Hi i'm jesse simon with pickleball instruction and today i'm joined with erica at the house of pickleball and we are trying out the spin shot ball machine the spin shot has a drill maker app that i use to create each of these drills they are fully customizable in speed spin height.

Direction and lag the drop shot poach partner drill is useful for doubles teams to practice their communication and to take advantage of a good drop shot after a good third shot drop we say good or go and then the non-hitter will move up towards the middle with a split step and look to poach on a ball that is.

Slightly popped up the partner will follow up and be at the line for the following shot without proper team movement a good third shot drop can go to waste it is important to look for offense after your partner's good shot the return of serve beginner drill helps.

Players work on hitting a return and letting their follow-through move them forward then get set and hit a shot in transition zone and then move up to the non-volley zone and put a high ball away the concept of moving forward while under control is essential as most of.

The points are won at the non-volley zone the lob return partner drill helps a doubles team practice switching after a successful law the player on the forehand side runs diagonally back and tries to circle around to get in a good position for a.

Drop shot the partner switches and hopefully moves back a little bit to give more reaction time then there is a drop shot and transition zone and all players should be up at the non-volley zone for the final shot.

the return of serve forehand backhand drill allows practice with the return and run strategy for getting up to the non-volley zone a good player will hit the ball at your.

Feet as you approach so it's important to gain as much ground as possible to make it harder on your opponent while making sure you remain balanced this drill alternates with all four hands and then all backhands to help you focus on each skill separately foreign thanks for tuning in to this.

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