What's up guys welcome back the way this tournament is going to work is Friday men and women's doubles uh Saturday is mixed doubles and then on Sunday we have Pro singles this is different than most tournaments do not ask me why I do not have the answer we're gonna have a lot of fun so when I first started hearing his name around the scene it was.

Everyone was saying he was the most hyped man in pickleball he brings a little bit of I don't know what do we call it a little bag yeah I was gonna say Swagger but it's like time is 6 49 a.m let's go let's go let's go come up yeah pickleball this is why we trade this is why we do what we do to go play.

Pickleball to go compete let's get it come on say what's up for the Fab Palm Beach Gardens World World open pickleball but see how it goes let's go all right foreign.

foreign foreign guys we just played Mike Forster and Joseph Cliff Antoine and I played well went in with a solid strategy not going.

To give it away first round down it's just the start okay foreign and I just played Andre descu and JW Johnson man that was bad that was sloppy it was my fault a lot of it because I felt like I had to do more than I should have against a really good.

Team I'm like if we're gonna win I have to play my best and you know that's not necessarily true like we don't have to play the best pickleball ever to win that match you're gonna win more times just playing solid than you are trying to do too much that's for sure definitely learn something here until next match.

Questions foreign thank you yeah I've never been this upset like before with pickleball I'm so disappointed in myself right now because I never heard of their names doesn't mean that they're not good.

Because they were okay but man this one this one hurts because it was my fault yeah okay goodbye I've had a couple hours to process I'm realizing these matches you know it's like it's inches it's one by inches you got to do every single thing in your.

Power to get that itch to get that inch let's go next we have mixed doubles with Shelby Bates uh tomorrow 8 A.M let's go let's go
VLOG STYLE – Episode 5: You might think pickleball is easier than tennis, but have you ever played a professional pickleball tournament?

Enjoy this behind the scenes look of Professional Mens Doubles event at the Palm Beach Gardens World Pickleball Open. .

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Round 1 vs Mike Forster and Joseph Clifford (9 seed)
Round 2 vs JW Johnson and Andrea Daescu (1 seed)
Round 3 vs Mariano Yeh and Thomas Calderone (10 seed)