Good morning pickleball people this is gonna be my first attempt at recording over a game I think I've got a lot to learn here in terms of the editing and how to Overlay the audio because I would love to figure out how I could pause the video and then talk um I haven't figured out how to do that yet so.

Bear with me here we go I am going to commentate I'm gonna give you my tips tricks strategy but I'm also probably just going to give you a little bit of insight to you know what what I'm thinking at the time of what I'm doing I get a lot of people to ask me what are you thinking to be honest with you I'm not.

Thinking I've done all my thinking uh the week the months before in preparation and now it's just reactions because um again I put myself in this situation a thousand times and I've let my body decide what the best thing is to do in that situation so when I show up on game day.

Um there's no thinking my body knows what to do all right let's get into it Lindsay Mattingly and myself are going to be playing Brandon High and Rick McMullen Lindsay and excellent ex-tennis player Brandon High and a baseball player myself football and Rick with the crazy big Cavs.

The only reason I sped up that last one was because the point before Rick had mentioned I never speeded up so whenever someone thinks there's no way I'm gonna do something I usually do it today Lindsay for taking the drive now I prefer to get out of the way so.

That my partner can take a big step to their right and take a big forehand usually they can dictate the point a lot better than my backhand could backing up so here we just get into another dinking rally I like to hit people's left foot just kind of feel out whether hey you know are they confident taking stuff out of the air or are they backing up and.

Maybe swinging a little bit more um I'm constantly poking and prodding and just kind of seeing what my opponent will give me and if I get lucky I'll take a little bit of left Community take a drive with her backhand her and I both feel comfortable in the transition zone we never really rushed.

To the net we knew we wanted to get to the net but at the end of the day we'd all rather win the point than necessarily just get to the non-volley zone line um and that's why you drill drill drill resets drops transitions in the middle of the Court thank you.

you just kind of ringing 26. Franken Lindsay just hanging out 30. he's gonna mess up first Rick feels pretty comfortable on his backhand where are we at 40 now okay I've lost it's a little high Rick wants to attack.

Somehow I pop it up oh my goodness and we're back in this thing oh just kidding all right so what are we gonna do after a marathon Point besides huff and puff a little high there trying hitting inside out on Rick I get to pop up and I clean it up uh just a reminder you have to assume your opponent can always get the ball back.

Um even though I love my inside out it's not always a guarantee that it's not coming back and as long as I can sit there ready to clean it up because usually even if they get it back it is a pop-up I have to be able to put that next ball away it doesn't matter what level you're at assume your opponent can get the ball back.

foreign a lot of people think I'm really quick but in reality if that ball goes up I'm already down go take a look at that point again and as the ball is going up my whole body's going down so I don't have to react that fast because I'm already right there.

Where the ball is gonna be Rick has a great backhand punch but Lindsay feels comfortable in the transition zone Works her way up and then I get a dink to my feet which is very unfortunate uh I guess unless you're my opponent and I pop one up luckily off of the defense and all the spin that came at me I was able to get.

It just barely over the net which it doesn't matter how fast it's going if it's barely over the net it's hard to get back good shot Rick could check thank you I do like going down the line if the ball goes out why you watch Novak.

Djokovic do it all the time if the ball moves just maybe within six inches of that outside line he's not necessarily going to hit it at the Apex he's gonna wait until it's all the way on the edge and then he's gonna capitalize on the angle that's given to him all right foreign.

At my feet to get the pop-up Brandon attacks my right hip I somehow luckily play defense by the hair much energy oh oh nice defense right grade two angles Lindsay all right here we go common third shot that I like to do when I'm on the left it's just a simple diagonal.

Dink oh that was definitely my fault sorry Lindsay as a diagonal dink to the left foot of the left side player keeps that aggressive person honest while also gives me plenty of time to get that ball down so here we are at the end they're down game point they decide to stack which gives Lindsay and I the idea to.

Stack um doesn't really I guess work out the way we thought but it still works out thank you again for watching this hopefully I'll be back out with a lot more and hopefully I'll be able to edit and audio commentate whatever you want to call it um a lot quicker that way we can get.

These things pumping out and more people can learn about pickleball I think just the more insight the more perspectives the more point of views that we can all get the better and more we're all going to grow from it um it's kind of like reading a book but in this sense maybe more of an audiobook
Inside my head during a pickleball game.

All 4 players play in 5.0 rated pickleball tournaments.