Coming up nude pickleball here from the head of one of the biggest nude pickleball clubs in florida and at the very end of the video creepy legends surrounding this gigantic florida sinkhole tired of all the bad news the sunshine state update is all about positive news things to do and places to see in florida.

Hey guys welcome back to another sunshine state update i'm gina tomlinson and if you like good news or things to do in florida please subscribe so you and i can keep on spreading positivity first twin sisters on a flight together from boston to fort myers saved a life in the sky nicole kelly a nurse in massachusetts and her twin sister.

Lindsay byrne who's a firefighter and a paramedic were both aboard a jet blue plane when a woman was found unresponsive in the bathroom quickly jumping into action to help the stranger the twin sisters figured out the woman was having a diabetic emergency they were able to get her blood sugar under control and the woman regained.

Consciousness the two stayed by her side the rest of the flight until she made it safely to florida and making sure kids get to school safe cordarius jones now widely known as mr bus driver drives for escambia county schools and is now rising to fame for creating funny videos promoting positivity i like you you're a good.

Driver i appreciate it and although cordarius makes the job look cool he tells me that being a school bus driver was never part of his plan i unexpectedly lost my uh grandmother so i was kind of at a down point you know and i was in between jobs and as i was driving i saw a sign that said now hiring school bus drivers i passed by.

The sign didn't think anything of it so i saw the sign again and something in me just said if that's a sign from god or my grandmother somebody's telling me go in and do this kids just got on gave me big smiles hugs oh my gosh you're going to be our new bus driver hey i like you already and after doing that route that day i felt.

Just something in me just said this is where you need to be this comes in the midst of bus driver shortages across america cordarius is doing his part to recruit others childhood cancer is far from a positive subject but on the sunshine state update i have been able to share a good amount of inspiring stories mostly involving.

Children's experiences with make-a-wish southern florida one story that many of you have told me was your favorite of all time who could forget that spunky and very smart eight-year-old boy named ivan who got to live his dream of being a wildlife photographer shooting alongside a pro in the corkscrew swamp sanctuary when we got disney plus i.

Started watching um national geographics and it really got me into it so what was it like for you to come down here to florida it was really special i saw way too many alligators like they were everywhere at corkscrew anybody ever tell you that you're pretty impressive.

For an eight-year-old uh yeah st jude children's research hospital is focused on finding cures for kids like ivan and saving children if you'd like to donate there is a link in the pinned comment below many say that pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the u.s and florida is.

At the center in fact the biggest pickleball party in the world found right here in naples every year in april 2 000 players from 20 countries play in the world championships at east naples community park people say the sport is fun social and easy to learn scoring big with florida's retiree group especially since the pandemic companies like corco.

Tell me the demand for private courts at homes across florida is skyrocketing so naturally nude pickleball is also exploding mike sullivan who plays at cypress cove nudist resort in central florida tells me their club is nearly 200 members strongly unlike many many many other sports it does not take a lifetime of practice or lessons we grew.

During pandemic pickleball was seen as being a safe sport outdoors distance and you know we would sanitize our balls in a bleach solution between games and so on that's what makes it so enjoyable here no sweaty soggy t-shirts or shorts and you feel the beautiful florida sun and wind on your skin and it's just a.

Dream come true to play here close or not there's a link where you can find all the top courts throughout the state in the youtube description box now it's time for off the menu escape to a tropical oasis surrounded by plants bamboo and lights welcome to jungle bird an authentic tiki bar in cape coral what the owner jeremy.

Vincent tells me originally started as a pop-up concept has now grown into a hot spot especially for happy hours the building itself kind of already had this like tropical feel to it you do kind of polynesian asian fusion is kind of what we call it i started off with some of their signature sticky ribs we raise them for four hours they're cooked.

With like a house hoisin sauce they fall off the bone and then this glorious dish yeah so this is our crunchy tuna bites so it's gonna be fried sushi sliced cucumber uh it's got spicy tuna on top that sounds up my alley i'm always looking for something sushi related if you hit the tiki bar your cocktail will be served in one of these cute creative.

Tiki mugs look how cute that is i suggest their award-winning tamiami vice or their fighter pilot which is a riff on the classic jet pilot with four different kinds of rums all of our syrups are made from scratch it takes a lot of time but people really enjoy it and you know it kind of shows in the drinks a lot so.

Yeah and it shows in the amount of people here on a friday night off season and our pet of the week this week is sponsored by boatman ritchie thanks bowman richie say hello to lola a happy outgoing french bulldog from naples with a closet packed full of stylish harnesses and trendy tutus you might be able to tell.

That this frenchie is a bit of a diva but even with so many doggy friends in her famous online presence lola hasn't let it go to her cute wrinkly head even after being featured on cosmopolitan's instagram where she scored more likes than kim kardashian and lola doesn't even have a skincare line and in our did you know segments creepy folklore and.

Indian legends surround this massive funnel-shaped toll in north florida it's 120 feet deep a half a mile around its rim found in the mist of a pine forest northwest of gainesville it's called the devil's millhopper after prehistoric bones were found in the bottom of the sinkhole people claimed it was a hopper that fed bodies to the devil there's.

Also tales of people disappearing at the site as if they were swallowed by the pit the landmark is now state property and you can visit to see the sinkhole for yourself but don't fall in that's all i have for you this week thanks so much for watching and i'll see you next time in case you're wondering i get my hair done at simple beauty in med spa in.

Naples making beauty simple wow that was like not messy for me usually i'm really messy
Pickleball is exploding in Florida! A look at where and how the game is being played throughout the state… Together with an interview with one of the biggest Nude Pickleball clubs in Florida. Plus POSITIVE news from Florida! In this episode of the Sunshine State Update: Meet an inspiring bus driver from Escambia County Schools and learn about how twin sisters saved a stranger’s life on a flight. We’re also uncovering some creepy legends surrounding the Devil’s Millhopper in Florida. Plus check out Jungle Bird in Cape Coral with me! #Floridasgoodnews #FloridaHistory






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