Hello and thanks for tuning in to my YouTube channel pickleball pick apart in this video a men's recreational doubles match I will point out what the players did right and what they could have done better if you watch it you can learn from it and it will help make you the best pickleball player you can possibly be so let's go.

First let's take a look at the Players you have this team right here he has a gray goatee he has gray hair as well these guys do not I'm going to assume this team is younger than this team so let's watch a couple of points see how they play and try to figure out who is going to win this match or who has the better play in order to win this.

Match all right so the ball is hit back and here's another player who is watching his opponent hit the ball when he should be moving to the non-volley zone all right so again he's not yet to the non-volley zone so he is out of position he is having to move back to hit this shot I'm assuming he's going to try a.

Third shot drop or perhaps a third shot Drive foreign all right nice all-around play by both teams he this player here that is now out of the picture was able to successfully hit a lob over these guys heads they tried a lot back and they hit it out too far.

I've been told that a lob only works 20 of the time because it's either going to be gotten and hit back or the ball is going to go out R the ball will be hit and kept in play this guy is pretty tall I would not suggest to continue to try to hit Lobster this guy because he is going to be able to get to most of them but overall a very well played point.

Tonight okay so he tried a third shot drive from back here and he hit it out he could have done a third shot drop maybe he's not capable of capable of doing that I'm just going to have to continue to watch this and figure out if he is capable of hitting a third shot drop if he is not advantaged to this team right here.

Okay so let's look where this player is here and what he did he hit a high lob trying to hit a third shot drop he was able to take it out of the air and he's just kind of like goofing off back here he's way behind the service line where he should be more in this area at this point he is not he is back as well there is no way this.

Team right here wins this point because this team is at the net or at the non-volley zone and this team is not again he's having to hit the ball from way back on the service line now he's gotten up so good job by him for getting up and he was just a little bit out of position.

Way back here on the sideline and there was a big opening here a big gap between the two players a good job by this player to hit the point to where these players were not all right on this point nice play by both teams until he tried to hit a lob over this guy's head I think this guy's probably six one or six two there just.

Is not a very good possibility that a lob is going to work so not a good move on this player's part again watching the player return the ball insteading getting up to the non-volley zone and just kind of nonchalantly moving up here out of position good return.

All right so uh good good job by both teams just hit a shot that he could not handle third shot Drive having to defend from the back line out of position and not able to get the shot back he hit that ball when he was falling back nice third shot drop and he got the shot in very nice by this.

Player right here again this player is three feet behind the service line there again is no way this team is going to win this point unless this team makes an unforced era oh there you go he was not able to get it back third shot Drive having to.

Try it again did not work that time and the ball is out nice play up until that point again nice play until he made an unforced era foreign okay so this team right here wins that point and here is what I am seeing when this team is serving if this team.

Returns the ball to this player this player is going to hit a third shot drive with both of these players at the non-volley Zone by doing that it's going to keep him back he is going to be out of position so therefore for two reasons number one this team is younger which does give them an advantage and the fact that this player right here is hitting a.

Third shot Drive instead of a third shot drop and not getting to the non-volley Zone which will put him out of position on a number of shots I am going to predict that this team right here will win this match because of the play of this player here it's not like this team is hitting winners and and playing great is that.

This team at this point is making unforced errors to keep this team in the game I think that was in yep and he hit it out another unforced era again it's keeping these guys in the game because this is the better team if you're finding this video helpful and informative I hope you take the time to.

Like it subscribe to my channel and click the notification Bell so you'll be notified when I post another video okay so this guy is going to hit a third shot drive right here they're going to get it back and he's going to be out of position and this team is going to win the point I'm seeing this game for the first time.

Just like you are I'm just predicting that is what is going to happen I could be totally wrong oh he tried to drive it did not work because he was leaning backwards when he hit the shot and lost the point the opportunity to score a point.

Very nice job by both teams that is probably the best played point of the match okay he tried a lob again it did not work it went out of the court again not a good idea to try to hit a live over that player's head so let me talk a little bit about this team this player right here is the better player out of.

These two this guy right here is the weakest link I do realize this is a recreational game but if this were a tournament what the other team should do would be to continue to Target this guy right here because when you're playing against a doubles team the team is only as strong as their weakest link and you want to continue to.

Hit to the weakest link which is this player here that was a point that was nicely played by both teams except this player hit a ball that was going out and the other team was able to get that point oh that was a very nice return right on the line.

Look where he is he's out of position having to defend I'm thinking this team is going to win this point oh backhand into the net an unforced era now they're going to change sides so I'm assuming this team right here the younger team has at least six points again as you could see he was not able.

To get that shot back over the net on this on the return the weaker player of the two teams this team right here will definitely win this match foreign nice play just hit a little bit too high again this team out of position way back on the line hitting the ball popping it.

Up this will be slammed and this team will win the point nice job right there nice third fifth shot drop oh almost got the return back just hit it a little bit too high third shot drive just got it back fifth shot Drive was not able to get that one back.

So again this player's game right here is to hit a third shot drive a fifth shot drive I'm not sure if he's capable of hitting a third shot drop which is a negative and that's one of the main reasons I am saying this team right here is going to win this game I'm going to try to listen for the score to see if I can get one.

Worse oh nice job nice job by the guy in Black very nice point for him so he hits a third shot drive again not a third shot drop he was here ready to get it which keeps both of these players back foreign let's see if he does it again here comes.

The third shot Drive these players will get it back but it's a very very shallow return which will actually get him to the non-volley Zone whereas if that return was not so sharp he would not get to the non-volley Zone but right here he's going to hit a third shot Drive and this guy hits it right into the net so again his third shot Drive is totally.

Uneffective got a little lucky there having the ball hit the tape and land inside the court the score right now is eight seven one and he just hit his serve out of the service box very nice job he just hit it a little bit too high.

Oh very nice by him this guy is very talented again these guys are probably about six one probably in their 20s early 30s they have a lot of athleticism I'm not saying these guys don't but these guys are obviously older than these two guys are okay here comes the third shot drive again he will be at the non-volley zone.

And he will as well look where this guy is he's almost in this court this guy has this whole cord open right here he should hit it right here but it looks like he's hitting it to this guy instead and that is a mistake and that's all she wrote on that point oh he changed up his serve right there.

He hit a high lofted serve about mid Court okay so he is hitting a third shot drop from behind the line that is something that this team is able to do and this team is not able to do and that is what is going to allow this team right here to win the match he's going to hit a fifth shot drop right now.

Thank you good job and he just hit it out an unforced era score right now is nine seven two and another unforced era by the weaker player on the team and is now 10-7-2 and he is serving for the game oh good get another good get.

And the ball is out and that is the match the younger team won like I predicted they would and let me just tell you why they won they won because they were both capable of hitting a third shot drop and not having to rely on a third shot Drive every time depending on where the opposing team is.

Positioned on the court when hitting a third shot you can choose either to do a third shot drive or a third shot drop the younger team was able to choose between those two where the other team pretty much especially the guy in Black only hit a third shot drive and that contributed to them losing the match overall a very very well played.

Uh recreational match between these two teams I enjoyed watching it and I hope you did too so there you have it a detailed analysis of a very competitive match I hope you learned something from it if you did I hope you take the time to like this video subscribe to my channel and click the notification Bell so you'll be.

Notified when I post a new video so that's it from pickleball pick apart we're picking apart a pickleball pairing off provides perfect proficiency for principled pickleball play see you next time thanks for watching
In this video I critique a recreational men’s doubles pickleball match. I point out what the players did right, and what they did wrong. You can watch this video and learn how to play most effectively so you can be the best pickleball player you can possibly be.