So now everybody can comment about his paddle gosh and that's five times already female still yeah you can get that type of paddle so I know people are going to ask oh.

I hope the live streams working so Ken and I here are going to play in Senior Pro men's he's taking some lessons from me and just wants to try it out so we'll see how it goes yeah this is just the wine and beer right here that's the first sweat and.

Then the next layer yeah I get the real sweat S no no I don't know yeah we've been out here pretty much still every morning yeah yeah and then it's dead.

Yeah you're getting a play there all in door though oh really oh nice yeah oh that's a good challenge yeah tennis players or yeah yeah in a month they're pickleball Pros I'm good okay I'm good you guys all.

Ready yeah I'm ready zero zero you foreign nice hands by those guys good leave I wanted to say something but I wasn't sure you felt it okay come on David played good play gooder.

Oh you're sorry good job please save me oh I should have let you have that so I want you to take that yeah okay I won't get in your way because now I'll know you'll be there zero zero you one zero.

You oh get over one zero two me drop I'm serving and the sweats flying off my yeah it's my destruction technique two zero two two two zero two main drop.

No out nice eye let's see three zero two Main foreign four zero two yeah nice his hands are crazy.

You got it get it down all right good run so we got the sun in my face right here foreign five zero two almost slow and I'm blinding myself David almost.

That's the shot not that deep though let's play the game we're trying to win dummy good oh no out awesome nice 5-1-1.

Okay oh my God let's switch sides six one one foreign that's all guesses six one two three oh off the net off the net gosh the net today I've hit it like five times sorry.

Foreign everything I teach not to do yeah so Friday night drinking or Saturday night drinking make Sunday morning tough slow feet slow brain.

Oh what a shot I just barely caught yeah I should have tried to put it in two I didn't too surprising nice shot you that's what happens when the wind is pushing that way exactly I didn't get.

Down oh my God foreign heads up that's good oh gosh I think you came up with my I couldn't just say great job eight two one you.

Yes oh man yeah sometimes that's a hard shot and pick while hitting that Wide Open Court yeah nine two one not three nine three one sorry ten three one may drop ah just good just barely got okay okay yeah yeah good.

Sorry again okay yeah two good job ten ten ten three okay that's a good first game Gordon Ewing Troy want to take us on all right new meat fresh meat good job Jeff nice hands.

Yesterday I forgot to put sunscreen on in the morning you know I was like what the heck is wrong with me and I got home I was like my neck is all red my face is all red except except for everything else but I've got covered up who won over there what was the score.

Oh and they ran off some points morning okay so that was that okay ready yeah that was good good job what ball you got foreign.

foreign good job guys okay thanks I'll put it on my towel stop zero one you there you go nice setup one one number one.

Foreign foreign that was yours my bad that's okay I just try to follow my shot yeah yeah but you hitting that it's good I mean yeah I'm actually in front of him but that but that was your your ball okay three one yeah at least we got it over.

Three one two three one two years nice I love that it's like kind of egg-shaped but let's keep going four one two oh a little bit I need sweat bands.

If I was swung hard it would have went the net so that was it yeah yeah you're right all right nice hands right down the middle that wasn't a very good that'll get drilled at us four two one nice.

Five two one uh switch sides two one foreign 61. me drop cheers uh me yes okay so serve and I'm gonna run behind you okay seven two one.

Way to be there eight two one me oh there's a reason you couldn't reach it okay yes my brain's a little slow I do one okay drop your.

One more come on you see a ballot yeah it's awesome can't do one thank you you know nice Lisa you and Mark want to play me and Ken we're standing together.

Mark you want in okay we'll let them warm up for a while we'll take a break and then they'll play us great job perfect I'm glad you're getting used to my goofy shots it's pretty goofy but you know I don't think the pros will adapt yeah they might not.

Be ready for it yeah because normally it's so constructed but yeah in the same way yeah so it'll be different but I'm just good morning good morning how are you good I'm just putting myself in the right spot yeah well that that's what really makes me feel so confident that.

You know I know like if I okay if I leave it like a little bit out there he's gonna get it regardless of what I do you know type of thing when you're playing with a partner that you know you make like a really very good shot it pop up they're not ready you're not ready to take advantage that's yeah yeah I'm trying to get in the right spot yeah.

You're doing good really good yeah okay we got new recruits and we got the gelstones in here and they're famous one shot pickleball paddle commercial the man four five Legend taste the.

Stefano okay so hit that thumbs up thumbs up button oh that's why I'm sweating so much because of this elbow thing I'm gonna take this off I'm gonna put on a wristband foreign.

Is that handle head paddle tournament legal or is it not yeah well that's pretty amazing it's like I've played one guy before they had that it may have been him actually and it's a it's weird coming off of it I mean it's hard to predict the angles I played with it for a year a lot of overspin on it yeah for a year.

And the stuff I could create off it was awesome but the stuff I lost yeah it wasn't worth it yeah you have to be able to get like a lot of overspin on it because here you don't have that backhand yeah angle yeah yeah that was the problem yeah you gotta and I imagine if you're trying to hold on to it too tight it's got to be hard on your elbow.

Too as well I mean you know that thing's actually designed for tennis elbow really yeah because it's a neutral and really you're not supinating yeah everything's kind of Slappy yeah so it worked there was somebody that had a paddle that was flippy like that you know but had a regular handle on it but.

Had the the face of it was very flippy like it it flexed actually whoa yeah that was a long while ago and when when it hit it it made a extremely dull sound yeah which was I don't like the sound yeah yeah I don't I want to hear the the ball coming off the paddle yeah yeah some of those quiet paddles are are weird yeah.

Some of those gearbox ones came off it may be McFall that played with that for a while it was like it looked like a blade but it was long and kind of gray and it again when you came we had the top paddle yes yeah they were like aluminum yeah yeah those were the the pop paddles pop.

I've never held one or played with one maybe yeah I did for a little bit but then I figured I need my game needs the widest paddle yeah yeah because I can use this part yes that's what I told you before yeah wait and when you've got the it choked up with the wide face that's almost like that.

This is all wasted yes yeah yeah there was one and an omni or a Onyx paddle that had a short handle yeah and it was massive but it was like too bad too big yeah awkward I saw one David played in New York and there was a guy that had one he was from Canada I was like I've never seen it before it looked like this looks too big it looks like illegal big.

I mean it looks like a garbage can that you're holding actually you know that's a nice shot that she's got she's developing it yeah hey let's um let's use this ball that one's kind of oblong uh where's Gordon Gordon here's your ball or whatever ball you were using.

Okay here we go all right okay nice Lisa nice one foreign foreign oh good job yeah I thought he'd come Center.

Me yeah yeah that's right the one one two ice can yeah now I'm looking for that I'm like here it comes here's my round of post two one two oh David that's the first one I went for today come on.

Me oh crap my bad I gotta be ready for that one that's his one of his favorite shots Middle with the speed up yeah put it in front of you yeah I gotta close that discount okay you you nice floater yeah.

Foreign I can't hear the score two four two four two nice foreign so slow okay two four two you.

Sorry Lisa Pro Shot Pro Shot am I serving uh no they're lost three two two oh yeah okay three four two ah come on I feel weird son me.

Thank you three four one you oh that was a very important drive it works she was moving Potter moving yeah yeah four four one you know five four one.

Heads up yeah she caught me cheating nice return Lisa five four two yeah one more shot four shots make four shots that's all you need sorry wait what what are you saying we have five.

Yeah you guys started you started at three didn't you yeah they said isn't it four or five or no no that's right you had to be five because you started first yes okay yeah yeah yeah bye five yeah nothing we could do on those you know yeah okay yeah he's got two net shots you know.

Yeah no you can't do anything almost had that one that's why I saw it come off and then just kind of adjusted a bit but I couldn't get it there fast enough so he's just going to be aggressive you know yeah yeah that's three it's almost by now it's almost like it's.

On purpose okay we don't like it anymore I don't like it anymore oh come on again all right come on out oh can can get there don't get there one of the two golly good shot.

Okay bird let's let's see if we can come from behind I've got this one in you all right our turn flat 10-1 me yes nice.

Six ten one you every once in a while yeah take it Seven Ten one let me drop my bad no problem man let's keep going Seven Ten two gosh I was trying to get it over that was my original plan let's get it back.

Drop it short get it long yep foreign ten one me okay foreign there we go 7 10. nice one that's your shot.

Hey 10. me oh all right nine ten keep going 9 10. what let's go one more nice great job stand up.

Me almost slide out yep okay we got into overtime yeah foreign one more eleven ten number one.

Thank you rematch rematch guys get a drink and rematch yeah I don't know foreign games I mean they're making really good shots I get mad when I get lazy you know if I if I'm just arriving there when the.

Ball's dropping on my feet not a good thing I mean I need to stop and take it off the bounce or get it in the air and get there and get there yeah and he's good enough to take advantage of seeing yeah yeah yeah yeah he's like he's gonna drill it at you yeah they scored three points off the.

Net shots we made a couple errors just not moving our feet yeah but you know you got to adjust each team as quick as possible yeah and then she was playing great yeah she ripsy's her resets are great yeah I love the resets gives you time to just like you kind of like a reset that goes flat is like still puts you at a.

Disadvantage in this type of thing that's what changed my whole game was learning how to reset through drilling you know hey thank you okay I guess we'll start over there yeah so this guy over here Brian Gelston he's in that he's one of the guys that's in the Senior Pro oh okay yeah.

And they play as a couple you probably played against them probably have yes Brian and Heather Gelston okay zero zero two that was right in the Sun one zero two good shot good shot that was exactly what we're talking.

About yeah exactly I'm watching his backhand carefully yeah no foreign no problem just need to be ready no out there you go.

Shout out oh okay sorry we got one one one thank you nice drop two one one meters sorry Mark.

That's what that means we owned four of those laughs three one one just out I was waiting for it this time he slowed that one up yeah three one two three one two okay that didn't work.

I have to practice it no yeah I just messed messed around I was actually not trying to hit it that trying to hit in the middle and flip it outside of him yep we call that stack Buster yeah one three no nice hands.

Thanks incredible all right good job yeah all right three two one drop nice yeah that's one of my favorite shots right there grabbing that middle and bringing it back that way.

Four two one me good patience yeah five two one now floaters loader okay Switching six two one I I like playing against that back out of yours my gosh it's good.

Six two one me thank you all turned around seven two one me you great shot eight two one.

You nine two one you out one more ten two one me just that upper chest right set up attack.

Okay the girl stands we want you good job good job good job good job uh we can do that do you mind sit one no no problem hey Lisa play against play with me against the gelstones you have that attack setup works good huh just the upper chest and it pops up.

Wrong enough yeah maybe the brain's slightly slow and he's so tricky you know puts it behind you puts it over oh gosh smack my knee right into the edge of that too difficult seat there.

That's where I wear the mask can't see all the scars actually from my my clumsiness yeah you don't know if he's coming my legs seem to just feel like a little bit better you know when I'm working a 13-hour shift I work in the ER and when I work a 13 hour shift they get like a little bit swollen so like when I'm out.

Here I feel like I just they just feel like a little bit more fresh with the the with the compress a little bit of compression on the first game there was like we made two unforced errors and then unless I'm so white I mean every part of me uh doesn't like this I work in uh Missouri I've worked there yeah.

You're playing with one Steve Wright who's up okay hey Dave oh yeah okay I don't want you I don't want you to be recording all when I'm talking about with you okay that's my secret.

So jealous hey what do you guys want the microphone no no it's fun every other word that's her it's worse than that yeah we want to come to Buffy I get miked up all the time yeah don't you know we've been in commercials yeah oh we're playing against famous couples.

Yeah laughs don't be nice we don't need any counseling we're all right zeros me yes stay in it trickster Trickster.

I don't know where that was yeah you're right me nice one it's me oh oh can I try you foreign.

Oh that was my knife sorry you oh you got it hey if it wasn't 4-0 I'd apologize for that one we'll switch to six this side's easier four zero two.

That's a h oh four one we don't need perfect here we go one four one yep nice shot good eye I couldn't get out of my mouth yeah all right.

Nice block Heather four one two thank you I didn't see that two four two go Al on yeah yeah I I was if you didn't say enhance anything Heather we were gonna keep going.

Two two four two right yeah no no which one all right yes no I mean oh no worries hey hey you should have stopped that time it was out you got to pick it like right about here when you see it going out.

Football guys okay here we go you what'd you say the scores I thought she said three we have two I thought you said three no yours is right she thought you said three my score I thought you gave us three it's.

Five two one five two two thank you nice Heaven it's fine come on let's go two five one watch the ball now this paddle three five one go go good good try guys out.

Foreign yeah okay five four one out please see you want to switch sides yeah let's have her go straight at you Josie doe I'm gonna turn over there.

Switch sides guy oh yeah it's a different game foreign we gotta take advantage till you acclimate well I've been playing for last week or whatever she just got here yesterday so yeah.

Yeah plus it's humid it's normally not I know it's been humid the whole time I've been here foreign yes go maybe a little much there four seven one that was teed up yes of.

Course M1 oh sorry stay with her I know they can't hear me right now Steve doesn't have an earpiece I don't know I'll hear it afterwards it wasn't bad five seven one go.

Thanks what do you want it's up to you right now yes you got it thanks what's up Lisa seven five seven five one.

Me good okay who's in front okay ah don't drive from that side tell me tell me what good is that gonna do me nothing yes.

Yes no I mean get ready right here five seven two you I got it I got it foreign because I would have looked in the sun I.

Had to call you in on it yeah yeah I'm in front seven five one you got to get up half step more okay I'm right here okay where's my elevator elevator doors closed you're supposed to step back right okay.

You no all right what do you want her what do you want I think I should be over there I'm in front one more come on.

What do you want today me what do you want Nice Shot thanks thanks you you me oh I changed my mind bye ten two.

Nice setup perfect nice setup no no no stay okay I'm in front ten five two this way just follow your shot good job guys yeah.

Foreign here we just ignored it anyway there's usually yeah usually just the weighing team stains but we can play again if you want oh let's go let's do it again oh you need a rest you need the rest Brian you want to play with me one.

Against somebody where's Gordo who's playing Troy you want to play with Tom one Tom you want to play Troy you guessed me and you Brian me and you yeah okay we'll put it back on yeah.

Yeah at least it got way better you know oh she's super simple good playing a lot of tournaments huh a lot of tournaments did she yeah she does yeah I'm going to slow down and try only to play All Pro oh yeah yeah like APA PPA either way oh do you know Brian called Brian go yeah how you doing yeah.

Which try nice Captain under the police force here oh okay so be on my best summation it's nice to play Pickleball with the captain right now yeah so Ken over there in the greens might yeah how'd you guys do how'd you.

Guys play just now is that the first time have you played them played with them before only in this well I played against him throughout the year yeah you know and then he asked me to play nice all right okay we ready yep okay we got chemo and Troy oh sorry I I took I was that was yours.

100 my bad I do like you taking it because the ball's floating in front of you I I was gonna let it go because I was like here for him my bad I was gonna smash that though that was yours my bad I'll leave it for you oh one oh one one me.

Let's hit two out the back okay time to get smart yeah I gotta get them mixed out of me mixed I'm so aggressive man's like to play calm zero one two you no nice nice so let's uh.

One one two okay oh we're getting like put away yeah yeah you had that foreign nice patience this way yeah when you were you just playing us.

With Lisa you were like all over It's Tricky I want to get my revenge on you guys from four years ago yeah it was tricky It's Tricky oh one one one me drop oh oh good gosh damn no I was I was going regardless good try.

One one two you no yeah two one two you Old Times old times three one two nice thanks though.

Four one two three oh good try nice shot's Tom foreign foreign a lot of work for that one uh 41. five two one that's it.

Yes go I mean I can't play that's going bye-bye yeah hey I did my part in the beginning of that rally absolutely me David 622-621 I think 621 oh yeah we came in at four I think it's one I think we came in at.

Four if it's two he's serving then I don't think I haven't served yet not this round no I think I just served that I think it's six two one we came in at four six two one me a few oh I was a little slow there oh you.

Grabbed him through it yeah you got to research the throw in now six two two let me drop seven two two okay that's right that was too good eight two two.

Nice nine two two all right I don't know switch switch foreign that's my fault wow that was a great Point yeah great job.

Good point go here's foreign you nice nine four three nine three nine three one.

Go go such good defense oh yeah you saw it but you still got a Defender you're exactly right I said I might know it's coming but yeah it doesn't mean I could stop it ten three one awesome great play thanks guys seamless yeah the size uh I was just gonna tell you if you can't find anybody.

Oh okay for sure so I'm down for playing I got nothing after Vegas so and I plan on playing a lot oh okay Arizona yeah let's let's keep in mind for sure you look around and tell me yeah absolutely.

Yeah okay I gotta sit down I'm toast okay halfway keep this running uh I'm gonna turn it off okay thanks for watching guys coach David.

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