Are you a Pickler I’m a picker okay I’m officially a Pickler I’m I I’m addicted let me tell you you start you start hitting the ball around is it they call it the ball is the ball it’s a ball but it’s a paddle but it’s a paddle not a racket but we’ll just aren’t doing it and it’s really fun I have to tell you we’re we’re live this.

Morning at the Santa Monica pickleball Center and if you take a look around this court they are good these people are good lots of them have just picked up this sport coach Jess has been showing us the ropes uh throughout the morning of course I hit it in the net as I’m talking to you here but I’m just so impressed because there’s people out.

Here from like basically all walks of life right it’s one of the reasons why pickleball has become so popular around this country that’s right everyone from kids up to you know I’ve had people in their 80s come out for lessons and regardless of your Mobility your sports history your um background like you can pick it up.

They say it’s a sport that’s easy to learn hard to master you can pick it up so you are a a tennis a pro you’ve played tennis professionally before so has John over here so there’s this like kind of like a rub between tennis players and people players what would you say like some people just have sort of like uh I know I just accepted it I.

Guess right I mean it’s it’s uh but it’s here yeah it’s here to stay it’s here to stay yeah I think like most tennis players I was a little skeptical when I first started playing that you know it wasn’t a sport for me but once you start it’s addictive it gets in your brain and you just want to be playing all the time and I love how this is a sport as we saw.

Here in Santa Monica that just brings people together right because you have multiple people playing on a court together they’re sort of like a a friendship that’s built among the people playing that’s right and I think during the pandemic it was an opportunity for people to just come out be a around people make new community and that’s one.

Of the best things about the sport honestly so as a as a tennis coach and a former tennis player what is the the most common mistakes that people who are more tennis players or learn how to play tennis what are some of the common mistakes that they do when they start taking a pickleball well for tennis overpower people.

But once you get to a certain level you have to learn pickleball it’s a chess game and from a safety perspective so that you know sometimes people get hurt when they play Pickleball like what was your what would your suggestions be if someone would come out here and take lessons what are some of the basics I learned the hard way that because it’s.

So addictive you need to start you need to pace yourself you can’t come out after being dormant for 20 years and play for four hours a day the other thing is Footwear you want to make sure you have good tennis shoes you want to have that lateral support I’ve seen a lot of people kind of eat dirt in the in their first you know you don’t want your.

Career to end before it’s beyond you know right seminar Studio Eight dirt that’s what happened and you know same names I won’t name names uh I’m not wearing the proper shoes right now obviously like the way they look and you know I could feel it I could definitely feel the difference I don’t have tennis shoes but maybe I’ll invest in some of.

That okay up in the shop so Santa Monica pickleball Center they take lessons here it’s a good start it’s a good start and I think you know it’s one of those things anybody can pick it up it’s something that really brings people together so let me tell you these people are good they’re good these ladies over here.

They’re killing it Bob I have a question what’s the name of the driver of the bus that you threw Maria under just now called the Pickler thank you very much sure we’re gonna get a team going here okay I don’t know what position I would play or you would play because I don’t know.

Positions in uh in pickleball I don’t think there’s positions the singles or doubles yeah it’s not like volleyball all I know is you’d stay out of the kitchen yeah stay stay out of there stay out the kitchen and that’s that’s a that’s a that’s a place the front part of the court right Maria that’s right that’s right Bobby we’ll go.

Over it in the next uh hit I’m sure I’m sure hey Stu could be on the team Stu
FOX 11’s Bob DeCastro takes us to the Santa Monica Pickleball Center.

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