One of the fastest growing Sports in the country is gaining some traction here in Austin uh Sally we're talking about pickleball happy place I have never played my parents always talk about how great it is uh haven't had a chance yet though oh cool well you can do with this Round Rock firefighter is doing he loves it so much he turned it into a business.

If you like it that much kickson's Blake Divine joining this Live From The Newsroom Blake to tell us why it's generating so much Buzz good morning good morning Sally and Tom pickleball has played on a condensed court and the ball moves quick but it's also a very social sport Seth Monroe he's a full-time firefighter in Round Rock but.

What started off as a hobby has quickly turned into a booming business known as zero zero two with plenty of people playing pickleball here in Austin this business has opened new doors in the last seven years alone participation in the sport nation wide has nearly doubled to about 5 million players and a third of them are under the age of 25.

Monroe's business 002 puts tournaments on all around town and has created a large group of people who shared a love of the game early on in 2020 it started off with tournaments of around 12 teams now it has nearly 90 teams signing up for each competition it's friendly for all ages it's fun for all types of body types athletic sizes.

And shapes so you could be unathletic you'd be super athletic and also be successful at pickleball it's a great way to like feel Community get to meet people and have a really good time this weekend zero zero two is hosting its biggest tournament yet the Dink and slam pickleball jam and it'll take place all day long on Saturday and Sunday at.

The Austin tennis center around 260 players are signed up for that which goes to show how popular pickleball has become it's one of ten tournaments it's organized this year with even more plant down the pipeline for next year Tom Sally all right Blake I know so Blake I know you're an athletic guy you were we both volunteered as Soccer Coaches.

Together uh what was your pickleball playing experience did you get a chance to go on the court I did you know it's a lot of fun it's a lot less cardio heavy than tennis but you kind of get to use those you know those table tennis skills so I'd highly recommend checking it out and trying it out listen he said you can be unathletic so that right there is a.

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Pickleball business booms

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