Foreign pickleball is one of the fastest growing Sports in North America but as racket Sports go it's noisier than most in 2019 the city of Chilliwack opened new pickleball courts in Kinsman Park merely a few feet away from harpreet davan's house you're standing in my patio well look at the court how.

Far they are I'm standing right at the edge of the pickleball court but if I take one two three four five six seven eight eight steps and I'm right at the edge of harpreet's property harpreet says the city did not consult the neighbors before constructing the court but she did not oppose it at first as the.

Community needed a space to exercise during the pandemic occasionally she along with her husband even joined other players to enjoy the sport however all of that changed in 2021 when the courts were given a new Surface and things got louder continue news oh yes we had no clue how much.

Noisy it could become harpreet says the sound began to impact them psychologically and emotionally forcing them to stay indoors most of the day I can't you even sit in my house with a closed window not even with the open window and her preet's not alone with her complaints my parents my dad lives my mom lives with me and they they still.

Hear the noise of the ball and Racket tick tock tick tock all the time in August 2022 her priest says her husband filed a noise complaint with the city of Chilliwack the pickleballers had a solution I spoke to the neighbors and offered that maybe we could pay to sound proof the office of the of the man that works from home so it means my husband.

Is a prisoner in my own house seeing no solution in sight the city has now restricted play time on the courts and players told they can only use a foam ball after 4 pm so I just phoned the city yesterday about that because there isn't a foam ball that we use for pickleball for its part the city says they know there was a potential mist.

Step but finding a solution is tricky we are trying to balance the needs of the you know like the whole community and you know I apologize to the neighborhood meanwhile harpreet says unable to cope with the noise problem her husband has taken a break from work and gone to India they're just breaking my family that's.

It me or Popov says they're looking to build pickleball courts in another area of the town but until then her preet and her family will have to live with the noise so RAB Sandhu CBC News Chilliwack
Noise from a pickleball court in Chilliwack is creating division between players and neighbours of the park where it’s located, prompting an apology from the mayor.

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