Hard to believe there's controversy about pickleball but one is popped up right at the corner of three communities it involves the birmingham country club which is actually in bloomfield township and neighbors on its southeast border in birmingham and beverly hills as jason colthorpe explains it all has to do with the growing popularity of the sport.

Well you can't miss the signs several homeowners who live right across the street from the birmingham country club have them in their yard and basically they just don't want the club to expand and add more pickleball courts because that sport well it's just too darn loud pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in america right now.

It's catching on with people of all ages and as you can tell sometimes the rackets can make a racket more and more courts are being dedicated to pickleball in the area which is what the birmingham country club wants to do but many neighbors are upset with the plan because they say the courts will be.

Too close to their homes basically across the street i spoke to several neighbors off camera who shared concerns of pickleball being louder than golf and tennis and it being played late into the night with players who are boisterous hasn't bothered us at all but not every neighbor sees or hears the problem we've lived here for 13 years you know when.

The paddle tennis courts went in you're kind of like okay now we're adding to it but nothing that has i haven't heard before let alone whether it's from the golf course from the tennis even from the pool sometimes i think you're just it's just kind of part.

Of living across from a country club there's actually a meeting coming up on thursday night between these neighbors and the country club and neighbors are hopeful that they'll listen to their concerns and they can come to an agreement that both sides are happy with i'm jason colthorpe local 4.
Hard to believe there is a controversy about pickleball, but one has popped up right at the corner of three communities. It involves the Birmingham Country Club, which is actually in Bloomfield Township, and neighbors on its southeast border in Birmingham and Beverly Hills.