Hey everyone my name is Jordan bionis and in today’s video I’m going to be reacting to possibly one of the best pickle ball points ever um this is in the previous um PPA that just happened here and um this is from the desert ridge open uh kind of in my neck of the woods here in Arizona and we have the John’s Brothers versus Tyson McGuffin.

And Deco bar so we’re going to be breaking down this entire point and uh see if it could actually top the top five list of one of the best points um ever in the game of pick ball all right so here we go we’re going to hop right back in again my name is Jordan bionis uh if you are looking for any coaching or anything like that go check the.

Description below I do a lot of that and I’d love to see you on the court all right so we have the John’s Brothers up um in the third game um it was pretty pretty easy um on the first and second game 113 113 for them um this game’s a little tighter so we are going to see the uh result here of this point got Colin to.

Serve Ben Johns takes the uh third shot drive and fifth shot drop and I just want to um comment on one thing again this is going to be more of a coaches reaction breakdown um obviously we do a lot of coaching on this channel but here Ben takes a lot of the Court here and this third shot Drive Choice um I really like this again if you are a.

Player that drops all your third shots developing a good drive is a great option to have to put pressure and it will usually end up a good drive will end up with a shorter volley into the non volley Zone and you will see most players and a season player here number one player in the world Ben Johns you will see him drop his fifth shot um 99%.

Of the time so here’s the drop and then um you can see Tyson creating space so I really like that again uh we talk about creating space with the shuffle step you can see Tyson actually use a angled Shuffle step here in this point here so that left foot comes in right here he’s got those yellow.

Shoes on the right foot slides out in an angle and then he’s going to go for that Top Spin in crosscourt dink so we have a lot of crosscourt dinks between him and Colin here and we kind of have a battle of two different styles here Colin um actually these are more slice kind of a lift dinks here from Colin John’s and then Tyson is hitting a lot.

Of Top Spin Top Spin dinks and that Top Spin gets that ball down Colin does a really good job obviously um keeping the ball down and also taking the ball out of the air when he can okay so here’s some other dinks here and you can see in this position like look how far deal bar is uh Tyson mcguffin’s partner in this scenario He Is straddling that Center.

Line and this is to put a lot of pressure on your opponents um obviously Colin is sticking to the game plan getting as many forehand dinks to Tyson’s forehand and and um you can see here Ben John’s doesn’t actually have to cheat as much as um decal is right here okay so here’s the first down the line Dink and again that’s a really good.

Switch up for those of you you want to go back for those of you who get locked in crosscourt rallies there’s nothing wrong with hitting crosscourt but sending it up the line to keep the person in front of you honest and engage is really good okay so there’s a middle dink there okay and here’s that first opportunity to attack so I’m going to go.

Back here and this is a very very good example U when I’m coaching uh what we’re looking for when we’re attacking and what we are trying to accomplish here so here’s that down the line dink by Tyson and here is a middle dink here now you can see Ben I’m actually going to go back here so Deco.

Gets this wide dink towards his or outside of his his left knee here and he dinks middle that’s really key because he stays away from the Ernie and he doesn’t hit it crosscourt this is actually the safest um most efficient shot possible you can see Ben here um use that angled Shuffle step look at that so I’m going to go back here this.

Is coming off of deco’s paddle but you can see him slide that left foot in and then that right foot out in like a 45° angle so that’s something uh that we teach all the time that footwork work creating space and the reason why he can or why he does this is so that he can create space to hit a very offensive ball so this is like more of a Top Spin.

Dink for sure okay and look where that lands okay so it is forcing um Tyson to drop his paddle down and look how close that is to the line it’s actually a inch from the line here um now the PPA I don’t know why uh this is like the quality is in 1080 but we’re going.

To I’m going to show you here it’s right on the line so this actually forces Tyson into a half volley dink so that is um you know that is the last kind of dink that you know you want to be hitting um what I call a half volley or off the bounce or right off the bounce dink a short hop we can call it but again this is why it’s really crucial.

Especially at higher levels you could see Ben here create space and then you can see him dink with Top Spin it really gets that ball dipping down to the feet and it forces Tyson to short hop the ball and this is the very first opportunity to take the ball uh that is a little bit higher so you can see Ben really really um squeezing way over the.

Center line and I want you to see Colin Colin right here he he’s using his peripheral vision to see Ben is going to take this with his forehead so look at him slide out of the way and this is really just just good um nonverbal communication here so here’s the first attack and that’s a great get by Tyson there okay then we got the smash here.

And I want to show you here I mean what a good get let’s just see we’re going to go back and see Tyson’s um positioning on this first attack here’s that force of the half volley okay now look at Tyson stance super low and his paddles low and that is how he’s be able or how he’s able to dig that first ball out here’s the smash and you can see him and.

Deco retreating okay so uh when a coach or someone tells you hey you should never back up off the nonv zone line obviously there are times to do this especially at higher levels when you’re digging yourself out of the point you can see deal and Tyson retreating back together as um Ben hits this powerful smash so here’s a smash trying to get it.

To Tyson’s feet and then gets another dig out right and you will see them again stay back and actually take another step back so now they’re behind the non volley Zone okay so Ben is trying to keep them back here’s a drop and um this is actually a really good teaching um Point here because uh Ben is.

Keeping the pressure on okay he’s staying in the middle here and here’s Deco with this uh slice drop towards the middle now most players probably four five level below would come in on this ball like all the way um the reason why this is not a good drop at higher levels is because it’s a super high bounce and it’s Landing short into.

The nonv zone so you can see Ben here he’s going to wind up and hit a very very aggressive um drive from from the kitchen line so you will see uh we’re GNA see that one more time you will see after this drop here Tyson and Deco take about one or two steps in and you’re going to see their split step so really important so Ben hits that nice roll.

Here Deco goes again and it’s a little bit of a popup again so you’re going to see them kind of retreat more Ben keeps the pressure on and this is just great get by decal um one of the things that the pros do really well as well as they use angles obviously you can’t hit through good play players you can see Ben actually trying to angle.

This off the court and um Deco just did a great job reading that so here we go really really good stuff you can see Ben still trying to keep him back coling actually gets a touch right there okay all right so we’re going to go back there and this is just this is just a lot of pressure here um here’s the shot here um that Ben is going to.

Ernie and at higher levels again when you’re defending it’s always a risk when you are hitting the ball defending and hitting near the sidelines so a good tip is when you are actually defending and digging yourself out of the point is to keep the balls in the middle of the court so there’s less angles and um we’re going to see here.

Why that’s really important um this ball even though it it was going to land in a nonv Zone um it’s near the sideline so Ben has this really amazing Ernie shot here backhand angle right but uh Deco reads it cuz he’s he’s seen it so he’s way off the court but uh here we go and and watch Tyson fill in I just I really like.

That and uh you know what as I teach so many different levels of players uh one of the things and one of the myths is you know that the center line here is uh you know your side and my side and you will see in pick ball in the game as you play better and better players you’re going to be uh you’re going to need to cover both sides of the court at times.

And this is one of those examples so here we go here’s that roll from Ben here’s the Ernie backend from Ben and because Deco is far off the court I mean he’s like probably 8 to 10 feet off the court you will see Tyson naturally he has to cover the whole coure he’s playing singles here so if if Tyson did not come up look at this I mean you.

Almost almost never see this in in pick a ball or Pro pickle ball even um because of the angles but Tyson is way on the on that odd side digging that ball out and you’re going to see him slide back in so there’s Ben keeping the pressure again and and there’s Tyson with the little with the little dance there so um again great feeling there by.

Tyson Ben okay so and then actually um we’re going to see so deal comes back in and again a lot of people here would get really impatient try to drive um maybe lob um I don’t think lob is a is a wrong option but these guys have a good touch Deco hits that that good drop here and then they’re both coming in and then Ben is trying to go for this two-handed shot.

Down the middle but again misses on the top of the net so again good defense CAU causes erors um and you know we talked about or we talk about offense a lot on this channel I’m just going to replay the point but you know having strong defense is really really important and crucial in higher levels make sure that you are retreating when necessary uh.

Sometimes we lift up balls either you or your partner um sometimes players hit good shots which we just saw Ben Force Tyson to hit a half volley um and uh yeah sometimes we just we just need to dig ourselves out of the point um and and just stay in the point and survive at times once we can neutralize a ball then we can make our way into that nonv.

Zone but until then if it’s not safe you can always uh try to throw balls into the nonv zone and uh try to get yourself out of the point so that was one of the best points of the match um and probably one of the best points ever um it is 97 I’m actually going to little bonus here I’m just going to continue this and uh we’re going to just see a couple things.

That was a big momentum shift um obviously bar and McGuffin are down um two games here two games um so here’s the here’s the drive and just momentum shift here’s that um Ferrari forehand by Tyson McGuffin so again another reason to have a great Drive is to put pressure on your.

Opponents and in this situation here unwinding the stack super super good play Here by Tyson look where he serves the ball by the way too um every time I see this too when I’m playing players who are I know they’re going to unwind the stack in this situation when Ben is sliding all the way and coming all the way around to cover and get to the non.

Volley zone line on the odds side I like to serve it really really wide just like Tyson in this example so look where his ball actually bounces it’s really close to the sideline forces Ben to hit outside the sideline so in this situation here Ben has to you know run up to the net and here is the drive and I want to show you this and Ben doesn’t.

Really come into a you know not an ideal split step I would say you know your split step um typically you know you want your feet parallel to the net you can kind of see he stops he is balanced but again it’s not the best um not the best split step there and you have decal applying pressure so having a good drive super.

Crucial um along with a good serve to put pressure on your opponents so here we go we got Tyson serving and it’s n or 89 okay there’s another Drive really good and that’s a typical pattern you will see a drive and drop um deal bar is a seasoned pickle ball player if he you know if Colin hits a good volley on it.

He’ll hit a good drop and come in on the fifth and look at that that’s a good defense there by decle and I want to go to the speed up here um we teach this all the time you know dead dinks or dinks that land with a high bounce look at Bend there create space drop that paddle head look at where exactly this attack is and this is what we call the.

Dominant side or the dominant um hip okay um I like to teach the wings where it’s a little bit outside of the right hip in this situation Tyson McGuffin here you can see that that ball is you know a couple feet or a foot or two outside that right hip and causes him to chicken wing and then Ben cleans it up um and goes straight onto deal so great.

Speed up attack um and that is at at the pro level even you will see the attacks there um to that dominant Wing as as the first primary target okay so here we go um good drop there by Tyson taking his time here okay so now deal and Tyson have switched which is really interesting and here’s that um Little Slice attack here.

Now I really like this play um look how you know Deco disguises this he goes crosscourt and then he sets up the same exact way so it kind of looks like this ball is outside you know kind of on the reach and um maybe he could dink it down the line in this situation but he decides to attack you know kind of towards the middle here across Ben’s.

Body and he goes for the dominant side and kind of I think Ben maybe thought it was going to go out but it kind of pretzel him a little bit and that’s just a good shot there so now it’s 99 we got deal probably one of the biggest servers and on that you know as the rules are changing on the serve okay we we have some serve videos uh on our.

YouTube channel go ahead and check that out we get a lot of comments on oh the serve is this and that the rules are changing in Pro pickle ball it’s a little bit different than the vast majority of us USA pickle ball um rules but one of the things that’s never going to go away is good technique so um the rules here in this game you can see Deco.

Here he has to drop at waste level or below and then without tossing um but you can see uh Deco has one of the most powerful serves because of good technique there’s the drive again and there’s the amazing volley here by Colin and one of the reasons why Holland is able to hit such a good counter volley is cuz he’s balanced by the time that.

Ball is coming his way so his feet aren’t moving and he could hit a really good counter volley so um I don’t think that was the wrong shot by deal I just think that that’s the risk that you take when you’re trying to apply pressure and run in after that drive so here we go we got 99 um and we got Ben serving to McGuffin.

Great counter great reset there okay now we got the slow game and then we got Tyson um back on the the even side of the court so really quick I want to talk about this Counterattack you know this is a little bit high this is the problem too um you know with attacking crosscourt your partner or your opponent has more time.

Here Tyson has an amazing forehand here but in this situation I just want to show you I know it’s not the you know it’s a little pixelated here but in this situation uh this ball I would say is probably around Net level so it’s very attackable for Tyson uh he has a few options he can go right at Ben um and I I would argue a good place um to maybe.

Go might be Ben’s dominant side in this situation here you can kind of see Ben cheating towards the center line like he usually does I think actually going over here maybe inside out and I know Tyson is capable of this but you know this is me slowing it down I think going you know making Ben stretch and reach for a back backhand volley might be a good.

Option but if you’re attacking crosscourt especially uh someone like Colin who has his two-hander ready you know he could just counter volley that back so probably not the best spot um for Tyson um that’s just just a really good counter by calling there all right so we got Match Point um Desert Ridge Open here in.

Arizona and there’s a Top Spin drop forcing that half volley and look at this we got the Top Spin lob by Tyson here and great shot again this is um probably a little bit of a desperation shot um it was very effective I mean at at 910 this is a pretty pretty risky shot but this Top.

Spin lob crosscourt what a great execution again watch Ben run this down and throw up a lob so sometimes if you know you get lobbed um a defensive lob is a great great it’s just a great great shot to have when you and your partner are scrambling why is that cuz it buys you a lot of time and this uh particular tournament I think the sun was kind of.

Up there so it’s hard for Deco to see that’s why you see that weak overhead and this is again a weak ball inviting Ben to drive the ball again so he drives it at Tyson and Tyson hits it out and again I want to show you the location of that drive Ben could drive anywhere right he has the skill here um to put the ball you know at Tyson uh inside out.

In the corner over here maybe at deal but he drives right to Tyson and we that’s exactly what we talk about talked about right one to two feet outside that right hip forcing that little jam up and that is match point so um the John’s start off with a a gold medal um here at the desert ridge open and um there it is yeah so that is my reaction um to the.

Best uh possibly one of the best points in pick history leave a comment below if you agree or if you thought that was one of the um best most exciting points uh comment below if you like this format uh me reacting to certain pickle ball things in the pickle ball space I’m going to be doing a lot more of these comment below of what you will want me.

To react to um certain Cur current events or certain plays like this uh women’s doubles mixed doubles uh singles let me know cuz I’m want to be doing a lot more of this but uh yeah those are my thoughts on this point the John’s are definitely still the ones to beat um and yeah thanks so much I’ll see you in the next video.

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