So what's the right answer when you're the person not hitting the third shot should you get to the kitchen line immediately ah it depends should you sprint up there should you stay back and be more patient uh it depends there's three questions you have to consider when you're the one not hitting the third shot Drive in order to make good.

Decisions and play the points out well number one is who are we number two is who are they and number three is where was the return hit Okay so let's use those three questions as we go through here all right there's a serve the return returns pretty deep where's it hit it's hit to Andre descu's backhand.

Okay so devillier is patient to get in takes his time right here the bottom team do you ask you and devillier are clearly at a disadvantage they're behind in the point because they're at the Baseline and their opponents are at the kitchen it's going to be hard to win this point unless they can get back up.

To the kitchen which is what they're going to try to do right here they're patient to the kitchen who are we who are they where was the return hits and here's another example great return who are we who are they where was the return hit okay the return is hit deep here but yeah notice.

What Leia Jansen bottom left is doing she's getting Vision right now she's creeping in all right but she's not going too fast because if the ball is hit high it's a mistake so many beginners hit if this ball was hit really high and she continued to move towards the kitchen line she would get pummeled at her feet if it's hit High.

She can back up here watch this oh that one is hit a little bit High watch what she does takes a step back let's watch that one more time okay she knows it's high she gets Vision she makes the decision to back up here's another clip here we're seeing Leia Jansen drive a third shot who are we who.

Are they where was the return hits okay here's the return she's on her back foot because the return was deep look at Elise Jones here and I'm gonna give you two more things to think about when you're the player not hitting the third shot drop you want to do two things you want to get Vision so you can number two make a decision get Vision so you can.

Make a decision okay Elise Jones is not the one hitting the third as the ball flies in here she gets Vision right there on what her partner's about to do what type of shot she's about to hit then she makes a decision she's patient to get towards the kitchen line they neutralize they get aggressive at the kitchen here's another example different.

Situation though we have Catherine parento and Anna Lee Waters at the bottom of your screen we have Catherine prento who's hitting the serve okay we also see that Catherine's gonna hit the third let's go slow motion here as Catherine goes to hit the third look at annalize she's getting Vision but.

Annalize a different player she's probably one of the best in the world at crashing toward the kitchen line and getting aggressive so your paddle come up there and getting aggressive looking to apply pressure okay we'll see another example here but she does something different where's the return go it goes to Ben John's backhand.

He doesn't tend to drive that backhand on doubles Annalee knows that so she's a little more patient she doesn't crash as hard Works her way up she's patient they get there they neutralize they're in a point here's a different situation we're going to see Anna Lee playing with her mom this time we see her crash and apply a ton of pressure watch this all.

Right she gets vision Lee Waters drives it look at Emily as she gets there she split steps she applies pressure that's one of the ways that you can apply pressure is you can get up to the kitchen but again who is your partner and what's their skill set do they have a good drive what's your skill set do you have a good crash close.

And finish here's one of the dangers of getting up to the kitchen line too fast something you got to be considerative Catherine parento with the serve here's the third shot she goes to drive it and only crashes hard great block winner here from Elise Jones let's watch that one more time Emily does a good job.

All right this is one of the dangers for you annalize probabilities of this they don't have this doesn't happen a ton with annalize she tends to apply pressure and cover that ball well it was a great shot by Elise Jones but when you're playing if you find yourself running to the kitchen line and getting beat on 70 of.

Your points stop doing it stay back be more patient let's go to another clip different player Dylan Frazier all right JW Johnson here with the third shot look at Dylan Fraser eyes on the ball he gets Vision so he can make a decision should I move forward or should I stay back okay it was a good drop he notices it right.

Away he gets forward here's another example JW with the serve JW again if you're if you know your partner doesn't miss many thirds you can creep in a little bit more if your partner is really bad at thirds stay back a little bit more okay I'll watch that one more time excuse me I think actually Dylan Fraser.

Served it yep he does he serves it ignata which with the return like a good Vision he's like walking up a little burst speed gets up there to the kitchen they get aggressive at the kitchen they win the point here's another example Frazier with the serve oh I like this okay so check this out the last two we saw Frasier move up.

Pretty quickly he doesn't pause but this time Frazier gets Vision look at that gets Vision right there this drive is just slightly high right anytime a drive is high right Tyson's able to hit down on it right so Fraser pauses where he's at keep your eyes here on Frasier bottom right of your screen.

Third shot from JW comes he pauses he gives himself time and space boom mistake happens on the other side now on the flip side for Frasier this time DJ young serves the ball okay rather than him with the return boom that's a short return who are we who are they where was the return hit.

Let's see an example here here's the return by Riley Newman on this return okay ball comes short they recognize and they say we're going I was at this match it was also cold weather ball tends to get harder in cold weather which means it flies faster so a lot of times you want to rip more in cold weather because it's harder to hit Drop shots third shot.

Drops that is okay so let's see it ball is hit short look at Dylan Frazier he's getting there fast he's in a split step he's ready to be aggressive into attack boom and they win the point so what's the right answer when you're the person not hitting the third shot should you get to the kitchen line immediately ah it depends should you sprint up there.

Should you stay back and be more patient uh it depends for the beginners watching I would encourage you to be more patient getting up to the kitchen line because your partner hitting the third shot oftentimes isn't as consistent yet because they haven't practiced Enough by staying in points longer your opponents will make more mistakes minimize on four.

Stairs be conscious be thinking who are we who are they where was the return hit and you'll put yourself in a better position to be successful these are the things that most aren't thinking about but now you will be good luck and try this on the next time you go out and play
In today’s video, we’re talking the 3rd shot, but not yours! Your partners!

What should you do when your partner hits and 3rd shot drop? What about a 3rd shot drive? Should you rush the kitchen? Should you wait?

In the Pickleball Film Room, we’re breaking it down for you.

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