This is the pickleball film room where I'm gonna break down the overlooked skills of winning players now I was watching my friends JT and Tyler play at a tournament recently I filmed some of their matches I was helping them with some film breakdown and then I thought maybe this would help you too today's video is brought to you by Selkirk so.

There's 12 tactical tips if you will that I identified while watching them now there's more than that I just happen to identify 12. in this video part one I'm gonna go over six of those tactical tips so you could increase your pickleball IQ and start winning more and getting better results when you're on court let's break down the film.

So to start number one we're talking about being strong at the kitchen line all right so we got my buddies this is Tyler and JT they're playing a 3-5 tournament the first tournament ever I play with them once a week so truthfully their strategy right now and understanding of the game is actually a little farther ahead of their technique.

But we're gonna see some technique challenges some strategy challenges right now as we watch so they get up to the kitchen line after a third shot now here's what I do like right JT hits a third shot drop gets aggressive here's what I don't like Tyler could take this ball out of the air so Tyler by letting this ball bounce.

Instead of taking it out of the air which I think he should have he then runs way back here I call this being sporadic at the kitchen line look how far back he gets when he's here he's off balance when he's here he can't be in a position to attack I don't like this position for him actually quick fun fact look at this watch Tyler he hits the.

Ball he doesn't even look at the ball when he hits it that's freaking impressive love that Tyler that's my guy all right so he gets there he gets back now JT also gets caught now I don't know if JT could have taken this ball out of the air and maybe JT was thrown off by Tyler's positioning problems there but notice JT.

Gets pushed all the way back here to the Baseline and now he's in a very defensive position sporadic at the kitchen line bad strong at the kitchen line good now he works their way back up they try to get their babe way back neutral which I like but it hits a good shot now let's see another example where they actually do a better job we're.

Gonna focus more on Tyler so just kind of look through I know it's a little challenging to see look through JT if you can Tyler gets netcore steps in notice he just takes little drop steps back to the line a little drop step back to the line way better footwork there he never leaves the line like he did in a previous clip now JT.

Look what JT does JT's watching he's strong at the kitchen line the moment he sees this Dink it's a little bit high but here's what I think JT I know JT he's got really good hands JT backs up and puts himself in more of a defensive position not wrong but knowing who JT is and knowing who his opponents are or knowing who your opponents are when.

You're playing will determine whether you should back up off the line or stay there so I was watching this match I think JT hadn't been attacked aggressively enough to back up as much as we see him back up here and he also has great hands I would have liked to see JT stay up there at that kitchen line and fight and be aggressive for a.

Counter but instead he backs up he ends up popping it up and when you pop it up and your opponent has a chance to put it down that's going to be a challenging Point guy actually ends up missing it out but they got away with one there and here's one final example of being strong at the kitchen line watch this JT off a third shot drop from his opponent he.

Gets stepped off a little bit but he doesn't get pushed way back like we saw earlier he comes back up he's strong at the kitchen he counters Tyler gets a ball down ball up put away good job Tyler way to stay strong JT now with staying strong in the kitchen line allows you to do is it allows you to stay on balance and allows you to be in.

An attackable position where you can be dangerous with your length now let's go to number two in some of these tactical tips some of these overlooked skills winning players have number two is the ability to split step when your opponent is about to make contact so let's break that down a little bit Tyler will serve return JT hits the shot boom Tyler kind.

Of runs through the ball there Tyler runs through the ball pops it up now I say runs through let's watch this he never stops gains balance and then makes contact he just runs through it that's really hard to maintain control this is hard for people like you and me if you're one of those people who hasn't played tennis growing up for tennis.

Players this is a very natural movement the split step the split step is when your opponent's about to make contact on a shot you literally almost go into like a one two where you get into a stance you're down you're about hip width apart so you're able to go left or right and move quickly on your next shot while staying on balance clearly here Tyler.

Did not go into a split step he's a newer player no tennis background we see it right there let's look at a couple top Pros Zane navratil in the bottom Andrea coop in the bottom right that's uh against Vivian David top left Thomas Wilson top right let's just put our attention on the bottom left here Zane navratil okay just keep your eyes on him.

Okay after this shot right here watch this right when Tom is about to make contact a moment after watch Zayn again one to two just so we can get balanced and move left to right and one to two again okay let's Zoom back now let's watch Andrea Coop bottom right watch the slow motion right off the bat Zane hits the ball watch Andrea mini.

Split step let's watch it again mini split step and she moves right both of those players who are former tennis players and they played at a high level and so it's more natural for them I'm not I've been playing for a year and a half I play at the pro level I'm still working at this this is a huge thing if you can get this.

Down you're gonna make a lot more balls and be in a better position to score points to win games quick Interruption if you're watching this video there's a good chance that you're a beginner so I made something specifically for you it's a 10 video series 10 mistakes beginners make delivered to your inbox your email inbox one video a day for 10 straight.

Days go to the description below click the link enter your email and you'll start getting videos all right back to the video okay now number three going from defense to offense let's break it down JT here with the serve return okay great drop there I just like to dip on that drop like the paddle tip down.

Like JT oh man beautiful look at I like how Tyler gets in quick I like how JT comes I I would like to see him come a little farther to look to be a little more aggressive he stops a little short there but that's okay what he did now um just a quick side he's fading left he's two feet off the kitchen he speeds.

It up not probably the most ideal speed up but he's gonna get away with it a little bit here he's playing three five and JT is probably a little higher level player than that right now especially with his ability to think the game Okay Tyler keeps him in the play this is the moment where they went from almost neutral to now they're clearly on.

Defense okay if you ever have two people up at the kitchen which we do with those players on the left side and two people back at the Baseline like we do with Tyler and JT on the right side the players on the left clearly in the advantage players on the right they're looking for an opportunity to get back.

To the kitchen and maybe even turn defense into offense quickly which is what's about to happen so a player tries to hit a drop shot it doesn't work very well Tyler's like let's freaking go so pumped up I thought they won the point until I realized listen up foreign I said is it out he goes yeah I was.

Actually watching Tyler he ends up hitting it out that was more of a come on like I thought he won the point but he didn't nonetheless great defense to offense we're gonna pretend they won that point number four drop location and after drop aggression here's what I mean drop location so one thing I've taught JT specifically is he's been playing.

Pickleball probably six to eight months now is when you drop it to your opponent's backhand but specifically the player on the left side right which he tries to do here the player gets around it right but he'll do it right here that left side player's backhand less offense over there more ability to get in and attack so you have more margin for error.

So he drops over there and then immediately gets in there and starts attacking and getting aggressive as I watched all these clips back with JT and Tyler one of the things I noticed with JT is this was a pattern that repeated itself a lot and it will for you as well so JT comes here return watch where he drops the ball okay right.

Over there to that spot less offense now if they're an Ernie threat which a lot of players are three five four oh four five they're not Ernie threats they won't jump the kitchen and get that you're going to be safe in that position okay rewind that JT ah yeah I talked to him about this so he drops a great ball he gets a sitter but notice right JT's a.

Little reluctant to get in right for maybe he missed the one before I'm not sure but it gets caught on his back foot if he gets two steps in and he splits steps and then attacks he's probably winning that battle all right the pattern's gonna show up again here we go except Tyler's dropping it this time they don't get in and here's part of the.

Reason it's not bad to stay patient to get into the kitchen Tyler had actually been missing some drops in this match so J2 is more reluctant to get in Tyler was more reluctant to get in next ball the fifth shot comes the JT look at that paddle tip down and this time boom he drops it right back to the back hand look at Tyler get aggressive.

In there great job Tyler JT also gets aggressive season opening on the window Right Down the Line God leave that pattern repeated itself so many times throughout the day great job JT great job Tyler we'll see one more example here JT is going to get the third shot drop watch them both get aggressive boom punch that ball if you notice the drop.

Is good move up quickly split step on your opponent's impact and then look to get aggressive if they give you a ball that you can generate something down or generate something with Pace toward their body boom ah okay here's number five partner communication I love this clip I'm gonna go volume up on it let's see if we can.

Just listen to it first okay JT serves the ball the moment after he hits it he says back because he hit it a little bit High he says back again because he hits it a little bit High the moment he hits this shot he says good he says good which is a part of the.

Reason they start moving at the same time and then the moment the ball goes in the air JT says you clear for Tyler releases any pressure that there's any confusion and Tyler puts that ball away that's awesome communicate with your partners early so there's zero confusion even an obvious balls at times I like to.

Communicate with my partner like yours and mine even if it's so obvious it's yours or mine just to create the habit of communication and to release any pressure especially on the middle balls or the closer balls so there's no confusion there's no indecision you know whose ball is what you know when to move up together you know if you need to move.

Back because your drop or your fifth shot or your seventh shot was high that's Elite communication that's great partner communication here's the sixth and final one for today it's what you do on the fourth shot okay let's go to the clips okay Spencer bottom right he's gonna serve that's the first shot Tyler hitting that's the second shot Spencer's.

Third shot drop that's the third shot and now what we're focusing on right now is this four shot what is Tyler going to do the moment he gets the ball that's what we're talking about right now so let's watch it again this fourth ball is Tyler's now I love what he does here Jack and Spencer over here on the left they're a little bit reluctant to get in.

I'd probably coach them to move in a little bit quicker based on that drop location and the drop Precision but they're a little passive to get in I like what Tyler does he takes a step back and he doesn't take it out of the air here he takes a step back lets the ball rise and then he puts some good pace and spin on the ball puts it right.

At Spencer's Pete this is a great setup shot for a put away oh let's watch that one more time from the back angle okay so watch Spencer bottom right jack bottom left they don't quite get in I would like to see Jack get in a little bit more on that ball and Spencer he hit the drop he got pushed back but Tyler beautiful job.

Fourth shot set up for the kill okay so here's a different clip Spencer on the far right you can't see him he's out of frame right now he served it JT returned it Spencer's about to hit a third shot drop and Tyler's about to be the one this is Tyler's fourth shot I skipped ahead a little bit now notice Tyler here okay A bit different right so.

This is a tough decision here that we have to keep getting better at that you have to keep getting better at that I have to keep getting better at when do you take it out of the air and when do you let it bounce well Tyler's hitting way up on the ball look at his arm is way extended he's a bit in an awkward position he can't do anything to.

Generate an advantage here so if that's the case if you can't generate an advantage out of the air I'm gonna step back and try to apply pressure off the bounce instead we see Tyler tops it up also Jack takes advantage slight decision an overlooked skill that winning players have Tyler did it incorrectly there okay so we're gonna.

See a different clip now Tyler's fourth shot again I skipped ahead Jack is hitting his third shot drop right here Tyler he looks like he wants to take it out of the air but he doesn't he steps back and I love that short swing paddle tip down that's what we want all right generate some spin puts Jack in a tough spot makes Jack hit up which is always a.

Good thing in pickleball if Jack's hitting up we're hitting down if they're hitting up we're winning points you want to be winning more points those are six overlooked skills winning players have that was part one part two will be released soon I hope that helped this is the pickleball film room keep playing
Let’s break down some film! Recently, I watched my two friends play their first 3.5 tournament. I filmed it to help them learn, then thought, there’s a lot for all of us to learn from this footage. So I broke it down into 12 overlooked skills of winning players. Part 2 will come out soon.

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