Are you ready to play pickleball the sport with a funny name is taking the country by storm and now it's the main attraction at a new facility in greater boston wbz's rachel holt shows us where you can eat drink and get in the game it's all the rage pickleball you may be asking what is it the more and more i play pickleball the more it's like ping.

Pong on a court games are usually played to 11 usually win by two and only the serving side can win points that was probably perfect and the growing sport is coming to south boston why is it so popular i you know it's one of those things that it's fun for everyone young middle old you know you can take it seriously you cannot and.

Everyone has a good time on saturday pkl opens to the public the 22 thousand square foot indoor pickleball facility we have a restaurant two bars a lounge some shuffle board areas as well as a cornhole area so it's kind of a little bit of everything for hopefully everyone our court rentals are 50 an hour they.

Can seat up to 12 people you can sit in cabana style seating order drinks order food and play pickleball a big part of what they'll do here at pkl is offering people like me who have never played the sport before tips and advice with pickleball experts on site so you're going to start the serve.

Behind the white line always on the right side all the way back there we have a director of pickleball his name's dave he might like pickleball more than any human being in the world uh he has lessons in clinics and leagues and tournaments if you've never played pickleball before pkl is a great way to.

Start we provide the paddles we provide the balls instructions for how to play the game are on the website and it's just a really relaxed fun atmosphere that has a good vibe nice new pickleball enthusiast rachel holt wbz news
The growing sport is coming to South Boston. WBZ-TV’s Rachel Holt reports.