Foreign have you ever played with Mike yeah oh too long I saw it yeah yeah right now ready 100 bucks oh this one's toast I got the rare wind with the Hawaiian on the weekend.

you're so cute oh I'm sorry yeah all right here we go on the tube ready don't trip on your sweats yeah look at this hip-hop he's got his hip-hop pants on your pants or something zero one zero.

Two yeah you want these yes that was terrible my shot was terrible how are you doing in there hey what's up you're in his head about his pants foreign yes once go.

Go get ready go go one more fresh carbon baby oh we got a light out why don't they change these lights oh he's ready now how many balls you got one one two.

Oh go go he's not going to I tried I've tried I'll try not to once all righty it's 30 years or that yeah that was awesome right oh he's changing paddle doesn't that.

Illegal yeah here we go uh two one two oh man sorry play one two uh what you want go look at those shoes one lives in Corona okay no and one lives in Whittier.

Uh two two one no no I don't think so maybe the same from here please probably about the same time the white Corona 's East yeah no Corona Corona's inland too probably about.

Do you think 50 miles an hour yeah it's an hour here play the four five five six five it's Corona oh to go to Corona we just take uh Magnolia to the 22. yeah and shoot up to the 91. I have no idea.

I mean he lives six miles Inland from uh this area where they bought a house is really nice I like where they live it's really cool I I'm not a big Inland fan but you know that's all they could afford and all right crazy and my buddy bought a house up there.

Yeah he's 30. they're so his they bought a house over a year ago they got their interest rates at 2.8 percent and their her parents gave them 253. oh Jesus for the down payment yeah so that was awesome three three ones yeah.

Stay there yeah you should have seen you saw pictures of the wedding right that was pretty crazy it was ridiculous they got married in Maui at the uh merryman's it's like one of the nicest spots in mountains right on a Point Restaurant right on a plane yeah.

And then it steps down with the grass here and they got married right it's right on the ocean okay but it's not really destroyed anything right far away from everybody yeah I don't remember that one Oh Daddy yeah.

but my dad too fast yeah I saw that on the news today you may not have a road to get to it everything Peter said you need a new one yeah you told me the other day someone's going through paddle dude I.

Know I know sounds like it's corked I know I know darn it foreign like yeah that's weird I've never tried another paddle except that when I first started playing again like six or seven.

Years ago I bought a gearbox and I hated it but I've never used another paddle besides what I use yeah I was right in the lineup like all these guys yeah it's then hard I won I don't know I I maybe I might need to try a different one I've been thinking about it but I like it.

Too yeah right we were like oh you got a break you had a break I'm not there I am there stop talking oh man I'm gonna hit it one more time man oh that's gonna be so great on video.

Yeah yeah oh yeah I have no idea what's going on six Mike's got the high rise Rodney's got the loaves get there I'm there get there go.

This is I'm here oh no thanks good point guys great stop paying attention you got one no yep oh no she's crying I'm sorry when I was outside the gate you're up one two seven six two yeah.

Seven six two okay yeah wait a minute wait wait here's the year two we came in at six you said you wanted two if you were there no I said it couldn't be a separate it couldn't be a seven over there we came in at six six I know that I know seven six or eight.

No no no no good good job okay that's it oh maybe it was out hey Google I'm there oh you know that that wasn't out it looked.

Kid to me yeah watch the video text me let me know thank you let's go go right here so we got Australia Denmark tomorrow colon Argentina Saudi Arabia Mexico.

So what do you think it's gonna be I gotta look at the brackets my top four picks but I don't know how the bracket it is Spain England and uh explain another mine oh they don't make many mistakes.

You get it yeah yeah newer an hour nice shot six nine yours nice dicks eat it kind of embarrassing you didn't do that three shots ago.

You can't know it's nine oh my God at two Brute jerk in a tournament seven nine two and then there's that nice foreign.

Uh eight nine one go go go where'd you go hey guys it's only 5 20. I'm ready let's go right here oh boy.

Oh boy stinks around here the Popsicles ten oh yeah you guys aren't done yet Johnny
Pickleball with the homies.