Hello and thanks for tuning in to my YouTube channel pickleball pick apart my name is Rory I take videos of pickleball games off of YouTube and I critique the play on the court watching my videos will help make you a better pickleball player in this video a men's Double match at the 4.5 level 50 plus played at the United States open in Naples Florida.

In a tournament like this you are probably going to play against opponents you have never played against before you have to figure out in short order the best strategy to use against them so let me show you how to best figure out the best plan of action in order to win the match let's go first as mentioned this is taking place in Naples Florida at.

Just an incredible facility it is known as the pickleball capital of the world there are 66 dedicated pickleball courts at this facility this team is playing on court number 58. now a shout out to team Hanlon pickleball for posting this on their YouTube channel check it out sometimes they do a great job of posting matches now.

Sizing up your opponents before the ball is even served this is what I pay attention to it may sound kind of crazy but I take a long hard look at the way the players are dressed first what type of shoes are they wearing are they wearing Court shoes this guy is wearing a pair of FILA they are Court shoes he has on court shoes as.

Do these guys if someone is playing in Nike running shoes or shoes like on clouds are Skechers they're not serious about pickleball because they should not be playing pickleball in running shoes running shoes are meant to move forward and not side to side so that's the first thing I look at the second thing I look at is.

What kind of paddle are they playing with are they playing with a 50 paddle a one hundred dollar paddle a 250 dollar paddle that can tell you a lot because if they had not if they have not invested money in a good paddle again they are not serious about pickleball next I look at the clothing my competition is wearing I know again it.

Sounds crazy but if you look at this guy right here he is older than 50 and he has his cap on backwards usually when I see somebody in this age group with a cap on backwards it tells me they are going to be an aggressive player they are going to try to get the point over as quickly as possible by hitting the ball as hard as they possibly can.

They're really not into dinking again I don't know why that is the case but a lot of times it is the next thing I look at is how is a player holding their paddle here's a big Telltale sign look at this player right here he is holding his paddle with what I call a ping-pong grip his finger is.

Extended on the paddle now look at his partner his partner has a grip nothing like this he's his partner is using a continental grip which I highly suggest over a ping pong grip I'm not saying this guy is a better player than this guy is but right off the bat I am attacking this player right here because he is using a ping pong grip the next.

Thing I do is look at how the players are built this player is six feet tall or taller so is this player this player and this player are shorter than these other two players so if I'm ever choosing to hit a lot I am going to hit it over this player's head or this player's head so without further Ado let's go ahead and get started and I.

Will show you some things that you can do within three or four shots that can provide you with the correct strategy to win a match okay so right off the bat this is just a huge horrible mistake in my opinion this is one of the worst mistakes a player can possibly make in a pickleball match he served his first serve into the net.

When you have the first serve you can actually win the game 11 to nothing and the other team will never get a chance to serve you might laugh it's called a golden pickle but I have seen it happen and I have seen it happen in a tournament that's right so again this guy just far fitted every chance to get out to a lead by winning three or four.

Or maybe five points before the opposing team even gets a chance to score a point just look at his body language he cannot believe he did that his hands are on his hips right there he just was not mentally focused so start this match now a lot of times when you're playing in a tournament maybe for the first time you get a little nervous and you do.

Something like that again look at his body language his head is down he just cannot believe he did that now there's one other thing I would like to point out check out this flag right here I mean this wind is pretty strong fortunately they do have the wind barriers on the fences which help to uh you know make it not quite as.

Strong but I think the wind is probably going to play a factor so whenever you're playing always keep that in mind so here's some strategy you should think about the server is going to be hit to him and he's going to hit it back to one of these players what he needs to take notice of is how the third shot is hit.

So let's see what happens zero zero one okay look at that this player right here hit a perfect third shot drop at the non-volley Zone forcing him back look where he is going to have to hit this ball let's see what happens he hits it out of the Court the score is.

Now one to nothing so this team knows that the player in the maroon shirt can hit a third shot drop so the next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to hit it to the player in the white shirt to see what he can do because right now I am not going to hit that ball back to the player in Maroon because he was successful at hitting a.

Third shot drop 101 here we go again he hit it to him again he should not have done that he hits another perfect third shot drop and at that point is it into the net now now the score is two to nothing they've hit it twice to the guy in the maroon shirt and he has successfully executed a perfect third shot so again.

If I am this team right here I am not returning to serve to him anymore I'm gonna return it to the guy in the white shirt to see what he does all right here it comes right here he's gonna have to hit his backhand and exactly what I thought I mentioned earlier a player with a cap on backwards is a power player he did exactly the.

Opposite of what the player in the maroon shirt did he hit a third shot Drive these guys did a good job of being at the non-volley Zone just waiting for that third shot drive there it is he gets it back but he just simply hit it too high but now he knows if he returns the serve to the guy in the white shirt a third shot Drive is coming.

So if I am this team in the uh are in shirts I'm hitting a return to the guy in the white every time and I'm going to be at the non-volley Zone waiting for that third shot Drive okay here it is again there and here comes the drive just as I thought would happen now he is not able to advance so this gentleman here should keep the guy in the white.

Shirt in the back of the Court instead he hits it to the guy in the maroon shirt and what does he do he does a fantastic job of resetting the ball into the kitchen and allowing the player in white to get to the non-volley zone just a huge mistake that ball hits the tape rolls back into.

The court uh Leslie announcer just said uh pretty lucky that the guys in the orange were able to not have a point scored against them okay what is he going to choose to do here we go okay guy in white all right he's stepping in the court to take it which is a good idea because it.

Would have been to the guy in maroon's backhand oh and he's trying a third shot drop he made it so he obviously can do both but again if the guy in the white is hitting a third shot Drive are dropping he's hitting a third shot drop every time I'm still hitting it to the guy in white.

Just a fantastic shot right there right down the middle of the Court where these players weren't you can tell by his body language he's shaking his head the score is three to nothing he's probably still thinking about that first serve he did not get in because uh possibly if he would have gotten that serve in the score would not be three to nothing.

402 actually it's 4-0 okay here we go again he's coming up to the non-volley Zone he's going to be awaiting this third shot drive there it is got it back kept them back and that ball is hit Big Shot goes almost out of the Court zero four one.

All right so now it's this team's turn to try to figure out what kind of third shot this team hits let's see what happens again okay so now this player hit a perfect third shot drop they now know that another very nice shot.

So now if I am this team in the far Court I am returning the ball to the guy right here on the right side of the screen one four two here it comes third shot and he failed to get it over the net so now they know this player was successful at hitting a third shot drop this player was not so in the future if I am this.

Team I am returning it to this player every time until he proves he can hit an effective third shot one now we talked about the strategy of what this team should do as far as returning the ball they should return it to the guy in the white shirt and the guy in the red shirt or our maroon shirt is going to take it and hit.

A third shot not quite as good as his other ones but again on this team I'm returning to the guy in the white shirt there you have it again I mean this player right here in the maroon shirt is an excellent player he just happened to miss that shot he.

Got the roll of the tape again it went against him all right for those of you watching what should happen here serve return should be to this guy right here let's see if they do that again yes they do and look at that look at that shot right there right in that player's put away Zone.

They will not be able to advance boom hit right at his feet nice get by him that was a fantastic shot by him and that point right there is over because the player on the right side of the Court hit the ball too high hit it to him again will he be successful this time no he.

Will not again cannot hit a third shot drop cannot advance to the non-volley zone keeping him back and just a very easily one point just a fantastic job by the guys on the far Court realizing the weaker player on the team he missed another one but barely missed it.

412 oh he got it in nice job there goes all the power of the guy in the uh cap on backwards hitting it as hard as he can and hitting it out of the Court not sure why he didn't take a softer approach and reset that ball there you go.

That was a nice shot by the guy right there on the right side of the court that was the best shot he has hit all day but again he did not get his third shot drop in and this team right here continues to return the ball to him here we go again misses it again fifth shot misses it seven shot misses it okay if you cannot reset the ball you cannot win.

Pickleball by playing in the no man's land area of the court and this player was unsuccessful on his third fifth and seventh shot if you noticed this team right here did not hit the ball one time to the player in the blue cap here we go again that was a nice job so that's one successful shot by him.

Very nice so that's quite the good look at this bar fight that was some quick action right there nice job by both teams here comes the drive it was he was waiting for it nice job very nice job being ready for that third shot Drive nice play that was an excellent backhand.

By the guy in the black cap and orange shirt heading it to him again almost got it almost got the fifth shot oh he got the seventh shot so nice got job by the guy in the black cap to not give up and continue advancing forward to the non-volley Zone he got there on.

His seventh shot look at this no what a point there are some amazing that was the point of the game so far very nice play by both teams and that ball was out of the Court he got it in on his third shot but he could not get it in on the fifth let me show you what happened right there let me just show you the mistake that the.

Guy right here that hit the third shot made look at this watch this perfect third shot what does he do he freezes right here this is no man's land he should be at the non-volley zone the shot is hit at his feet because he was not at the non-volley Zone here.

Comes the fifth shot hits it right into the net so when you hit a perfect third shot drop like this guy just did you got to advance to the non-volley Zone he did not he got caught in no man's land they hit the fifth shot to him and he hit it into the net if he would have been at the non-volley Zone he could have taken.

The fourth shot out of the air and put it away good job right down the middle of the court with a put away who are they going to return to I got a white shirt oh that was look at this shot I want to go back and look at this this is not an easy shot this ball is.

Hit way to the far corner of the Court this guy is having to hit it stretching out with his backhand but watch what he's able to do he's able to somehow get that ball to drop into the kitchen to this guy's backhand that was just a fantastic shot by the guy in the white shirt not too many players could hit that shot.

Does it again bitcoin's just fantastic hit it right down the line and something else that you might notice is the guy in the white shirt he hits a two-handed backhand to be honest with you I don't see that very often when I am playing against men most men hit a one-handed backhand so I'm assuming he probably has a tennis.

Background but just an excellent two or three shots by the guy in the white shirt nice deep return nice third shot drop that is just fantastic defense wow what a point excellent play great hand-eye coordination just fantastic I said earlier the guy in the white shirt would.

Probably be an aggressive player he's very good at hitting third shot drops as well and he also hits a third shot Drive the guy in the maroon shirt has yet to hit a third shot drive but this guy in the white shirt has a very good all-around game coming after the guy right here again and that ball was hit into the net on.

The fifth shot he's just kind of laughing about it I think he knows it just is not their day nice third shot drop he's really got it going now at the beginning of the game he was just not successful with those third shots and he's kind of upped his game and that point was put away because.

The ball was just hit too high again I really think missing that first serve really kind of got the guy in the black cap off of his game he was just really upset about not getting that serve in no cannot hit a fifth shot in the air like that to somebody at the non-volley Zone just waiting to put it away.

There's the drive waiting for it good job the point takes us to 622 the score right now is six two two let's see if the guys at Orange can come back that ball was hit out just an unforced error.

Making the score 7-2 again his hands are on his hips body language tells a lot as to how a game is going along third shot drive again and he hit it into the net that's why I'm returning the ball every time to the guy in the white shirt because hitting a third shot Drive leaves a lot of room for error.

Like hitting it to the net or hitting it out of the Court of course it can also set up a fifth shot that the team can put away and a lot of times that is the goal of a third shot Drive is to have the other team hit a poor fourth shot and enabling the serving team to put the ball away on the fifth shot.

Hitting it to the guy again and he hits that ball away let me show you why that ball was hit out here comes a return and look what happened he hit the ball while he was moving forward when that happens a lot of times the ball is either hit into the net or hit.

Out of the Court simply because his feet were not set again he hit the ball while he was moving forward he should have moved up a little bit quicker of course it's very hard to anticipate such a shallow return like that one was and he was standing behind the service line he was just not able to set his feet before he hit the ball and.

He hits the ball out of the Court at this point it's just obvious that the team on the far court is better than the team on the near Court score right now is 8-2-1 and the team in the near Court decides to take a timeout so can they regroup and come back from an eight to two deficit Simon this guy right here.

Again is fantastic at hitting this third shot drop exactly where you too should hit a third shot drop it is into the corner of this court right here really nice hand action there nice dinking and hit into the body of the player in the maroon sure there you go that's why you have got to hit the ball to the player who is going.

To sometimes hit a third shot Drive I think is that is the third or fourth unforced era he made by hitting a third shot Drive I know he had two of them into the net and I think he hit one of them out this guy did hit I think three shots that were drops into the net but again if I'm this team right here I am continuing to hit the return to the guy.

In the white shirt 281 so if you notice what happened here they returned the ball to the guy right here in the blue cap that's the first time they have done that in a very long time now I went back and I watched this match over again and I count counted how many returns were hit by the team in the far Court they hit 17 returns out of those.

17 returns 14 of them were hit to the guy in the black cap and only three were hit to the guy in the blue cap now on two of those Returns the guy in the blue cap moved over and poached the ball from the guy in the black cap so the guy in the black cap hit 12 returns and the guy in the blue cap only hit five returns so again just fantastic strategy by the.

Team in the far Court and that time he didn't even get a serve over there fantastic this guy's up this game from the beginning of the game that was a third shot backhand into the kitchen series of points here from the near side team and look at that you just can't do that.

You've got to be better on your third shot and the team on the far Court knows that this guy sometimes just does not hit the ball where it needs to be that ball is hit out his hands are back on his hips again there's so there was a very strong wind blowing but look now there is no.

Wind so you really cannot blame that ball being hit out on the strong wind because right now as you can see this flag is not blowing at the beginning of the game it was just straight out the wind was howling now it's died down little fire fight it's kind of got the chicken wing right there.

Nice third shot drop just hit it too high ten four two the guy in the maroon shirt is now serving out to win the match as a score is ten to four nice job the ball is hit out of the court and the game is over.

The team in the far Court wins by the score of 11 to four they were able to figure out the other team's greatest weakness they took advantage of it and they won the match the other team only scored Four Points so there you have it a great job by the winning team figuring out how to attack the opponent's weakness it was pretty obvious to them.

What they needed to do to win the match they executed it perfectly and they advance in the tournament quite easily so I hope you learned something from watching this video and if you did I hope you take the time to like it subscribe to my channel and click the notification Bell so you'll be notified when I post another video that's it from.

Pickleball pick a part again my name is Rory and as always see you on the courts and thanks for watching
In this video, exactly what players should to do to quickly figure out how to win a game. When playing a new opponent, a team has little time to decide how to best play against them. Watch this video and learn how to be successful in solving the puzzle.