Thanks for tuning in to my YouTube channel pickleball pick apart in this video a recreational game between friends one of the players makes a fatal mistake that I see many many players make it's a mistake that will keep you from being the best pickleball player you can possibly be so check it out and find out exactly what I'm talking about.

Let's go so here's the match let's take a look at the Players you have a woman on this team and a man on this team they look to be about in their 30s two men on this side they look to be a little bit older as I mentioned in the title of this video there is a fatal flaw that one of these players makes so let's go ahead and.

Take a look at exactly what I'm talking about all right so uh both teams played very well that were both at the non-volley Zone the player with a backwards hat could just not get it over the net for an unforced era okay so if you notice what happened she was looking at her partner return the.

Ball I don't know why players do that I really think it's unnecessary what the player should have done was run to the non-volley zone as quickly as possible she did not so she is trapped right here in no man's land all he has to do is hit the ball at her feet and she'll have a difficult time getting it back thank you.

And that is exactly what happened okay nice third shot drop by her once again but she freezes she freezes right here in no man's land she should be here she is not so when I talk about the Fatal flaw it is the Fatal flaw in her game of not getting to the non-volley zone and getting caught mid-court in no man's land again he can hit it right at.

Her feet and she's going to have a difficult time getting it back let's see if he does that again he does but it was kind of a soft shot she's going to the backhand she is going to drop a third shot a fifth shot drop now if she does successfully let's see if she gets up to the non-volley Zone this time.

Good shot and she does not she is still in no man's land and she hits it out of the Court it's a beautiful day for pickleball I'm not sure where this is but it's a very nice facility that ball was hit out sometimes when you're trying to hit the ball deep it does go out but I think hitting a ball deep is the thing to do.

She was a little bit closer they were just able to slam it at her feet and there's no getting that ball back either and that ball was in that was a very good shot but they're smiling they're laughing about it they're having a very good time and let me just say looking at her I can.

Tell you she that she has all the ability in the world she is very athletic looking at the way she's dressed I would assume she's from tennis maybe she's still playing tennis or has just switched over to pickleball she has again athletic ability to be very very good at pickleball I think the issue right now.

Is she just does not understand the strategy of the game and she just does not position position herself in the proper place in order to be effective it's really to her disadvantage to be standing right here in mid-court in no man's land but sometimes tennis players do that because tennis players are used to staying back in the court and.

Vollowing Tennis is not pickleball pickleball pickleball is played differently than tennis so let's see if she makes an adjustment again look where she is I know I'm really focusing in on her but I'm just trying to make a point this point is over at this point as Ollie has to do is slam it at her feet as she is way off.

Balance here and he hits it right into the net his paddle was just not in the correct position it was perpendicular to the ground and a lot of times when a paddle is in that position the ball goes directly into the net great shot by her that was just a fantastic backhand shot into the sharp corner right here.

Fantastic shot by the female player look where she is again not in position but she hit it right to that guy good shot for her what a great Point by both teams uh still she is backing up I don't know if she's afraid to get hit by the ball but she kind of backs up gives up the position at the non-volley zone.

Thank you nice little drop again has not Advanced to the non-volley zone is sitting back if you're finding this video informative and helpful I hope you take the time to like it subscribe to my channel and click the notification Bell so you'll be notified when I post a new video having to defend from the back line very.

Nice job and getting it back and getting up to the net and that ball was just hit a little bit too high into this guy's slam Zone he was able to hit it at her feet but overall a really nice reset from almost behind the line again she did not move up and they see that they're hitting it to her feet.

Nice job very nice deep return keeping him back and I think she just hit it out but still a very nice effort on her part to keep this player back okay so what happened on that point let's take a look at that again I think it's worth watching he did end up hitting it out.

But and the reason that happened is if you will watch his return it's a very shallow return allowing this player to hit a third shot drive just not a good effort on The Return by this player here he's kind of has his hands on his hips saying you know what that was just not good excellent job by her did you see the.

Difference she was at the non-volley zone that time and able to get those balls back they were not able to Target her feet when she was at mid-court so she did a very good job of getting to the non-volley Zone on that point let's see if she continues to do so nice a nice come on up nice come on up defend.

Defend again so when a team is at the non-volley zone and another team is back at the service line eventually the team that is at the non-volley zone is going to win the point sure they may be able to hit it back a few times but unless they're able to reset it and get to the non-volley zone They pretty much do not have much.

Of a chance of winning that point nice deep serve nice return third shot Drive all right now this is really good here and he hit it in that ball was in nice shot oh what a shot very nice shot by the woman very similar to the shot she hit earlier.

In the game just some really nice power shots kept hitting it till the other team could not get to it very nice job on their part and what caused that as well is this team was not hitting it into the kitchen and resetting it they were hitting it directly to these players sometimes you just have to reset the ball into the.

Kitchen and kind of start the point over again it's called a reset for a reason I think that ball was in again but as you can see she's playing better now she's getting up to the non-volley zone as she was not previously unfortunately it may be just a little bit too late but uh she has made an adjustment it looks.

Like it she is now at the non-volley zone so good shot by her that one was definitely hit out okay look where she is again slam it to her and the point is over she was able to reset it because he allowed her to he should have slammed it at her feet instead of hitting it really shallow and.

Allowing her to get back up to the non-volley zone just uh not quick enough to get here stuck again at Mid Court just an unforced era but again she was where she needed to be and she got a couple of balls back so good job by her and uh that's the end of the match it's kind of.

Appropriate that it ended when the ball was hit to her and she was mid-court and could not get it back overall a fun match to watch it looks like they were having a lot of fun which is sometimes what pickleball is all about but if you're in it to win it you cannot make the Fatal flaw that this player in yellow made she was just at Mid Court.

Way too often or behind the service line way too often they're at the service line way too often she did not make her way to the non-volley zone and if you're playing pickleball and one team is at the non-volley zone and the other team is back and does not make it forward the team at the non-volley Zone usually wins the match it's kind of an easy thing to.

See as someone is watching a video like this you can see what the players are doing right and what the players are doing wrong but again a fun match to watch they look like they had a lot of fun as well so there you have it a fatal flaw that some players make that you want to avoid making again this player has all the.

Athletic ability in the world to be successful in pickleball she just has to position herself on the court properly in order to succeed I hope you enjoyed watching this video and I hope you learned something from it if you did I hope you take the time to like it subscribe to my channel and click the notification Bell so you'll be notified.

When I post a new video so that's it from pickleball Pick-A-Part we're picking apart a pickleball pairing off provides perfect proficiency for principled pickleball play thanks for watching and I'll see you on the courts
In this video I point out a flaw in one of the player’s game in a doubles match. You can watch this video and learn how to play most effectively so you can be the best pickleball player you can possibly be.