Slam Master this is your secret weapon and we've got Scott Moore the legend the man the man the legend going for the record you can hear it Scott Moore well I saw it last year and I thought well it seems a little gimmicky but this time I've had a little more time down here in Delray playing with it for about 10 minutes and I'm getting better better.

Like by the minute first time I did it I got three but I happen to believe after my virtual experience I want to play with you more that primarily on your reflexes which you can improve this is a drill this is speed this is high speed high intensity training.

Yeah yeah he doesn't like me there you go the wall is Great Wall never misses right but it's kind of slow motion you know and you hit it harder and do it yes but this adds an element because the string makes it more difficult it looks like a higher degree of difficulty yeah you're looking for that higher degree to get to the next level after you've.

Mastered or gotten board with the wall this is your step up how to continue your progress I played with it yesterday and I won the senior mixed number nice Senior Pro yeah baby my master your secret weapon to bring your game to the next level two paddles to choose from slam Master Pro graphite practice paddle slam Master original.

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Scott Moore Pickleball Champion with Slam Master Pro Practice, Training, Drill Paddle INVENTOR Gordon G.G. Gebert “Drill Baby Drill”
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Scott Moore –
Scott Moore is living proof that great players only get better with time. After 30+ years as a tennis player, he began playing pickleball competitively in 2013 and has since gone on to win the triple crown—not once, not twice, but six times. His aggressive playing style has earned him the fitting nickname “The Beast.” Widely regarded as the No. 1 senior male player in the world, Scott’s success expands beyond his age category. In 2018, he and his son Daniel won the 19+ division at the Northwest Regional tournament in Bend, Oregon, and less than a month later, he and his son Jon won the Italian Open.
The BENEFITS of the Slam Master™ Pickleball Practice / Training / Drill Paddle
Dramatically improve hand/eye coordination.
Develop amazing paddle/ball control.
Learn to play the ball instead of the ball playing you.
Self corrects bad mechanics/habits.
Paddle out front, shorter strokes instead of big tennis back swing.
Build speed, strength and stamina.
Develop better footwork.
Develop fast hands. Beat bangers/slammers.
BETTER than WALL Drills!
Pros – Practice your volleys like a pro boxer practices with a speed bag.
You can practice / drill dinking, forehand, backhand, volley, lobs, drive shots all by YOURSELF.
You can practice your serves without having to retrieve balls.
It’s a great warm-up, shortening the time needed to get ready for your games.
It’s especially great on those days when there is no one around to help sharpen your skills.
Slam Master™ is the perfect solution!
IPTPA, PPA, APP, IFP, USAPA Coaches & Teachers – Use the Slam Master to improve your students strokes & mechanics.
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Practice Your Pickleball Anywhere!
Play on your sidewalk, driveway, empty road and public park.
Practice with or without a net.
Even if you’re stuck at home, this is the perfect Pickleball solution!
Our Slam Master™ Pickleball Practice Paddle has everything you’ll ever need!
Designed to allow you to practice Pickleball anywhere, anytime and can be used by players of all abilities.
Learn how to get that perfect hit, or even just mess around in the driveway with your family.
The best part, you can even practice without a Pickleball partner!
You don’t need a Pickleball court to improve your game.
Everyone is able to exercise and have fun using the Slam Master™ Pickleball Practice/Trainer Paddle.
* Keep away from pets and children
* WEAR EYE PROTECTION when using Slam Master™ Pickleball Paddles – Slam Master Safety Eye Gear available
Guaranteed – LIFETIME replacement
Can handle thousands of hits
​Never lose a ball! – Kinetic cord returns the ball every time
Works with Indoor or Outdoor balls. Interchangeable (Includes Slam Master outdoor ball)
​No longer rely on hitting a ball against the wall (Beats wall drills any day)
Designed to take powerful shots, made from durable materials
The Slam Master™ Pickleball Practice/Trainer gives you the freedom to practice anytime, anywhere, and all by yourself
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Coach Zorano Tubo, Frankie 2Tone, Kyle Yates, Rob Cassidy, APP, PPA, IPTPA, The International Federation of Pickleball (IFP), National Pickleball League,
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