We had a fun night of pickleball and maybe a little bit of drama to go with it it's pickleball time all right thank you so much for tuning in and tonight I didn't get a whole lot of footage I apologize what happened tonight was we had a storm that.

Literally went all the way around our court uh saw some some lightning in the distance thankfully it held off for the court but I kept my my camera tucked away most of the time just because I was nervous and I didn't want to ruin it so I didn't get a whole lot of footage I got some I'm gonna share that with you turn out still we've got like 17 or 18.

People show up uh even with the with the weather threatening we had a good time we had a great time let's get to the drama here let me explain uh what's happening so what happened here is the syrup was supposed to go to me but what happened was the ball went about.

Maybe three quarters of the way up the net and hit the metal pole that is on the portable uh pickleball Nets and it shot up and hit my partner in the uh in you know the other Square and um thinking a million years that that would that would mean that that was our our opponent's point on that but.

Uh I guess I was I was wrong I was uh I was overruled on that and found out that yeah if it goes over and hits your opponent when it's supposed to be served to you that it is the other team's point um I still don't feel great about that I.

You know I don't know but anyway it it is what it is and and as you can see in the video what I'm saying is so you're telling me that instead of serving it cross-court let's say it was me instead of me serving it cross-court like I should to my opponent what I could presumably do is do a hard drive serve as hard as I.

Can at the person on the same side uh that's my opponent and I could just try to try to hit my opponent that's close to the net on a serve I guess you could do that uh I I think it's ridiculous but apparently you can do that um so anyway that was uh you know it was it was just uh it was part of our game last night that.

Happened and uh it's pickleball we're a community pickleball wreck pickleball we're supposed to have fun not and uh but I thought that was a little strange I thought that was a little I don't know I don't like that rule but I can't I can't do anything about it I guess uh but it turned out okay we still.

Had a good time and uh and enjoyed playing foreign oh my God.

Thank you foreign yeah thank you so much for watching this video and for sticking along this journey that I'm going on and not just me but but everybody in our.

Group you know we have a lot of beginners a lot of uh you know intermediates and and we're growing and we're learning and we're having fun and uh seeing where it takes us I know our community is growing and uh we're we're having a lot of fun so yeah thank you so much for watching.

This video and uh until next time in the next video stay fresh cheese bags
We had another great turn out for Rec Community Pickleball. We had an interesting exchange happen on the court and I learned something new as a result of it.