Teammates Welcome To The Kingdom I'm Ace Rodriguez and we have a major bombshell announcement for you today before we get to a founder of IBM he once said begin with the end in mind on January 9 2021 that was the Genesis for the birth of the idea for pickleball Kingdom and from that moment on I knew.

The pickleball Kingdom would become their Premier brand for indoor indoor pickleball facilities and that informed everything we've done from the colors we picked the way we designed our logo to documenting everything for the last two years we put that all in a Playbook that's now 120 pages and growing we call that the keys to the kingdom the.

Validation for for this thinking is we've been voted the best place to play Pickleball in the greater Phoenix area we didn't even know there's a boat going on secondly we've had over a hundred people contact us about wanting to get a franchise and we've never stayed it we're offering franchises until today.

So excited to announce pickleball Kingdom will be offering franchises I've been Chomp is a bit to do this so you might be thinking well Ace why'd you wait why did it take so long why don't you announce it six months ago a year two years ago because we had to get things ready for our future franchisees so we've.

Documented things we've learned we've did a lot of things right and we've learned some things that we could get better so we tweaked it we got that dialed in and now we're ready see announcing prior to this it would have been irresponsible of me or really anyone else to offer a franchise without a working model a proven model that.

Shows success it would be worse than the blind leading the blind because in this case the first blind person's asking the other to pay them to take them to a place he's never been that's just foolish you know that now that we have it dialed in now that we're ready we want to share that with you so I would ask that you consider.

Owning a pickleball Kingdom franchise now when betting any franchise opportunity including ours there's five mission critical elements that need to be in place if any one of these five is not there I wouldn't walk away I'd run away and so when you think about what this is and how it is if you're missing something you're really setting yourself.

Up to fail you don't want to do that what are these five elements number one excuse me you need a product or service that people want in our case it's pickleball more specifically indoor pickleball no wind no rain keep cold all taken up to make reservations people wanted enough said number two uh you need to.

Have a working model a proven concept um you don't if that's not there what are you paying for someone's opinion don't ever pay a franchisor to figure things out on your diet we already have it figured out number three you need a vision and a plan to move forward I would humbly submit to you I have that Vision in plan number four you.

Need industry specific knowledge this industry of indoor pickleball is so new it's not like anything else it's not like a gym it's not like a Giants playground unless you open an indoor pickleball facility you don't know how to run one yet so we're there and the way we got this by getting some key people on board the first guy I went out.

And got is David so David grew up in Washington the birthplace of pickle boss if he's been playing pickleball for 40 years people think pickleball came out about five years ago Davis had a good pickleball player he's a pro he plays at the professional level and he's a big part of why this facility has been so.

Successful so David Welcome To The Kingdom thank you Ace being able to be around pickleball for over four decades has really given me a great understanding of the game the growth of the sport is unique and unlike any other and now to be able to open the first premier indoor pickleball facility with a proven track record and franchise is.

Extremely exciting I really look forward to working with you all to help you develop your dream and I truly believe that indoor pickleball is the future of this game thank you David the successful franchise you need franchising experience now I've grown up around franchising my whole life my dad.

Had a service master franchise way back when but I wanted a couple guys around me who've lived it who've been immersed in it so the first thing I did is I went out there and got John brovitz so John John has been the franchise space for a long time John was a large multi-unit franchise owner with Massage Envy and Amazing Lash more recently and.

Investment advisor and several franchisors including scissors and Scotch so John Welcome to The Piano thank you Ace my wife Bonnie and I have been franchising for over 20 years and during that time we've seen a lot of different franchise Concepts in health and wellness and I have to say that pickleball kingdom is the most exciting.

One we've seen today pickleball kingdom is the first and only franchise that has a proven model and an indoor Operating Center we think that pickleball Kingdom will be the premier place to play indoor pickleball thanks thank you John and also with 30 years of experience in the franchise World Steve Holmes.

E so Steve uh has built a business that serviced uh franchisees and franchisors particularly in the Staffing side of their business he built a business there and then took it public and launched it on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange Steve has been a personal friend and personal advisor to me for a long time so Steve.

Welcome To The King thank you very much so over the last few years anxiety has increased tremendously with all franchisees and franchisors and the way of Staffing challenges increased cost and increased liabilities the pickleball opportunity comes at a perfect time with the the demand around pickleball but also the fact that we have a static.

Labor model that will decrease the overall cost and anxiety around the labor aspect that's awesome thank you I'm so proud of this leadership team and I'm excited about what we're going to do together so we're also putting together an Advisory board that you'll be hearing about an upcoming press releases now who.

Are we looking for we're looking for streamers and doers people who want to do something exciting in a brand new Street and have the resources or access the resources to get it done uh people who have high level business experience if you're a franchisee all the better not necessary at this point but if you're a multi-unit franchise e that.

You're at the center of our bullsey so what are the next steps um let's get to know each other this is not a time to get into the weed so it's not a time to be asking what's a franchise fee can I own this territory this is a virtual handshake we told you about us you tell us now about you and so go to our website. click on franchise and defranchising tabs fill out that information that's where we can start this dialogue so let's get connected there lastly I just want to share with you who we are through our beliefs so just see if if you align with what we believe in this is on the front page of our uh.

Website it's also posted throughout the case we have five core beliefs number one we believe that life is better with pickleball number two we believe that competition behind number three we believe that football is good for you physically socially and spiritually.

Number four we believe that you're our greatest asset is our community and number five we respect our teammates and you are our teammate so if you agree with those belief statements and you're ready for the adventure of a lifetime then why not you be the one to bring the kingdom home to your city fellas let's do this play.

Pickleball Kingdom is the premier brand for indoor pickleball. Want to be a part of the fastest growing sport in America? With a proven model in Chandler, AZ, Pickleball Kingdom is now looking for potential franchisees who want to bring the Kingdom to their hometowns.

Go to our website, click on the Franchising tab, and fill out the form to start the dialogue with us.