Here's a recap of four pickleball live streams taking place this weekend around the country the app NextGen series takes place at chicken and pickle Kansas City where young pickleball players are competing to grow their skills the world pickleball opened out of Palm Beach Florida airs on app TV featuring top pickleball Pros competing for gold and.

Top prizes the PPA takea showcase takes place in Newport Beach California as part of the PPA tour featuring their top Pros competing for gold and prizes finally the most unique event this weekend the duper pickleball Collegiate national championships at Dreamland in Texas 16 colleges compete for the top prize at this historic first time event.

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This weekend may have been historic with four different professional organizations live streaming pickleball for the world to enjoy. The APP Tour, PPA Tour, DUPR, and APP Next Gen all have tournaments this weekend showing the players from rising athletes to PROs. Click on LINKS BELOW to watch them all 👇🏽

👉🏽PPA Takeya Showcase:

👉🏽APP Tour Next Gen and World Pickleball Open:

👉🏽DUPR Collegiate Nationals: