Hello and thanks for tuning in to my YouTube channel pickleball pick apart my name is Rory I take pickleball games off of YouTube and I pick apart the play on the court watching my videos will help make you a better pickleball player here’s a game posted on the YouTube channel just pickleball it was played in Charlotte North Carolina in this video I.

Am going to focus mostly on one player why because there are some things that he does if he would just put out a little bit more effort he would be a very good pickleball player simple things that are easily correctable and if you’re doing them stop it and become a better player so check it out this looks like a really nice facility.

In Charlotte North Carolina in a very beautiful setting it looks like it’s out in the woods somewhere all right here we get into a dinking situation here he sped it up oh now we’re getting into a fire fight whenever I get into a firefight especially when I’m playing against younger players who are better at their hand-eye.

Coordination and have better reflexes I try to stop the fire fight as soon as I possibly can by resetting the ball let’s see if these players do that oh good get right there and he’s able to reset it nice job so the firefight is over they’re dinking again and uh he was able to put it away nice.

Shot by the guy in blue okay now let me stop right here I mentioned in the intro I’m going to focus mostly on one of these players and the player I am going to focus in on is the player in the near court right here in the gray shirt right off the bat I can tell you by looking at the paddle that he is using this is a very very poor quality paddle.

I believe the name of it is Monarch so obviously one or two things either he’s a brand new player and has not invested in a good paddle like his partner has his partner is playing with a carbon I believe and this is 10 times as good as this panel the other situation is if he’s been playing for six months or so and he’s still playing.

With this paddle he simply is not serious about pickleball he also has a frying pan grip that means that uh no one has probably ever introduced him to a continental grip as you can see his partner right here is using a continental grip much much better in my opinion than a frying pan.

Grip and he misses the third shot right into the net not even close now let me show you also what is happening here look at his position he is standing straight up his paddle is at his knees look at his partner his partner is in that athletic position or at least trying to get into it with this paddle.

Out front this makes a huge difference nice fifth shot by the guy in Gray he just happened to miss that seventh shot there into the net okay so third shot right here again I’m assuming he’s a brand new player because watch this third shot right into the grace put away Zone he should not have moved up he should.

Have stayed back so when you’re hitting a third shot you have to realize whether it’s go caution or stay that’s when you’re hitting a third shot drop he attempted it this is not a move forward shot this is probably do a split step at the middle of the court and wait for the ball instead he continues to move forward and he gets caught and he’s.

Just not able to get it back all right so here comes the third shot to his partner in Blue let’s see if he can do a better job that’s a really nice third shot back hand into the kitchen very nice job that was a couple of really nice gets by the guy and black it just happened to hit the tape and roll over the net.

Again look at the difference in their position at the non-volley zone can you get this one yep good job and another unforced error so the team in the backcourt has hit about three balls into the net now oh nice backhand flip by the guy in blue and another ball into the net I think.

That’s four balls that have been hitting to the net and the team in the near Court with I think a beginner player is actually winning three to nothing and it’s not because they’re playing tremendous pickleball it’s because the other team is making unforced errors into the net.

Look where his paddle is again it’s just it’s just not good and look at that perfect shot by the guy in blue so the team in the far court is going to get it sooner or later I don’t know if they know each other I’m assuming they do but they’ve got to know that the player in blue is a very good player he has the ability to hit that.

Really good third shot drop and his partner does not so if the team in the far Court really wants to win this game they need to return every ball to the player in Gray but again it’s a recreational match so maybe they’re just playing for fun goodbye.

Oh good get out of the Court and if you cannot hit your serve into the court you can’t win a point oh okay so let’s watch what happens here he gets this one back now look where his paddle is it is again it is at his knees this player’s paddle is out in front of him this player here is going to hit a backhand right down.

The line and the player in Gray just not just does not have enough time to get his paddle from way down here to over here to hit that ball that is going to go right by him if he would have been in a better position like his partner is there’s a good possibility he could have gotten to this Bob again because his paddle is at his knees he has no chance.

That is what is called being lazy and not being in the right position and look at it again I mean it’s so obvious and it is such an easy fix if someone would just work with him if someone would maybe give him a lesson if he would decide to take a lesson he could get much better very quickly but obviously he has not put out the effort to learn.

How to get into a good ready position in pickleball and what happens there his partner hits it out goodbye oh he got it that was just a great get unfortunately he hit it out right there let’s see if the player in Gray in the near Court does any better.

Nope still look at the difference it’s just obvious and that’s the one thing I want you to take away from watching this video there are some other things that are coming up but this is the main focus horrible ready position very good job by the guy in blue good get oh and that ball is just hit out.

Oh it’s nice third shot drop that kind of surprised me I will be honest oh there you go that’s going to be put away by the team in the far court because the guy in blue is out of position he was never able to make it up to the non-volley zone nice deep return I missed another backhand that’s.

Probably five or six the other team has missed I mean if the guy’s in the backcourt are not making the number of unforced Errors they have um this would not even be close it may not even end up being a close game but right now it’s a one-point game oh just hit that one too high and he was able to put it away nice job by the guy.

In Gray Okay so look at his body language looking up into the air like oh my goodness how did I miss that well the answer is very very simple this happens most of the time look he’s running straight up his feet are not going to be set he should have run up as.

Quick as he could he should have done a split step and hit this ball instead he is hitting the ball on the run and it goes right into the net as it does about 80 percent of the time when a player is moving forward to hit the ball that’s another good third shot can you take advantage of it.

No he cannot because he was backing up to hit that ball again his paddle is way down here he’s backing up he probably could have gotten that ball out of the air if his paddle would have been up it was not and he hits it right into the net as he is backing up to hit it just missed.

My goodness how many unforced arrows are the players in the backcourt going to make and there’s an unforced error hit right out of the Court missed that one you could tell when he hit it he missed it and he’s shaking his head that’s just a very shallow return here comes the third shot Drive instead of drop.

Oh he just stuck his paddle up and he just kind of got lucky man missed another one if I go back and count I can promise you that this game is in its early stages and the team in the far chord has missed I would say at least 10 shots into the net too high can’t hit the ball high like.

That again why did that happen he’s just not getting up fast enough and boom he’s running up when he hits that ball his paddle is in a position to where the ball can only go up let’s go here that’s out let’s watch that one more time why is it hit out no no no no no no you have got.

To bend your knees he made no effort to bend his knees he just reached out to get it and hit the ball right out of the court again for him it’s not that he’s a bad athlete it’s just that his ready position his manner of hitting the ball is just not correct.

That was a good get by the guy in Black chicken wing right there by the guy in Gray that’s out out again nope not going to work just cannot react fast enough because his paddle is at his knees there it is again that’s just a missed shot.

Got to a far fight there and the guy in blue lost that point let me just say something here when this game started the team in the near Court got out to a three to nothing lead the team in the far court has scored 10 points in a row now they have made a huge number of unforced Errors mostly by.

Hitting the ball into the net however when they made those errors they had the ball in hand and they were serving so it did not cost them any points that’s a good shot right there goodbye and the game is over so the team in the far Court reels off 11 unanswered points to win 11-3 so there you have it a game in which one player.

Never got in the proper pickleball ready position it’s a very easy thing to do but he never did it and it caused him and his partner the game so bend your knees get the paddle out in front of you and get ready for the ball coming your way that’s it from pickleball pick apart I really do hope you learned something from watching this video and if you did.

I hope you take the time to like it subscribe to my channel and click the notification Bell so you’ll be notified when I post a new video that’s it for pickleball pick apart my name is Rory as always thanks for watching and see you on the court hmm
In this video, a player who never gets in an athletic ready position. He is not prepared to hit the ball and in many cases it costs him. Check out what he’s doing so you make sure you don’t do it.