We told you about a Kirksville man who started a petition in order to better the pickleball facilities in Kirksville Avid pickleballer Daniel Thompson received over 200 signatures within a few days and now with increasing discussions surrounding the rapidly growing sport it appears changes are coming sooner than expected with a.

Target date of 2024 but like the saying goes if you're going to do something do it right and that is exactly what Thompson is hoping for with these new facilities you know the big takeaway is we want quality over quantity I think and the most important thing is the social aspect I think that's kind of something that came up so having you.

Know having four to minimum would definitely be beneficial community members were asked to create maps of these new facilities and possible amenities with the ideal location being North Park and for Kirksville Parks and Recreation director Rodney Sadler now it's all about taking what was originally part of the 2032 Kirksville.

Parks master plan and combining it with the input from the community and putting together a solution it comes down to what this is ultimately going to cost and if it will fit in a location like North Park which is what most of the attendees here would favor future Courts at North Park and while there is still nothing set in stone and these plans to.

Add pickleball facilities to Kirksville are exactly that plans there is optimism on both sides that the future of pickleball in Kirksville is a bright one I think so I think if we can you know as a pickleball Community you know all come together look for sponsorships look for ways that we can help I think this is kind of what.

I'm talking with Rodney I think he's pretty optimistic about that too so there's still a lot of work to be done but I think as long as we do our due diligence then
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