Thanks for tuning in to my YouTube channel pickleball pick apart my name is Rory if you've watched my videos you know that I take pickleball matches off of YouTube and I critique the play on the court watching my videos will help make you a better pickleball player in this video a very competitive mince match in which the outcome is decided.

Like most competitive matches are and that is one team commits an unforced era in a very pivotal point of the game it happens here so watch learn and find out exactly what happens let's go so here are the players in the near Court in black on the left is Mike on the right in the black jacket is Jason in the far Court this guy's name I'm not sure how.

To pronounce it it's either Javen or Jovan so just to be not wrong all the time I'm going to call him Jay the guy in the blue pants his name is very easy it is Danny so let's go a nice deep return by Jay just a very poor effort by Danny on the return the ball hit about halfway up the net not.

Even close to going over I realize it's cold maybe he just wasn't warm up thank you okay a very very shallow return by Jason it's so shallow that Danny just cannot get up to it you know a player just can't anticipate a return being that shallow it's kind of a situation where Jace's return was so poor it turned out.

To be great I really doubt if he was trying to hit that return that shallow close but no cigar that's another unforest error by Jason thank you all right Jason misses again that's four exchanges Jason has made three unforced errors so Jay and Danny should continue to Target him until he starts getting.

Shots in he just said his timing is off obviously it is this point should be over there you go yeah just simply put away so let's go back and take a look the ball is returned to Jason and watch what he does he has missed on the third shot drops so now he resorts to a third shot drive but as you can see right here.

Danny is just waiting on it he hits it and actually right there Mike has to go into Jason's Court to get that ball and there is one of the most devastating shots in all of pickleball just a little dink Danny pops it straight uh rather Jason pops it straight up and the ball is put away the score is still zero to zero so the mistakes Jason has made was.

When his team was serving and the mistakes have not cost them a point so if you're gonna make a mistake make it when you are serving and that ball is hit out for Jason's fourth unforced error so now it's Mike's turn to make a mistake sometime mistakes are contagious.

All right so Jason just hit it too high uh at this point this is not the greatest pickleball and Jason is telling himself to calm down and that ball is hit in to the net by Danny foreign and this time another backhand hit into the net just a lot of unforced Errors.

Going on here wow just a perfect shot down the line and it looks like finally Jason and Mike are starting to warm up a little bit very nice shot absolutely perfect a great shot by Mike fantastic angle terrific oh he hit it out of the Court while he.

Was moving forward that is his fifth unforest error and now Mike is telling him he doesn't need to hit it that hard when he is making a move like that it's true oh nice job by Jay hitting it at Mike's feet very nice third shot drive into the net I don't know if these guys just could not hit.

Third shot drops but that was not even close nice little uh dink there try to hit it into the kitchen and Jason just could not hit it back over so far in this match Jason is just struggling a little bit oh that's very very simple Jason popped it up Jay took advantage and hit it.

Right at Mike's feet and he hit it out and that ball is hit out far fight firefight perfect job by Mike resetting the shot oh and then he tries to put some type of spin on the ball with his backhand and he hits it out other than that just fantastic by Mike putting out that firefight by resetting.

The ball into the kitchen he just made that slight mistake of hitting the ball out but other than that fantastic by Mike foreign oh you know Jason is just having a very difficult time getting his third shot dropped in nice try with the lock but lobs fail 80 percent of the time.

That was a nice shot by Danny and Mike just could not get it back just an unforced error with a backhand and let me go and show you what the mistake that he made right here on this shot let's let's go back and take a look here's the serve and here's a return by Mike now look where Mike is Mike is.

Nowhere in the court he's just getting into the court he did not make an effort to get to the non-volley zone and what should have happened here is Jay should have seen that and Jay should have actually hit this ball to Mike because he is nowhere near being forward in the court instead he attempts to hit the ball at Jason and doing so he just hits.

It into the net if he would have taken a longer swing hit the ball deeper to Mike this point would have turned out differently so basically what happens is when you see a player who is out of position you have to take advantage of it in this case Jay did not and Jay misses the third shot drop oh gets the roll of the tape and falls.

Right into the court sometimes the tape is your friend and sometimes it is not your friend wow can't get the return in and they miss again now Jay and Danny are starting to stink it up allowing Mike and Jason back in sometimes pickleball is about a game of runs when one team is serving the other team cannot score and.

There's another mistake this point should be over and oh they allowed them back in but Jason misses the backhand foreign I know I'm being critical of Jason but.

That is just a very very poor third shot attempt I think at this point Jason has no confidence in his third shot drop and he has resorted to third shot drives and they aren't working either that is his seventh unforced error so if I'm Jay and Danny I am returning every serve to Jason because Jason has shown no consistency.

With his shirt third shot whereas Mike is able to hit a third shot drop let's see if they take advantage of that oh okay so it's very difficult to anticipate such a shallow return but let me show you something that Danny did that I just do not like and I think it's something that you should avoid so here we go there's a serve there's a really.

Poor return again it's such a shallow return that it gets Mike the point but if you look at what Danny is doing right here when he is trying to get to this ball he puts his left hand on his knee as a crutch to try to get this if you make it a habit of putting your left hand on your knee to retrieve a shot it is a.

Very very bad habit and it's something that you should not get into like this may be the only time that he does this in this match but I just wanted to point this out if you were consistently putting your left hand on your knee when hitting a shot you need to stop doing it oh we got the roll of the tape.

Oh and just missed the shot third shot Drive waiting for a great Bishop drop doesn't work oh seventh Shot return did I guess if you can't get it the first time try again if you can't get it the second time just keep trying another mistake.

Who's going to make the fewer mistakes that's a big question that's just a bad mistake by Danny let's go back and take a look and see why that was so bad so here is Mike hitting the return trying a third shot drop he just can't quite get it there so he's not able to.

Advance further look where he is he is just stuck right here so basically all Danny has to do is hit this shot in the court right here and it's going to be all over for Mike yeah instead he just hits it into the net Mike might have actually been able to get that shot because after Danny hit it.

He was running as hard as he could so maybe he could have gotten to that this shot or this point should be over oh and he just get it out I mean what more could he possibly ask for let's go back and take a look here's the serve here's a return now look where Mike and Jason are they are totally out of position.

Whereas Danny and Jay are right at the non-volley zone but what happens Mike is able to hit a perfect drop into the kitchen uh right there Jason does a good job of kind of poaching that shot and he hits it high though but what does.

Daddy do he hits it almost out of the court and to into another Court whoa did you see that point over play it was over but that was the very first time that Jason got a third shot dropped back it was an excellent shot so he can do it he just.

Doesn't do it consistently Unfortunately they lost the point anyway that's a nice fifth shot by Jason he's kind of getting into a Groove now but Mike is out of position has to pop it up this point should be over oh letting them get back into it nope it's over.

Oh the most devastating shot in pickleball a little dink and look at uh Jason's reaction he had to run up to it he popped it up and it was just put away just a very poor third shot drive right into the net you can't do that whoa let's go back and take a look at this and I'll point out something that.

Happened let's just take a look at what Jay does incorrectly all right on the return Jason is running as hard as he can to the non-volley song and instead of hitting a low third shot drive while Jason is moving in Jay pops it up and Jason hits it at Jay's feet and he hits it in to the net look at that.

I'm not sure why he popped it up so high again it should have been a drive right to Jason as he was running up just a perfect third shot drive into the kitchen oh and he missed it and he's just kind of laughing at himself he could not have hit a better third shot but it was a great shot by Danny on that.

Cross court shot this point is over and he just humiliates Jason again I love that but I hate when it happens to me wow Danny is now really struggling with this third shot and it's keeping Jason and Mike in the game so they should continue to return the ball to Danny did it again and look what happens.

He couldn't do better that time he's kind of just collapsing at this point he knows it and he throws his paddle in disgust so it's getting down at nitty-gritty Time Each team must take advantage of the other team's weaknesses that means return serves to Jason and Danny let's see if one of the teams do that nope they hit it to Mike.

Oh and uh Mike didn't do a great job on that and Jason hits it out here's Jason's chance what is he gonna do third shot Drive oh and look at that absolutely fantastic Jane is in perfect position to defend and he hits the most demoralizing shot in pickleball great job I absolutely love it.

now they're playing pickleball who is going to Blink oh very very nice Top Spin shot by Mike third shot drive this shot Drive oh nice job by Mike I mean they hit a third shot drive and a fifth shot drive and Jason and Mike were just sitting there waiting for them.

Oh and that ball is just hit into the net it's eight to eight very competitive perfect third shot oh try to take the fist shot out of the air and just could not get there let's look at what went wrong it's very obvious to me so uh here's the serve here's the third shot okay so he's.

Backing up to hit this shot but he hits just an absolutely perfect third shot drop but the mistake he makes is he hesitates he does not get up to the non-volley Zone in time here's the third shot perfect but look where he is he didn't follow through on it and he gets caught in no man's land right here he should be up.

Here where Jason is but he is not and is hit right kind of below and he just could not get it over so a fantastic third shot very poor on getting to the non-volley Zone after hitting the third shot I mean when he hit it he knew it was going to be a good shot oh and he hits it out that just cannot.

Happen that is a fatal mistake missed the serve when he could have served the match out it could not have happened at a worse time at this point in a match just get the serve in there is no excuse for that and this could be the turning point in the game now this is pickleball this is excellent this is the best point in the match so.

Far this is how pickleball is meant to be played oh you got it back oh and he hits the backhand right in to the net fantastic point if they would have played the entire match like this I would probably rate them higher than I.

Am going to rate them but they have not and that ball is hit out as in most cases at crunch time unforest errors are going to cost one team the game oh no that was a very nice play all right you see what I mean right there another mistake which ends up costing Jason and Mike the game I mean.

It was right in Jason's put away Zone and he didn't put it away he just rushed it and the game is over Jay and Danny win the turning point in the game was to serve Jason hit out when the score was tied at eight to eight he could have served the game out but he gave up that opportunity by making the mistake of not getting his serve in.

So there you have it a big shout out to the YouTube channel we play you rate so I am going to rate the players in this match obviously they are very good players if I had to rate them I would put them at the 3.5 level that's because they made a number of unforced errors and a couple of the players just could not hit.

A consistent third shot drop so I really cannot rate them any higher if I were picking one player to partner with that player would be Mike and that's because he hit third shot drops and he did not make many unforced errors so that's it from pickleball pick apart I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you learned something from watching it if.

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In this video, a men’s recreational Match . One mistake determines who wins and loses. Just exactly what happens. Check it out.