Matt rght is one of the oldest Pros on tour and so because of that he really relies on strategy to one himself points so right here we’re going to see him use the triangle rule to win himself a speed up so let’s break down this strategy what the triangle rule says is that if you are to speed up down this line your opponent’s counter is most likely to.

Come back towards your left hit if you’re speeding up down this line your opponent’s counter is most likely to come back towards your right H hence the triangle rule so Matt’s got to speed up this ball down the line but what’s really important here is this outside foot as he’s speeding the ball Up Down the Line he’s also pushing back into the.

Middle anticipating that counter to his left hip so we can see he’s speeding the ball up and pushing at the same time if you speed the ball up then try and step you’re going to be too late it’s got to be at the same time and so now as de roll is just making contact with the ball not has slid to his left and he has.

His paddle sitting at that left tip exactly where he’s expecting the ball and so now we see de roll makes contact and the ball goes directly to that left hip Matt does a block counter and it goes right into Deal’s waistline for the winner as always thank you for watching this video if you want to support this Channel please consider liking or.

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Today we are examining one of the OGs of the pro pickleball world, Matt Wright. We are going to look at a clip of him using the triangle rule to win a speedup. While many players understand the triangle rule, they are still not positioning themselves to really take advantage of it.

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