Hey everyone my name is Jordan bionis and I am a professional pickleball coach full-time and I’m going to be reacting to the pickle ball slam 2 this is a a pickleball event where um some of the tennis Legends uh or the some of the Legends in the game of tennis uh played pickle ball so I’m going to be giving my initial thoughts and reactions on that.

We’re going to break down a few points obviously this is an instructional and educational um channel so let’s just hop right in huh all right so um here we go we got the pickle ball slam too we got Andre aasy and Stephie graph um and Sharapova Maria Sharapova and John Macaro these are some of the legends of the.

Game I think this was a really cool event off the bat um last last excuse me last year I believe I think they uh did um the inaugural pick a ball slam and this is when tennis players were you know this is obviously when pick a ball was just starting to get popular but um this one was kind of cool because uh you can tell these tennis players these.

Older Legends of the game um were kind of at least practicing a little bit um so so that was really cool to see uh I’m going to pull up some they had some cool things like charity bets here um bet number one uh Andre Agassi bets that he will body bag M Mac Andro two times during the match and uh Stephie graph bets that Mack Andro will.

Melt down two times during the match so um John ma Andro is actually known for um having meltdowns on the tennis court and arguments with the Umpire and ref um but the first game here uh is going to be um between uh uh there’s Andre ay Jack sock John mackenro and James Blake these are.

Actually um all their rankings and things like that obviously Agassi has multiple grand slams and um jaaw James Blake they were top um top tennis players uh definitely top American tennis players and Jack Sox’s actually on the pick of ball tour now playing um and I watched a little bit of this um Jack sock uh I was I.

Think is probably playing at 25% here he could probably demolish these guys but uh here we go so so let’s watch a couple points here we got uh Andre ausy with a good initial fourth shot volley and right off the bat we have a meltdown meltdown number one uh by Johnny Mack uh we already mentioned how.

He gets angry on the court look at that little theatrical there he just throws a paddle right right off the bat interesting comment below if you used to watch uh John macenroe back in the day um I’m a little too young for that uh but uh I have seen a lot of his highlights so I have seen that here we go we got Jack sock and agasse I just.

Mentioned that Jack sock is a touring Pro now playing with that cker lux that’s actually the paddle I play with um and uh a foot fault uh by the Johnny Mack so obviously in the game of pickle ball if you are just learning you can not volley the ball while your foot or toe is on the line super crucial um important rule obviously uh that’s why.

That nonv zone line is there that’s why the nonv zone line is there uh if it wasn’t there it’d be really really similar to tennis I think that’s what really um differentiates this sport from tennis um here we go uh first teaching moment here we got a drive from Andre the Andre magassy towards the middle of the Court there’s a little.

Miscommunication here and how many times does that happen right we’re playing a game and we have a third shot Drive coming from our opponents and then we also have two hand two forehand in the middle right we got Johnny Mack with a left-hander um James Blake as a right-hander here so Johnny Mack here James Blake here now whose.

Ball is this I’m going to talk about a couple things the first thing that I look at and think about um is where is the ball coming from okay so right here Andre Agassi is driving the ball from the right sideline the even side of the Court um and also another thing that I’m thinking about is who is established and who’s not so.

Johnny Mack is at the line and we got James Blake still coming in so this ball is actually coming more towards the middle but um it is coming through to the middle but because of the angle like if no one Voli this ball it would actually be landing on or behind Johnny Mack here so whose ball is this again this is really close little gray area to.

Me but in this situation I actually want you to see this I think it’s partly a positional error here if you look at the ball and where Andre agass is hitting this ball Johnny Mack you can see he he’s in a good position he has his paddle up and ready and everything but I would argue he should be squeezing middle a little bit more so if I were.

Coaching him he would definitely uh I would have him move his left foot probably two feet to his left and then his right foot obviously two feet to his left so that he is hugging more that Center lining putting more pressure on um Agy as he hits this ball because if that were the case it would be a lot more evident that that ball is headed.

Towards Johnny Johnny Mack here and then you have both James Blake um James Blake is actually just getting to the ball but Johnny Mack is established so um you know Mack androe was actually in a good position already positionally at the nonv Zone but the the problem is he wasn’t over enough you know shading um and covering the court the middle of the.

Court depending you know or relative to where the ball is so again Andre aesy is driving from this position Johnny Mack if he’s just slid over a little little bit to his left I think that that’s his ball so that happens a lot and again um everyone you know a lot of you may say like forehand takes the middle it’s not about the forehand obviously in that.

Scenario we saw two forehand in the Middle look where the ball’s coming from and make sure you are shading and you’ll have a much more clear example or much more clear understanding of whose balls what um you can see Jack sock here a season pickle ball Pro um making his waves in the tour there’s another another foot fault.

There and here’s uh Jack sock kind of showing him where that non volley zone line is I really like that Jack is uh fun to watch um on the pickle ball court um okay so we got third shot drop fifth shot reset o little um little ATP around the post attempt by James blle oh James Blake rocking the selker shout.

Out to selker there look at that third shot drop sorry third shot Drive fifth shot drop so you can you know I could off the bat tell these players have been practicing um and I would probably say you know on drag Mack Andro just from what I’ve seen so far I would say that they’re round that 40 give or take level I mean they.

Have all The Strokes um for this game um you know you know it’s just the strategy mentality but look third shot Drive look at that great drive and look at James Blake on this third shot uh sorry a fifth shot drop and that is just a really good play again that third shot Drive good third shot Drive sets up that weaker volley for you to get in so this.

Is a great drop look at this drop how it lands near that non volley zone line so you can tell these guys have been practicing their drives practicing their drops and contrary to popular belief uh your drops you want to hit close that sideline to back your opponent up um to force that low contact point you can see Jack sock here has to really step off.

And create space look at where that Ball’s Landing right and that’s what allows them to come in uh to the non volley zone line so here’s some dinking here good attack here I really like that attack I just want to go back to this again um here’s Johnny Mack now watch this and look where Andre Agassi is perfect.

Positioning here um if Andre here most players and amateurs U you’ll see this is why I actually give give them around a 40 rating because they they’ve played tennis they have all the court awareness they they’re in the right position look at how Andre Agassi um look at how he’s about a foot and a half or so 18 in his left foot from the center line uh.

Because the ball’s on this side of the court again if Agassi was kind of just right in the middle of his side this whole middle would be open but positionally this is just really good position and even though Johnny Mack attacks this ball look at how Andre just counters it with his backand and one of the things um as tennis players uh.

Whether you’re coming from tennis or not one of the differences um in my game that I had to really make adjustment is you know we hold our racket like right in front of let me see here yeah right in front of our body and Tennis but in the game of pickle ball it’s really really fast you get a lot of balls into your body this m midsection here so it’s.

Really good to actually have a little bit of an angle um so that you are kind of ready to defend your body on your backand and this is a clear example of that actually here’s the speed up by Ma androe look it goes right to a SE body and he counters it with his backand and look at this look at that reset by James Blake um so pretty good pick ball here.

So far considering that these are amateurs playing here look at that reset there look at those dinks we got some good dinks here look at that forcing forcing uh the Jack sock air here okay keeping them back all right missing the drives there we’re going to.

Watch a couple more points and then ooh whoa we got some we got some drives and resets by Andre agasse just missing long there okay so um if you have not learned a two-handed backhand yet uh I really really encourage you um like I said I think I said in the beginning of this video if.

You would like some coaching uh we have some coaching opportunities below um I coach players all different levels um all the time so I definitely love to see you on the court but as I coach more and more players the two-hand and backhand is getting more and more and more um I would say necessary as the game is evolving and especially at higher levels.

Andre Agassi if you don’t know if you don’t follow tennis he probably had one of the most powerful and consistent two-handed backends so you can see starting to bring it out in his um pickle ball game it’s actually a shot that I’ve been working on for the past three years really developing a strong two-handed backend Drive um you can see.

Um some good setup again this is almost the same setup as his tennis stroke but really when you’re hitting your two-handed backand getting low getting that right shoulder as a right-handed player leaning into the court you can see how he has that momentum moving forward and he’s fully closed you’re going to see his um his chest face.

Towards the the left um sideline here and as he comes through the ball he uses that core and hip rotation that’s a that’s a low good drive here then he drives this next one and Jack sock and look at that reset Jacka hits this seventh shot drop and look at this reset by Andre that’s that’s professional there oh I like the.

Lob now that drive there probably wasn’t the best um if if you’re falling back like that I would probably suggest a drop like look at this here again why a drive isn’t the best in this situation here is uh your opponent you know you have all your momentum movement back your opponent could easily like kind of hit a.

Volley here um by this brigh house Financial sign so a drop here slower by your time or a lob here would be good um almost got caught J Blake but didn’t quite all right so we’re going to uh we’re going to you know move forward here looks like Jack sock and Andre won that one and we’re going to get to some mix.

Doubles here got uh Stephie graph Ja Jack sck and Sher poova and Blake here Sher poova if you don’t know she was one of the um she is a very very uh famous and really influential uh women tennis player on.

The on the WTA so really really cool it’s a good put away there by by James Blake I think we got Andre Agassi commenting on the side commentating on the side so that’s cool look at this look at the patience by James Blake yeah this is definitely I would I mean James Blake he could definitely play 40 45 0 if he really wanted to uh work on.

His game but uh you can see like look at the patience here I just there’s the serve here’s the drop and um for consistency look at that out in front good spacing there it’s a little high and that recognition is key and for for those of you um those players who are working on your drops you you don’t have to hit perfect drops it’s it’s not.

Necessary all the time right um You can see in this example here here’s a serve good return by Jack here’s a drop you know um it actually landed in the kitchen but again um sometimes it’s good to be patient so you don’t get caught in transition here’s another drop and it’s a little high um look at Maria as she split steps in the non volley zone right.

Really good James Blake finally gets one and then that he can come in on and then there’s that split step uh one of the things uh skills that tennis players already acquire is their movement up uh and their split step so right around or right after right you can see like look at Maria and James Blake one of the huge mistakes that amateurs make is they’re.

Constantly running through their shots in the transition so just really really good really really good footwork there look at that topsman wow yeah James Blake James Blake got some game he has a good forehand good volleys good movement look at that swinging backhand swinging volleys yeah these guys.

Are these guys are balling out okay so good point there look at Mar sherap poova with with a good forehand Jack sock with the with the reset the inside out um placement over power on this point you can see uh Sharapova goes for a drop it’s a little bit high like look at this Inside Out.

Look where Jam Blake is standing again Jack has so many different options here he can go for James Blake here um dominant side maras go for her feet uh you can see that inside out I love this shot because that’s the shot you’re not expecting but uh look how soft that was again um as you are playing more and more pick a ball.

You’ll realize how um how important that placement is um and you don’t you don’t need to uh hit hard to win wi the point okay so here here we go we’re going to it looks like uh Jack sock and Stephie won that one uh we’re going to keep moving on in the last game here we got Johnny.

Ma Sharapova and Andre and Stephy um so here let’s see a couple points here oh look at that Andre’s got some good volleys there look at the patience here really really good pressure there by Andre a see oh oh we got some uh Sharapova with some distraction tactics here look at that that’s just really.

Good by Andre being big in the middle there Little Miss drop there by Mack Andro okay so we got the serve Sher poova with the return look at that drop really nice okay look at that really good by Stephie there these uh all these it’s interesting because all these players were um.

Friends uh maybe sometimes enemies on the court on the tennis court at least and they’re they’re getting to play another sport that is challenging and also fun so I just think that this is great for the sport um comment below what you think about this pick a ball slam if you saw it at all um comment below if you liked it if you weren’t.

Interested at all um but all in all I think that this is just it’s great for the sport obviously pickle ball in the past five years has absolutely exploded um you know I started this game about nine years ago now and you know back then you could say the word pickle ball and you know 90% of people would not have heard of it now I would say about.

90% of people would do you know do know about at least what the game is and that just shows you the extreme growth so um obviously this is a celebrity charity event but I just think that this is awesome for the sport and it’s awesome that tennis players could come together um and uh you know and play this this game John mackenro believe it.

Or not he has a lot of interviews where he says pick a ball is kind of a kind of a joke uh in a way but uh you can see um and that I I understand it because uh you know coming uh from a sport like tennis and playing it your whole life and that is that is going to be the sport that you love the most but um yeah look at these dinks here keeping the.

Ball down really good Andre Agassi with nice nice shots there good swinging volley Little Miss here look at that Sher look at that serve really good technique there obviously Sher POA and there’s the there’s that drive third shot drive there they’re all look like they’re having a blast here let’s get to the.

Last point here um let’s get to the last point and see it here there’s a return by Mack androe oo that is a nasty Top Spin drop and look at that finish two-handed backhand finish by Andre Agy so all in all looks like Agy and graph take the cake here um 1311 in the second game but yeah that’s my reaction uh all in all these are some.

Of the the most well-known um tennis players in the world um playing our sport of pickle ball um if you love pick ball and um you know I I just I just think that this is just an awesome event that that happened anyways those are my reactions uh obviously some of these tennis players U have really taken on.

This game and have found the joy and the fun and this is just a cool promotion so that’s my reactions of this pickleball slam two so we’ll have to see next year what happens but um I like how these tennis players are improving and they’re really taking the game a little bit more seriously um and it’s going to be interesting you can see Jack sock.

Standing there on the right going to be interesting we we saw him make some huge waves um in the pickle ball space already um but yeah we’ll have to see how he does the rest of the year but those are my initial thoughts um thanks for watching this video If you really like this content make sure you comment and sub subscribe comment below on what.

You want to see me react to um you know what more what other videos can I watch um about pickle ball U maybe certain matches Uh current events if you want me to react to and hear my thoughts um but again thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next video
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