The fire fight is a quick back and forth exchange for hitting fast reflex volleys out of the air standing at the kitchen line the three things that we're going to do to try to win more firefights are as follows number one we're going to make sure that we're keeping the paddle out in front in our ready position after we.

Hit the ball after i hit the ball i'm coming straight back to my ready position i'm never taking the paddle back and leaving it number two i want to make sure i'm not taking a backswing in order to do that i want to make sure the paddle's in my peripheral vision at all times when i'm tracking the ball and taking.

The paddle back i can still see it i have the corner of my eye when i'm looking towards the other side if i take it back to here i can't see it anymore so that's how i know i'm taking too big of a backswing i'm probably going to miss the next shot and number three keep the swing compact we don't want to take too big of a follow-through either we.

Want to punch these shots take a very small comeback swallow swing but if i take a huge swing like this follow through over my shoulder i'm not gonna have enough time to get back to my ready position i'm probably going to lose the point because i'm not going to be ready for the next
Coach Matt explains what a firefight is, and how to use them to win points!

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