Well there's just so many things about pickleball I mean first of all uh it it provides great exercise people think that because it's a smaller Court it doesn't give you as many many calories that are burned off but because pickleball is more constant movement and short movements without as much rest the average pickleball length of point at.

The higher level is 8.5 strikes compared to like tennis which is like 2.7 the game is very easy to learn for a beginner and then like any sport to master it it requires a lot of skill so it's got like what I call the yin and yang of the racket Sports you've got slow deliberate shots and then you've got fast and Powerful shots and to be a.

Really good player you need to have all of those things one of the things that's great about pickleball it's a very welcoming Community if they if you come to a court you know um and you you obviously appear as if you don't know what what what this is all about but you're expressing an.

Interest most of the time you're going to find somebody coming out and saying here let me show you how to play Pickleball come on out I enjoy it because it's a very fast-paced game um it's very quick um for a wheelchair there's a lot less running or rolling um than tennis it's just a a very quick.

Game you can be done in three four five minutes or you could take 10-15 minutes but you go through a lot of games really quick and everybody's really nice you can play able bodies wheelchair people it's all just a really good sport
Seymour “Rif” Rifkind leads an adaptive pickleball clinic through Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital at MVP Athletic Club, Crahen, 115 Crahen Ave. NE, in Grand Rapids Township on Monday, Oct. 10, 2022. Rifkind, who lives in Riverwoods, Illinois, is the president and founder of the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association. (Cory Morse | MLive.com)