The touch to hit accurate Drop shots in pickleball requires you to control the height and Pace your shot should have an arc which with the apex of the path of your shot being on your side of the net other sports require the same principle in this instructional video will illustrate the ball being hit or shot with an upper trajectory and Arc to the.

Target the better players in each sport of basketball golf volleyball and pickleball all have the skill and use it is worthy of admiration to watch players who have developed a touch for their shots in their respective Sports in basketball the player shot must have an arc for the ball to be higher than.

The front of the rim the correct amount of force or strength must be applied in order for the ball to travel the proper distance this requires a lot of practice and focus on the mechanics of the shot in golf many shots require the ball to be hit with an arc to travel over obstacles like water sand traps and rough grass so the ball can land on the.

Putting surface the pace of the ball is hit is instrumental in the proper distance this is another example of touch or feel the golfer needs to calculate how hard to hit the ball so it travels the correct distance watch the length of The Strokes and how they relate to the distance that the ball travels you don't.

Want large swings for short shots in volleyball the bump is a skill where the player develops a touch to control the height and accuracy so the balls hit high and in perfect position to the teammate who then sets the ball for an attacking shot in pickleball the same principle of controlling the height and pace and.

Angle are required for accuracy or placement of your shot the progression of the drop shot drop volley and many dinks starts with your ability to do a skill called chip and catch this skill allows you to take speed off of an incoming ball and the chip hits the ball up which is required in order for the ball to clear the net.

By hitting the ball up just as you watch players and other sports perform their skills you want to develop the touch for your shot to travel the proper distance the chip and catch is the foundation of applying underspin which will give you additional control for the distance that your shot will require nice touch and great feel are words.

Describing the player's ability to hit the ball shorter distances since pickleball is a lifetime sport practice a chip and catch with a lot of different shots from all different parts of the Court proper practicing the proper mechanics and hitting shots with an arc to land in front of your opponent's feet is a.

Developed skill that will raise your level of play try hitting shots with a rainbow in mind and this will develop your touch to have sunshine in your game
Pickleball Drop Shots require good touch and nice feel in order to place the ball in the kitchen or in front of your opponent’s feet. This instructional video illustrates shots in pickleball, basketball, golf, and volleyball where an arch is essential for accurate placement.
In Pickleball, developing the skill of the “chip and catch” is a skill that you really want to develop. The chip and catch teaches you to chip the ball up which is required for hitting the ball over the net. Secondly, the chip and catch develops your touch and feel so you can hit the ball different distances.
Many sports require an arch on their shots and this video is showing you the importance of focusing on the arch on your pickleball shots.
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