeated so both of them.

Are very very good getting pretty deep in the bracket here in round four so eleven six two in our 11-6 in game one and here goes game number two they switch sides control serving.

Doug thought that was going out but it landed well not well in but several inches in hard to tell when it was floating up there oh good eye from jail letting that one Sail so zero zero two thank you.

It grabs from Gel zero zero one side out oh just short on that drop Candace had a good return and pushed Jill back he almost got it over four zero two scoreless so far shot nice nice Hustle but it was just long.

Side out again zero zero one oh one zero one foreign.

good serve and a short return sometimes the return is so short the other side can't quite get to it in time it's a one zero two and I drive into the net these two teams are very easily matched which is always good to see zero one one.

and zero one two great serve from Doug very hard deep oh great spot there now we are tied up at 112. foreign extreme angle there on that dink really.

Trying to pull Jill out he went Tom went for a little too much and that was wide Joe and Doug Take the Lead two one two that hits the cord let's side out one two one double bounce on that caught the net and dribbled over tied up now two two one.

Foreign oh nice shot from Jill perfect spot right between them Tom was kind of still recoiling from his previous shot so he couldn't grab the middle Candace was too far over good grab by Doug in the middle good forehand grab side out tied up two.

Two one everyone nice Rob really nice drop a little bit of Slice on there so made it difficult for Tom on the other side to get a good shot on it three two one trying to go down Doug's line on the.

Backhand side which is not a bad idea but she put that well wide so four two one good drop great drop great drop from jail five two one.

I know good drive from Doug six two one fourth grade animals Hopson and Hannah's Port 14 this is your second call over the love and it's in going for the lob back all right I heard Jill say there that she could not see it into the Sun so.

As I mentioned in the last game especially on the Doug and Jill's side they're staring into the sun it's nearly impossible to take that out of the air you gotta let it bounce oh that was clearly in one and Tom called that out but it was uh.

Definitely he was on the inside of the line or maybe not even touching the line at all definitely in and so the uh ramp overruled which was the correct call Great Serve by Doug there good drop we're going for the attack it's a side out 2-7 I believe.

Number one of the attack there 272 nice stink oh Jill had a nice dink to pull Tom way out but then he had a very extreme angle on his shot both good shots.

Good return by Doug barely over the net so eight or seven three I believe is the score great reset from Doug oh no no getting to that angle great spot from Tom so seven two two five seven three two good reset.

We're going for the LOB ster it's in good shot oh Doug was pulled out to the left and uh Jill couldn't grab that middle shot on her backhand needed to be a step over three seven one three seven one Tom confirming he was in.

The right position with the ref oh four seven one very lofty return there from John and had a big bounce and Tom came up and tried to take advantage of that but a little too much power behind it four seven two oh great position there from Doug on the.

Return he's just Out Of Reach of Tom and then a tough backhand for Candace and Tom and Candace are calling timeout 741 coming out of the timeout I served from Doug wow great hands great grabs by Candace we got it just a.

Bit High Doug took advantage to serve again got a good defense gel going for the LOB oh just out second serve uh lost track of the score 842.

. oh I'm going for the attack there it's just short just short of getting over the net four and eight one and that return was out so 581.

681 now good drop by Candace 781 so they're going on a run here good shots push Jill back a little bit and then she was just a little off on that reset block 881 . great great reset from Jill in that.

One similar situation actually to the previous point she got that one over and they got it tied up at 882 oh good point nine eight two.

Very evenly matched with these two teams as I mentioned earlier oh 1082 1082 here is match point for Candace and Tom and there it is so that's the match.