Good Day Sacramento I'm Lori Wallace we have talked a lot about pickleball on this show recently and now the pickleball for dummies book written by a local woman here monard from Modesto Sacramento base though now this is the first time you're seeing this book in your hands this morning it is there's actually four of us who wrote it Diana.

Landau is one of them uh my best dinking buddy and business partner Rhian Steele wrote it with us and Diana's husband Carl Landell okay so you've been playing for six years obviously you are very good at it to come up with this talk a little bit about how you got started and what led to the bug so I got started because my sister drugged me out to play.

And I was like okay I'll try it I came from Racquetball and Tennis so it came to me pretty naturally and then Rhiannon and I started teaching all of our buddies like we wanted more people to play so we start started teaching them and then people said you should charge us for this we're like okay so business was born so now we have a business.

Called positive dinking and we have so much fun teaching is our website it's almost always full but we want people out there trying to get in lessons we want to teach everyone we want to Teach the World to play this game and the courts around here are always full just like they are this morning uh this book.

Of course takes you through all the ins and outs of pickleball and I know Diane you've only been playing for about a year but with this book you've been able to kind of get on board a little bit quicker oh absolutely as I saw the chapters coming through I was like oh my God I wish I'd had this book while I started playing there is packed full of.

So many good tips and information on how to play better and enjoy it yeah and one of the fun Parts about this book well I was glancing through looking in the very back at the glossary there's some really funny things in here okay we had a very good time with the glossary okay we talk about like the Footwear change if you lose in a tournament you put on the.

Sandals of Shame also known as the flip-flops of failure you know we had a good time with the glossary they want the book funny yeah I was looking in the back addiction to pickleball you can't stop thinking about pickleball you're always trying to find ways to play and watch pickleball you have a personalized pickleball license plate or frame you.

Read the glossary of pickleball books so if you guys didn't have a blast riding it but really what's cool is sharing the information and seeing people like this out here learning from from what you put out there yeah pickleball is all about joy and finding friends as adults bringing back recess to life you know we always let go of recess once we get out.

Of school and it's like why not play more it's a great way to meet new people and a lot of times we show up and we just play with whoever's there instead of arriving with a foursome like tennis or golf we just play with whoever's there so it's super welcoming yeah and I think the inclusivity like you said being you could be as young as five.

Years old or you could be a hundred out here playing together which is what's great about it it's an opportunity to channel your inner kid I mean you walk on a court and say hey want to play it's so much fun and it's good exercise yeah it's great exercise and you can see everyone out here they're taking up all the courts guys so I don't have to go.

Out there and embarrass myself in front of Mo and show her how I play Pickleball we'll just we'll just let these lovely people get in their morning exercise I will send them back to you where can people get the book so people can get the book on Amazon most bookstores Barnes and Noble Target everybody we're going to be doing some launch parties.

Here locally so you can buy them from us if you check out there's a link to it there I mean you're gonna have a hard time missing this book it's going to be everywhere and just to let you know it's not just for dummies it's for beginner intermediate Advanced people it's got everything it's a reference book that's right don't feel.

Bad about yourself if you need this in your life I will send it back to you guys in the studio pickleball and Lori I I know quite a few pickleball players they're very kind if you ask nicely if you could borrow a court to flex your skills yep
It’s the most comprehensive pickleball book EVER WRITTEN, and it can help you get off the ground with your pickleball addiction! Lori Wallace is talking to the authors of the new book “Pickleball for Dummies!”