Just mix three Five Sixty plus Nationals 2022 started on the first match of the day Tim and Christy here on the near side I'm not sure what their opponents names are good return good eye well out.

Ref confirming that was out the ref is watching the kitchen primarily so even though that ball was well out they don't necessarily see it so it's the player's responsibility to call the ball out even if it's well out and side out there.

And one zero one that ball was well out great view of the mountains here at Nationals and Indian Wells fantastic facility 101 great serve very deep great shot there to get that back in 201 serve again on the backhand side good shot.

Great drop on the backhand side there but the guy there on the opponent had a nice shot as well two zero two good shots oh going for the big poach right right idea to do that it's just sometimes hard to keep it under control great return good oh.

Again it's the right idea it's just gotta be careful called that out so one two two if I can get back a little farther so we can see the whole Court so one two two and that one stayed in Right Down the.

Line hard to grab that so two two good defense there but kept hammering got the point there three two two oh off the net often out very difficult to grab that four two two.

Serve was just just barely in on the Inside Edge Of The Line got some wind right now last night it was extremely windy it was windstorms came to the area it's not nearly as bad as it was last night five two two but uh definitely a strong Breeze right now call it a timeout which is a good idea.

On the timeout six two two trying to come over there on the forehand to grab that a little miscommunication just trying to figure out who's going to take those balls so eight two two wow that was just barely in at the back 922.

1022 now and this is game one of the best of three on the first match of the day so good eye there this side out here they get a chance to come back 2 10. great shot oh.

Mom's thinking that was going out and it was very close to the edge and she couldn't get it bounced just inside the line 10-2 oh great great shot there got low and put that kept that low.

Three ten two oh great drop great drop on that shot then a little miscommunication on The Middle 1031 so there's game one eleven three switch sides here for game two.

Great return oh that was a good good shot from the lady on this side Right Down the Line one zero two and that that curve just wide it looked like it was going to stay in but it had uh quite a side spin on it hold it just.

Wide stayed in it would have been very very difficult to grab that on the backhand side zero one one good serve very deep and a huge bounce on that which is unexpected same thing again.

Just inside the line oh great drop great shot very good serve and then the guy over here had a great return but mom was able to get that back over 2-1-1 good serve again those are all within a foot of the Baseline.

Three one one and then foreign one oh wow great grab great grab for mom on the other side to get that ball back over but the guy over.

Here had a good shot as well 4-1-2 good shot that's a very very tough one to grab right at the feet because you think it's going out and then by the time you see it's not going out it's bouncing at your feet one four one.

Good serve oh and that stays in a good lob here two four one good shots there three four one three four two ouch.

That ball was going out but it was really difficult for Mom need out of the way it was kind of a self-defense shot not much you could do there 442. great return right at the back oh good draw good drop a very good drop that state low over the net.

542. oh nice shot put that out of reach great shot out there four five one serve as wide he's been having great serves so that's the first one she's got wine four five two.

Good shot I'm gonna take a good good shot good and well along where that bounced five five two good point got that up too high side out five five kept that return low.

It's good harder to make that make the drive by the lady on this side five two oh great serve great serve it's very similar to that one we had earlier where it went out but this one actually stayed in it was very difficult to grab because it's on the backhand side just barely.

Inside the line six five two seven five two wow great shot there Dan came over to cover the middle which is a good idea and the guy on this side just had a fantastic shot Drive Right Down the Line it's very difficult to defend against that.

Because you're coming over to cover middle oh great mom and dad's switching there very good idea to put Dan on the forehand side but then mom had a fantastic finishing shot five eight one good serve stayed very low and he.

Couldn't get it back over 681 no 682. great serve again oh and then a great shot followed up with a great shot just barely over the net great serve and then a fantastic third.

oh okay so mom and dad called that out it actually looked to me like it was in but they called it out and then the ref actually backed them up and confirmed confirmed the ball was out so that's a.

Point Wow it looked like it was in but it's hard to tell I'm so far away great serve on the backhand side wow that call could be a big exciting Factor here so eight nine one 991 all tied up doing much better in.

This game regardless of what what the final score ends up much much better than the first game good serve the guy on this side I mentioned it before he's got a really nice put some side spin on it and it's especially effective going from the left side of the court to the right side 10-9.

And there's the game so much closer in the second game 11-9 a couple good games here so they'll advance to the uh the blue team will go into the winners bracket and mamadiel go on to the uh loses bracket which is one game to 15.