This is three Five Sixty plus here at Nationals 2022 both of these teams lost their first match so this is the constellation bracket good point there good back and forth side out and it is off and on very windy here at Indian Wells.

Like there was a sandstorm headed this dust storm kind of headed this way a few minutes ago but it's cleared up a little bit zero zero two good point sign out again some mom and dad on the far side there and I'm not sure what their opponent's names are we will call them red hat.

And white hat zero zero one oh that's very very close on the back line foreign so this is good one game to 15 one zero two let's go over here so zero one one.

great great serves stayed very low I think the wind was getting a hold of it as well made it very difficult to return good drop out so that was out so two one one.

Oh that just barely barely fell on this side two one two wow little side's been there and he call it the outside edge of line and that's when the mom's backhand side very very difficult to grab that but she was questioning whether to land it out but.

It was only two definitely in just a very good serve d four one two same thing again four one two but she got that one five one two I think the wind is blowing it Dan.

Saying the wind is blowing it to Mom's left our right so it's making it even harder to grab that serve on the backhand it's a good return good point sign out one four I believe no five I think one five one five one.

Oh a little soft shot nice shot from the guy here in the white hat nice soft shot Dad ran up tried to get it couldn't quite get to it great serve mom tends to serve very deep with those big bounce which is unusual oh good shot.

Right Down the Line two five two oh wow that stayed in foreign the wind definitely taking the balls and it's putting them in a spot where you don't expect you see it coming in and then the wind grabs it sends it left to.

Right four five two short on that good first drop but missed the second one five four one oh it's the right idea it's just you got to be careful with those shots but it's absolutely the right idea you just gotta.

Make sure your feet are set 641 the man on this side Whitehead has a very nice side spin serve so it hits the ground and jumps to the side seven four one that's in mom and dad called that out the other.

Side uh asked the ref to confirm it did look like it was out to me foreign oh wow the ball just dribbled over as slowly as it possibly could no chance of getting to that nine four two always nope and that was wine.

So four or nine very close to the line on that very close line the red backed him up I couldn't tell from here so 492 good serve from Dad kind of with his own side's been served very similar to the other guy actually oh wow went for another uh dribbler there.

592 . oh good shot from him good shot from the guy on the other side a little soft one very difficult to get up there and grab that 951 good return from Dad on the backhand side deep.

Making that tough for the lady on the other side to get a good shot nine five two good point good point very good point great shots on both sides side out there 591 wow wind picking up right as he served it and the serve was uh.

Not very deep in the Box that guy in the white hat couldn't quite get to it and one oh wow wow great shots from Dad fantastic oh that's a tough one and I think I saw him pulled back just a little bit I thought.

He could get a little more control on it but he needed to pull back just a little more it's tough when it's that it's high up but it's that deep in the box that hard to put Power on it without putting it in the net or putting out the back but he has fantastic drops on that point good shot no that landed out good shots.

Good shots another soft shot there I mean it's a smart shot it's just only doesn't have much of a chance to get to it oh yeah I think the wind grabbing that a little bit so 10-7 this game is the 15 though the wind is picking up.

Oh wow great grab great grab I thought Mom was going to go for the ATP there for a moment great shots ten seven two third shot into the net definitely win a significant factor right now Seven Ten one.

All right serve deep a little confusion in the middle there was nothing was going to take that one Seven Ten two oh a little flub there on the reset there you go ten seven one that's in oh no.

The wind would have carried that one out hard to know foreign good grab shot and that's well out great shot great shot so eleven seven two eleven seven two got that a little high.

Hat guy for sure was gonna put that overhead in the net how hard he hit it but he kept it out good shot 12-7-2 good side spin on his serve but great return there for Mom yeah good finish that was in great return on that serve it's a tough serve 7 12-1 they need to get some points.

Right here to get back in the game 7 12-2 good serve oh dad coming over to take that backhand in the middle and just not enough power 12-7-1 oh oh great shot great shot.

Mom jump in the kitchen to stay out of it great jump very smart oh no return long very smart amount of watching where people are and stay on the kitchen on the previous one stepped in it would have been a fault.

13-7-2 oh there was either some spin on the ball or the wind just pushing it a bit to our right and I just Out Of Reach so this is for game Match Point 1472 good battle all right so here's their last chance 7 14. gotta put some points.

Catch up a little bit here drop got that a little high on the cross stink the 714 two ouch man she had a great drop and I got able to pick it up mom had a great shot but he was able to pick it up and send back to her.

14-7-1 now oh just barely short quite a breeze as you can see from the trees blowing up there so unfortunate ending there so Mom and Dad have wrapped up but good.

Good couple games here 15-7 was the end on that one good playing though