Pickleball has been sweeping the nation and West Palm Beach is no exception at Howard Park's recently opened pickleball courts players like Kathy Sims have been working on their skills and finding others who share their passion it's very euphoric once you can just figure out how to hit the ball properly and learn the rules and things.

Like that you just go out and play people are nice while tennis players may have a leg up there are some big differences in this sport you use a paddle that's closer to what you might see in ping pong and plastic balls that make a distinctive sound when you hit them the rules are different too this area.

That has Aqua lines on either side of the pickleball net is called the kitchen and you can only enter the kitchen if you let the ball bounce first but it's also a friendly game that's catching on in South Florida and Joan and Michael gantner say it's a good way to meet new friends we moved into a community that has outdoor pickleball has indoor.

Pickleball all of our friends are playing it's fun if you'd like to join in the fun the pickleball courts at Howard Park 1302 Parker Avenue are available weekdays from 7 A.M until noon registration is not required for more information email Ronald Davis at r Davis wpb.org or call him at.

561-804-4900 this is Cheryl Khan reporting for wpb TV
If you like pickleball, or just want to give it a try, you may want to stop by Howard Park on weekday mornings. That’s because pickleball courts are now available there, along with the park’s tennis courts. For more information, email Ronald Davis at rdavis@wpb.org, or call him at (561) 804-4900.