Zero zero two three Five Sixty plus here at Nationals 2022 side out zero zero one and zero zero two so this is pretty far this uh bracket was massive like 50 plus teams like more than 50 more than 50 teams in.

The bracket and so this is pretty far pretty late in the day and this is the Winner's bracket zero zero one competition here at Nationals is extremely difficult so both of these teams are very good for.

Getting it this far zero two football right foot side out the fault called on the lady zero zero one and zero zero two.

Nice shot and slide out again zero zero one oh very wide dink there hold the guy in the black hat on the other side way out and he couldn't quite get it I thought he might go for an ATP but he did not one zero one zero two.

One zero two zero two zero two side out side out zero two one well out the back on that so zero two two zero two two upside down and that went out good eye from the guy in the purple here two zero one.

Drive just a little a little low two zero two two zero two inside out good return on the backhand side zero two one not much scoring in this game these.

Teams are they're very very matched and player on the other side just confirming with the ref that the ball was out so when one side calls the ball out if the other side disagrees they can contest it to the ref but the ref backed up the call the ball was out one two two now at that point.

Oh great shot from the lady on this side with the white hat on the backhand side of the other lady two one one foreign oh nice attack that ball was really close to the net really low lady here in the white I wish I knew.

These players names but I unfortunately don't but lady in the white had a really nice attack that tough spot to the other lady just started to block that 3-1-1 good return great great return really deep on the backhand side foreign two I believe.

four one two side out and the black short team called that ball out the ref confirmed it one four one attacks by the lady over there started off with a really nice drop.

Two four one just out on that side three four one oh that was very close to making it over three four two wow big gust of wind right there uh there were rain delays earlier it's been unusual weather here at Indian.

Wells rain earlier which is rare caused about an hour rain delay plane got back underway maybe like 45 minutes ago maybe an hour ago by now um but it's often on wind it wasn't too bad until just now and then the gusted and now the Breeze is continuing.

Slide out there after that serve was long it's three four one little miscommunication there lady in white was going for the bank in there which is pretty good with her backhand so she was taking that backhand and beforehand of the uh purple gentleman.

And they delighted timeout time in 441 in this game I believe due to the rain delay is only I think it's a game to 15. I'm actually not entirely sure normally in the Winter's bracket would be best of.

Three games to 11. 541 but they amended the winners bracket due to the rain delay just to get everybody in or they amended the format oh great shot great dink there hold the pulled the lady way out she couldn't get a backhand on that 542.

So we will find out what this game is too and that ball actually landed in it looked like I think everybody thought it was going out and it ended up dropping in maybe the wind might have held it in the court just a little bit uh switching ends now.

Six four two so this must be a game to 11. uh it's maybe just one one game to 11 I guess unfortunate that all they get is one game to 11. for the uh the winners bracket normally it's best of three and then one game 15 and the losers bracket but.

They just got limited time with the rain delay six four two shots nice shots from the lady on this side it's been a momentum shift here the other team was doing very well and now we've got the uh the black shirt team.

Uh momentum on their side that ball landed out so slide out four six one or four seven one four seven one that dropped out four seven two point five seven two lady in the white there loves those backhand resets.

Obviously a former tennis player 751 that's right return great return very deep seven five two good reset good reset but got a little high side out there five seven one five seven one.

Here we go time in six seven one time in uh time out there and just coming back six seven one second serve good shot there kind of a weird angle six seven two seven seven two very close game as I mentioned earlier.

These teams very evenly matched which is always great to see 772 both of them very good for three five levels certainly slide out 771 okay so the team on the other side called it out and the ref uh or the team here in the.

Black shirts appealed the decision and the ref said the ball was in did look to me like it was in and I'm out of my receiver so I believe both teams have used all of their timeouts which is always good to see strategic use of the timeouts when the other team is going on a run or when you just need.

A break a lot of teams don't use those timeouts and that's a big mistake to not use your timeouts because it can break the momentum of the other side so smart usage here both of these teams are now out of timeouts time in 971.

ten seven one and there it is always kind of unfortunate to see him and still still a point and the other guy couldn't get to it so 11-7 you're in three Five Sixty plus and Nationals 20 22.